What is cold pressed

A man has nothing more expensive than health. In order to preserve it, the online store NatGard – Products from Frolov offers to buy only fresh, natural, village food. If you live in Moscow, the order will be delivered in a day. And in any region of Russia, we send immediately after order confirmation. Be sure: with us on your table will always be only high-quality home-made products.

Farm products delivered to your home become a good help for permanently employed people. Really useful and nutritious, they give a boost of energy, excellent mood and health, which is famous for people living in the village. Natural homemade products from Frolov contain enough vitamins, minerals and many other useful substances. They lack substances that are hazardous to health.

The shelves of modern stores and hypermarkets are filled with vegetables and fruits of foreign origin, but their taste is far from natural. Labels are often not true. Products with useful names, as a rule, are not as such.

Farm eco products from Frolov with home delivery are 100% natural: strawberries taste like real berries, and potatoes are as crumbly and starchy as in the rustic pot.

Assortment of peasant (farm) eco products

With us you can buy the following farm products for home delivery:

What is cold pressed

  • all kinds of cereals, grain, flour, seeds, etc .;
  • gifts of forests located away from polluted motorways: mushrooms, berries, medicinal herbs;
  • natural homemade honey;
  • harmless sweets;
  • various vegetables straight from the garden;
  • nuts, dried fruits harvested by traditional home technologies;
  • natural bread on old Russian sourdough;
  • teas and syrups;
  • salads, preparations, pickles from natural farm products according to homemade recipes;
  • cold pressed oils;
  • fresh greens;
  • royal jelly and other natural homemade products.

Those who, in addition to the city food store, have ever tried natural, made from homemade natural products, understand the difference, which is felt in taste, and in the energy that it fills the body.

What is cold pressed

What is special about village products?

Ordinary fruits and vegetables are grown in huge gardens and on large fields, which are necessarily fertilized with aggressive chemicals (without such treatment it is impossible to fight weeds and pests in such areas). Growth stimulants and other low-useful substances are added to animal feed. These components can not be contained in the final product, which is on our table. That is why the number of allergic diseases, poisoning has dramatically increased, tumors and even mutations develop at the chromosomal level.

What is cold pressed

Natural farming products with home delivery from Frolov receive at home. They bypass the fertilizer stage with chemicals. Village products retain all the beneficial substances given to them by nature.

In grocery shopping baskets marked a tremendous reduction in nutritional value. The content of vitamins and other substances necessary for human life was significantly reduced. Natural farm food with home delivery helps fill the shortage of important substances and vitamins, allows in Moscow and other metropolitan areas to enjoy the taste of real village products. Those who have tried them once are fans of such food forever.

In natural farm products there are no antibiotics, artificial food additives and genetically modified organisms – that which imperceptibly but surely destroys the body.

These are more than enough reasons to make the right choice and buy farm products for home delivery in our online store.

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