Yoga for the elderly

On International Day of Dance, we talk about the best dance circles for seniors

Today it seems incredible, but until recently, many types of dance that we are used to, such as waltz or tango, were banned, considered indecent. Now it remains only to be surprised at the number of types of dance art to which you can join!

The dance is not for nothing called the “soul song” – the older a person is, the more meaningful his movement is, the more sense and experience can be invested in dance steps. Dance is a non-verbal way of expressing yourself, reworking the accumulated problems, feeling for new facets of the world. Do not forget that regular dance classes – a great way to keep yourself in excellent physical shape!

We want to tell you about the most interesting dance studios for older people, where everyone can try to change themselves a little.


Club “Velvet Season” invites lovers of exotic and non-standard solutions to the lessons of Hawaiian dances “Hula”.

Soft, rhythmic steps in the dance train the muscles of the legs and the pelvic region, and the movements of the arms allow you to work out and open the upper spine and shoulders. Hawaiian dance perfectly trains memory and activates the work of both hemispheres of the brain.

Contacts: Pavilion № 5 VDNH, second floor, assembly hall, +7 (495) 772-99-77, ext. (354)

Dance Meditation School freedomDANCE organized the “Happiness Age Group” for those who do not like to frame themselves and conventions, but simply want to feel in harmony with their body.

In the classroom meditative dances they are waiting for all who are 60 years old, and they promise real pleasure and lightness throughout the body. At the beginning of the meeting a breathing warm-up is supposed for easy entry into the dance.

Classes are held on Sundays at the club “El gato tango”. You must register in advance by phone.

Contacts: Armenian lane., 7, +7 (926) 044-54-08

3)Cultural Center “ZIL” invites the older generation to the oldest ballroom dance school in the capital, which began its existence in 1966 with the B. Belousov Ballroom Dance Ensemble.

The program of the “Seniors” group introduces the dancers involved in the diversity of the world of the world and is aimed at studying the main “pa” of the most popular types of dance, including five European and five Latin American.

Classes are held in the evening on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Contacts: st. East, 4, building 1, +7 (495) 675-16-36, 675-78-72

4) Residents Beskudnikovo pay attention to the oriental dance studio at the local Social Service Center.

Soft oriental “pa” will help “break” cervical osteochondrosis, strengthen the back muscles, develop joints, and colorful oriental outfits will give a great mood!

There are no age restrictions for practitioners, the main thing is the desire to dance and a positive attitude.

Contacts: st. Dubninskaya, 31, +7 (499) 480-31-12

5) The creators of the circle dance for older people “Balance” with Center “Meridian” they say that the main goal of their classes is to give anyone the opportunity to try themselves in the dance genre and realize the dance as a small daily victory over themselves.

The program includes basic European and Latin American ballroom dancing, as well as popular club dancing. "latin", involving both group and linear execution.

Classes are free, to write to the group need help from a therapist about the absence of contraindications.

Contacts: st. Profsoyuznaya, 61, +7 (495) 333-35-38

6) Those who closely follow current trends have probably heard about the Zumba dance fitness program. Network studios “Zumbaclassru » offer an adapted option for older people “”.

Such classes are ideal for anyone who does not suit dancing or high-intensity sports training. A dance program based on incendiary Latin American and world rhythms that is popular around the globe will create the feeling of a real dance party!

Contacts: Drum lane., 4, p. 6 (“Sinton”), +7 (495) 133-02-82 (ext. 3)

st. General Yermolov, 6, +7 (495) 133-02-82 (ext. 6), +7 (916) 034-76-69

7) Well, lovers of traditional pastime and those wishing to pause after every last Wednesday of the month are expected to House of Culture “Kapotnya”, where for older visitors two-hour dances are performed under the accordion.

The organizers of the “Kapotnensky Pyatachki” do not exclude that “a meeting can take place here that will take you back to the days of youth”, therefore it is recommended to put on the best of dances!

Contacts: Kapotnya, 2nd quarter, 20A, +7 (495) 355-19-38

St. Petersburg

eight)Cultural and leisure center “Constellation” invites everyone to the free classes “Favorite Dances for an Elegant Age”.

The main directions of training – pop dance, choreography, plastic and breathing exercises.

