Alignment of teeth in adults

Braces – this is probably the most effective method of correcting the curvature of teeth, but it does not suit many for a number of reasons. Well, with minor defects possible alignment without braces. This method has several techniques at once that equally effectively cope with their main task.

When is it possible?

Aligning without braces is effective and even necessary in the following cases: – The curvature is not complex,

What ways are there?

Alignment of teeth in adults

Modern dentistry can offer as many as four ways to correct teeth without brackets. Some of them are a more thoughtful type of brackets, others, on the contrary, are very different from the usual method.

Capes are used less frequently, but it is impossible not to note their effectiveness. They are a silicone or plastic mouthguard, which repeats the outlines of the dentition and acts according to the principle of braces – slowly and truly straightens the teeth.

Alignment of teeth in adults

Advantages of the aligners: 1) Absolutely not noticeable. 2) Can be taken during meals and cleaning 3) Minimal addiction discomfort. 4) There are no restrictions on nutrition. 5) Completely absent pain. 6) Teeth care is not complicated. 7) During the period of wearing it is possible to treat diseases of the oral cavity. 8) Hypoallergenic. 9) One cap can be used for leveling and bleaching. 10) There are no contraindications.

Disadvantages of the aligners: 1) Too expensive. The price of straightening without braces can reach 250 thousand rubles. 2) It is necessary to shoot before eating, which makes it difficult to visit restaurants and cafes. 3) Sometimes can fall out. 4) The manufacture of the aligners can last up to several months. 5) They will not cope with complex dental anomalies.

Alignment of teeth in adults

Treatment of curvature using cap occurs in several stages. First, the dentist takes an impression and makes them an electronic layout. A mock-up is also made after the treatment, as well as an intermediate result, that is, how the teeth will look at each individual treatment period. The received data is sent to the manufacturer’s laboratory. Aligner manufacturing lasts from several weeks to several months. The patient receives a set of several sets of cap. Each of them corresponds to a separate stage of treatment, and they need to be changed about once every 2–

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