Wheel of life exercise

We have combined experience to give maximum benefit. This is an important exercise.

People who regularly achieve their goals are winners. Their distinguishing feature is the habit of thinking about and structuring your life. They regularly plan and draw up a schedule for their implementation: for a week, for a month, for six months and a year. This skill does not come immediately – it requires attention and labor.

If you think that you do not live according to a schedule, then your schedule is simply poorly planned. Or well planned, but not by you.

Planning is easy to learn. The main thing is that in the plan were desirable goals. Consider a technique for creating a list of your true 100 desires.

What is the “100 desires”

The “100 Desires” technique is an exercise to define desires and goals.. You make a detailed wish list, choose the strongest from it. And then – you can easily make a list of goals and priorities for the next month, six months and a year.

After completing the My 100 Desires technique, perhaps for the first time, you will discover how versatile your interests are. You will see how contradictory your wishes are: “Earn at the apartment”, “Work 4 hours a week”, “Buy a BMW”, “Become an entrepreneur”. Without a plan – what and in what sequence to implement – it is difficult to harmonize everything and not be stumped.

  • Method for identifying desires “List of 100 of my desires.”

An exercise will help you make an internal decision that is more important to you.: “To accumulate money for a house” or “Traveling around Asia and working in a free schedule.” Often, people want both, and here you need to choose: adventure or accumulation of money.

This exercise is very significant for women and men who rarely fulfill their desires. After writing a list of 30–50 wishes, their fantasy is blown away, and it generates new wishes with a great deal of strain. This suggests that they have forgotten how to desire. Even simple dreams are seldom realized – their appetite is dulled. Exercise will help him warm up.

Wheel of life exercise

  • The 100 Wishes Method helps you prioritize.

We are adjusted on drawing up the list

Find a comfortable place. Do not be distracted by sounds, active movement around, obsessive thoughts. This can be a yoga and meditation room, a remote lawn in the park, a table in a quiet coffee shop or a relaxed office environment.

For one and a half to two hours, turn off the phone, close the laptop, stay alone with yourself. You can turn on nice music.

Alexandra: I love to write in the early morning, before breakfast. I feel comfortable in silence. So “included” honesty. Listening to the deep desires, I understand what I really want. Also, carefully choose a pen. I like to enjoy the recording itself.

Acne: And I make a list only in a cozy coffee shop.

  • Vitaliy: without a delicious cappuccino – I will not sit down to make a wish list.

If you are depressed – meditate, make tea for yourself and watch a movie. Good in this mood is not “zhelleshte.” In a state of stress, the list will want to make the desire to “get rid of OT” – this is unproductive motivation.

You need a state without fear, when the mind is clear and calm. Choose a day when you have a pleasant, or inspiring state. Then you will pour out on paper your “desires for” what you want to gain, not to get rid of. Motivation “K” is more productive and more pleasant.

How to write a list of 100 desires

Take the sheets and pen, write questions as a hint:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to try?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • What are my material desires?
  • What do I want to change?

Write down your wishes, 20 answers to each of the questions. If any item has more or less answers – no problem. Accuracy is an optional rule, it is more important to enter the stream and write what comes to mind from the heart.

List everything as it goes, do not distribute items by importance. If after the desire “I want to plant a rose bush”, “I want to live a year in Australia” comes to mind – this is normal.

  • Alexandra makes a list of 100 desires on her way to India.

Do not be afraid to write nonsense. A ridiculous, but long-cherished wish came to mind – write! Suddenly you have long wanted to be on stilts and walk through the central square of your city? Be sure to include this in the list of one hundred desires.

Once we wrote “crazy wishes”: “To live in India”, “To visit Chile”, “To fly in a balloon”. The time has come:

  • Alexandra writes – in the village of Arambol, India.
  • Acne – in the capital of Chile, Santiago.
  • And Elena fulfilled the desire to fly.

It is useful to throw aside shame. Perhaps you have sexual unfulfilled desires about which you are afraid to admit to yourself. This is the case when you need to write them. Nobody will read the list besides you, and having written the dream on paper, you will get a chance to meet a person with the same interests.

Be honest with yourself.

Alexandra: In one of the points of my wish list there is this: “I want to be interviewed”. This is a haughty desire. To give an interview, you need to be someone interesting.

I honestly admit that my knowledge is not enough to say a new word, but I still want it. I am sure that this approach will help me to achieve the goal.

After drawing up the wish list, take your time off. Exercise not only brings together the desired together, but also throws off the excess. The method is useful not only for girls; men and women should not be shy to write their desires.

Go over what has been written and next to each item, put a score from 10 to 0, where:

  • 10 – a very important and exciting desire. An example is to repay a cash debt. You are tormented by debt, you are not sleeping well and are nervous about this. You can put 10 points.
  • 0 – insignificant desire, the implementation of which will not change life. Example – “I want an iPhone X instead of an iPhone 7.” While you wait for the purchase of model X, the next one will be on sale. Updating the gadget will not make your life better.