Also at the center “Constellation” there is a club of friends of the dance “We are always young in soul,” within which the older generation meets in the style of dance evenings. Participants communicate with friends, dance and listen to music in different directions, from classical to modern dance rhythms.

Contacts: Piskarevsky pr-d, 10 lit. A, +7 (812) 248-60-80

9) Under the motto ““ Movement is life, and dance is magic of the soul ”” the “Surprise” ballroom dance ensemble works in the club “Vyborg side”.

The team will welcome all new members over 50 who are passionate about ballroom dancing. Systematic work is being done on the study of new dances, the preparation of spectacular performances. The repertoire of the ensemble includes such diverse compositions as “Waltz of the Flowers”, tango-waltz, Russian dance “Mistress” and many others.

Classes are held 1 time per week.

Contacts: st. Smolyachkova 13, +7 (812) 542-16-34

ten) Cultural Center “Troitsky” invites older generation Petersburgers at once to 2 dance studios – “Aliya” and “Gracia”, depending on genre preferences

Classes are free. Age of participants from 40 to 70 years.

Also in the Cultural Center “Troitsky” dance evenings for people of mature age are held.

Contacts: Obukhov Defense Ave, 223, +7 (812) 362-14-37

11) Residents Moskovsky district it is also necessary to make a choice – with local Social Service Center 2 dance studios were organized – the studio “Nostalzhi” and the club “Dancing our youth”.

The head of the studio “Nostalzhi” – a professional choreographer – has developed a special method of teaching dance for the elderly. In addition to direct training, the studio members also expand their theoretical knowledge of dance art, meeting with members of other professional and amateur troupes.

Members of the club “Dancing our youth” actively participate in various dance festivals and competitions, often taking prizes.

Contacts: Moscow Ave., 149B, +7 (812) 369-07-77


12) An excellent opportunity to improve your health under the guidance of a choreographer of the highest category is in Yekaterinburg visitors dance studiosGB-dance.

Classes for pensioners are moderately stressed and a specially developed set of exercises aimed at improving health and keeping the body in good shape.

Studio organizers promise that if you find the strength to not give up after 1-2 workouts, your body will thank you!

Contacts: Lilac Boulevard, 5b, 4th floor, +7 (9222) 145-216, +7 (950) 655-25-54

Yoga for the elderly

13) The dance hall “Its environment – for those who are behind …” with Culture Center “Elmash” invites all lovers of music, dance and good mood to meet friends and good music.

At meetings in the dance lounge, visitors will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a nostalgic past, and a cup of fragrant tea with sweets will be a pleasant addition to sincere communication.

Ticket price for 1 event – 100 rubles.

Contacts: st. Old Bolsheviks, 22, +7 (343) 211-44-65, 211-44-68


One of the recent innovations University of the third age in Chelyabinsk was the opening of the club “Ballroom Dancing”.

In the classroom, older dancers learn waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha-cha, and much more. The organizers remind that dancing has a positive effect on health: pressure is normalized, the tone increases and positive changes occur with the joints, the cardiovascular and respiratory system is strengthened, and the posture is improved.

Registration for the club is done by phone.

Contacts: st. Vasenko, 63, +7 (351) 727-77-82, 263-37-57

15)Club “Tango V&T invites elderly ladies and gentlemen to special groups of Argentine tango classes.

The uniqueness of this particular type of dance consists in the fact that it will become for you not only good fitness, but also a wonderful way of communication, because two people always dance tango!

Contacts: Sverdlovsk Prospect, 84B, +7 (919) 117-31-62

16) In CPKiO them. Gagarin all year round on Saturdays and Sundays dance parties for the older generation.

A live ensemble plays for age dancers on Saturdays, and an orchestra on Sundays. For the tired there are shops – you can rest. And from the end of May to September, after the dance program, film screenings are held.

Contacts: st. Communes, +7 (903) 265-58-70


17) The winner of many competitions and an indispensable participant of all city festivals is the Voronezh Song and Dance Ensemble for older people "Retro".

The creators of the team consider it their main goal to help people make dance a way of life and teach them to express themselves through body music. Everyone is welcome to participate in the rehearsals of the ensemble, regardless of health and fitness.

Yoga for the elderly

Classes are held 3 times a week at the Mashinostroitel recreation center under the guidance of an experienced choreographer.

Contacts: st. January 9, 108, +7 (473) 253-80-34

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