Wishes with points 10 and 9 are the most important for you at this stage. Select them with a marker, rewrite in a diary, or paste on the refrigerator. Your wish list / wishlist is ready.

  • Set priorities in your wishlist.

Top desires rephrase in the goal. Add dates and dates, as much as possible specify them with information – specify. The desire to “Visit Asia” is divided into three goals: “Visit India”, “Live in Bali” and “Visit Sri Lanka”. Now act!

Personal experience and recommendations for the exercise

Write desires on a sheet by hand, do not use computer. Crazy desires should remain, and not dissolve on a white screen.

If you find it difficult to come up with 100 desires, it means that you have not thought about it and have not planned it for a long time. Do not despair and give practice more time. Write everything that comes to mind – not only dreams, but also ordinary desires. Look at the hints and go on.

Elena: I got acquainted with this technique five years ago, at a coaching training. Basically, the people were of a mature age and a couple of students. At first we were given the task to compile a list of 50 of our desires, not even 100. I mastered the stretch with a stretch of 30.

It was not easy. Only five have written a list of 25–50 wishes. Rest:

  • just scored, considering it stupid;
  • they were afraid to admit to themselves that they want something – this is the fear of wanting, having and dreaming;
  • did not know what they want and how to define their desires.

A week later, I repeated the exercise — I had already recorded 80 different desires. Step by step, I learned to understand myself, not to be afraid to dream and to desire something.

Dabbling, wrote 109 desires for this article. And so, at least 300 will give: Text example

There are specific desires, but difficult to fulfill. They also need to be recorded, they summarize your desires, they show the main line of your development.

Alexandra: Publish books! I’m afraid to admit to myself that I want this. After all, it sounds so ambitious. But surprisingly, as soon as I wrote by hand how many books I want to publish, when and which ones, I dot the i – the goal seemed to me not so complicated.

Vetal: Embody the vision of a perfect day. Three sheets describing my ideal life in 10 years. I am there and dad, and an expert, and an investor, and the founder of the company, and even the author of two best-selling books. Plus an airplane pilot. Most of my list of dreams and desires that need to be done has been formed in pieces, over the years with the list of 100 desires. For 15 minutes this will not be written.

  • Dream – to realize the perfect day.

Repeat the exercise 100 desires every year, preferably on the same days. The occasion can serve as a New Year or birthday.

Vetal: I write down desires once every 3-6 months, usually upon arrival in a new country. I will master, I will see what you can do on the spot – I will make a list.

Save your 100 desires. If not original, then the digital version on the computer. After 6 months – review the list, cross out completed. Return to the list in another six months and cross out again. Write out the remaining goals, adding new desires.

What is the practice of 100 desires and goals?

Exercise gives impetus to the development and self-realization. As long as your desires are in the mind, not on paper, they seem impracticable and disordered. Sometimes they are simply forgotten. Writing them, you will understand – nothing complicated.

Keeping goals in mind is not always practical. It is better to choose the 10 most important and remember them. Let the rest of the paper remembers. Use memory for another. And if there is nothing to give to the paper, is not life a little bit poor?

Six months later, when you look at your 100 desires, you will notice that many of them have come true. So you are on the right path to happiness and self-realization.

Wheel of life exercise

Vitaly: In my list, the main goals are related to the development of this site. I write them down and memorize them. The remaining 30–50 petty desires to try something new and unusual are waiting for their time. Strolling in a new city, I see a crossfit room – it’s on the list. After a week already doing.

With the help of the practice of 100 desires, you can track the speed of achieving goals.

  • Compare past wish lists with today.

Vitaliy: I have 100 wish lists stored in my notebook since 2012. Revising them, I see sections of “me”: what I wanted, what I was striving for, and what enraged me.

A few years later, it is interesting to watch: what he realized, what he himself had dropped, for which he had to plow to buy it. Visible to the speaker. I wanted to work 1-2 hours a day, now I want 4-6 hours. Valuable information about yourself.

We transfer desires from the list into your life

People think if they are active and busy, they realize something important in their lives. But it is worth asking: “What have you done for the last year?” – it turns out that there is not so much, and maybe nothing at all.

Exploring your true desires is burdensome for those who have little faith in themselves. Without knowledge of their desires, they act to the detriment of themselves, neglect themselves.

A list of 100 desires will make you reconsider life priorities and find your talents in other unexpected realms. It happens that a person sits in an office at a computer, and dreams of creative work. His list of 100 desires for life does not find one that relates to the current work. Instead, there was a desire to create silver jewelry. Writing a diary on paper, he compares “I am present” and “I am perfect.” Inspired by change, goes to the courses of jewelry.

In order not to be among people who are only seemingly energetic and purposeful – follow the practice of 100 desires every six months – year. Revise your desires and live what is important to you. And imposed dreams – delete.

To find the problematic area of ​​life will help exercise-test “Wheel of life balance.”

Look at what desires are and warm up the imagination using lists of examples: 20 goals, 25 goals, 50 goals and 100 goals of a person in life.

Make a list of your 100 desires – take a step towards knowing your main goal in life.

If a:

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