What documents are needed when replacing a passport

According to the rules, a citizen of the Russian Federation is obliged to replace a passport several times during his life. For the first time the need to perform a similar procedure occurs at 20 years. To implement the action, you will need to prepare a documentation package. Collect paper to be prompt.

It should be remembered that violation of the terms will lead to the imposition of fines. For this reason, it is important to find out in advance how a passport is being replaced at the age of 20, and what documents are required for the procedure.

What documents are needed?

To replace a passport in 20 years, you will need to prepare a package of documentation. It is imperative to include in its composition:

  1. The passport itself, which must be replaced.
  2. Application for the procedure. It should be made on the form of the form № 1-П. The application may be filled in handwritten or typed.
  3. 2 photos. They must comply with the requirements of current legislation.
  4. A document confirming the introduction of state duty in the prescribed amount.

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Hot line

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+7 (812) 309-17-81

Provide a receipt confirming the payment of funds is optional. If the document for any reason is not available to the citizen, only the details of the paper can be reported.

The lack of a receipt for payment of state duty is not a reason for refusing to accept documents. This rule is enshrined in paragraph 33 of the Regulations. If the citizen reports only the details of the receipt, the FMS staff must make sure that the funds were actually paid in the appropriate amount. For this check.

In some situations, additional documents may be required. The standard list of papers must be supplemented:

What documents are needed when replacing a passport

  • a military ticket if the citizen is a person liable for military service;
  • birth certificates of children, if the citizen is a parent;
  • documents confirming registration at the place of residence;
  • certificate of dissolution or marriage registration, if the citizen entered into legal relations.

The exact list of necessary documentation depends on the particular situation.

How long do I need to change my passport?

It is necessary to change the passport immediately after the execution of 20 years. It is necessary to apply to the state authority within 30 days from the moment you reach 20 years of age. As soon as this term comes, the passport becomes invalid.

Delay is fraught with fines. To avoid additional costs, you need to prepare a package of documents and submit an application in a timely manner.

Replacement terms are:

  • 10 days on a permanent residence permit, after application;
  • Appeal at the place of temporary registration will slow down the procedure. In this situation, the replacement of a passport in twenty years will take no more than 30 days.

If there is such a need, the citizen can contact the FMS officer and ask for a certificate of acceptance of the documentation. A government specialist cannot refuse to issue a paper. The document is delivered in any form.

A citizen can carry out the registration of a temporary identity card. This will require additional photos. To issue a document, you must contact the FMS officer at the time of submission of passport replacement documents.

Where to replace a passport in 20 years?

Understanding what is needed to replace a passport at the age of 20, a citizen must find out which state authority should be contacted. Such actions are carried out by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. You can apply for a replacement:

  1. In any branch of the FMS of the Russian Federation;
  2. Territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – at the place of temporary or permanent residence, or circulation;
  3. If for any reason a person cannot visit the migration service, the law allows for the replacement of a passport of 20 years in the MFC.
  4. Today, a citizen has the right to submit an online application with a request to replace a passport of 20 years. The action is carried out through state services. The choice of the appropriate method of treatment depends on the convenience of the citizen.

To perform a passport replacement in the MFC, you will need to visit the office of the organization. You should have a prepared documentation package with you. The list of papers is identical to the list of documents that are required to replace a passport through the FMS.

You can find out the addresses, contact numbers and office hours of the Multifunctional Centers on the interactive map.

If a citizen plans to perform the procedure through the MFC, you need to remember about the existing list of restrictions. It is impossible to replace the document through the multifunctional center if:

  • a citizen has overdue the term of treatment;
  • passport has been lost;
  • the person is not registered at the place of treatment.

The term of the procedure is identical to the same period of time that is required to perform similar manipulations through the FMS. The citizen will be able to pick up the finished document in the migration service department.

Video: Getting and replacing a passport through the MFC

Through public services

If a person does not want to spend time on a personal visit to the Federal Migration Service or the MFC, he can submit an application to replace the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation through the portal of public services. To perform the procedure will require:

  1. Log in to the portal and go through the authorization procedure. If the citizen does not have an account, you will need to register in advance.
  2. Go to the “Catalog” – “Passports, registrations, visas” – “Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.”
  3. Specify the reason for replacing the document. Then you need to select the type of service. In this case, you will need to specify “Electronic”, and then click on “Get the service.”
  4. Fill out an electronic application. Data must be entered in accordance with the old document. There should be no errors in the information. The application must be supplemented with a photo of the applicant.
  5. Specify the type of treatment, and then select the unit to transfer the original documents.
  6. Confirm consent to the processing of personal data.
  7. Submit a statement.

The finished application will be submitted for consideration. Then the citizen will receive an invitation to visit a state body to submit documentation. It will be received in the manner specified in the personal account settings. The invitation will indicate the time and date of the proposed visit. At the appointed time, the citizen must visit the selected branch of the state body. You should have a standard set of documentation for replacing a passport.

Penalty for overdue passport replacement

Living on an invalid passport is fraught with serious responsibility. If a citizen fails to contact the appropriate state body in time for the replacement procedure, a fine will be imposed in the amount of:

  • For St. Petersburg and Moscow: 3000-5000 rub.
  • For other regions: 2000-3000 rubles.

Step-by-step instructions for filing documents

If a citizen does not know what to do, he can use step-by-step instructions. To replace a passport you need:

  1. The next day, after the birthday, to prepare a package of documentation.
  2. Verify the correctness of the list of papers and transfer it within 30 days to the state authority responsible for accepting documents for the replacement of a passport.
  3. Wait for the FMS to complete the exchange procedure.
  4. On the appointed day, visit the office of the state body and pick up the finished documents.

Before you change your passport, you need to remember that to hand over documents before the birthday will not work. Government officials will refuse to accept them. The similar rule is fixed by the Government Decree dated July 8, 1997. For the replacement of a passport in 20 years, the state duty is charged.

To find out how much the procedure for changing the main document by age is, you need to refer to the current legislation or ask a question to the staff of the relevant government bodies. The size of state duty today is 300 rubles.

Reasons for refusal to accept documents

Before you change your passport to 20 years old, a citizen must carefully check the package of prepared documentation. If the set of papers does not meet the requirements, government officials may refuse to perform the procedure. The main reasons for rejecting an application can be:

  • the set of documents is not complete;
  • the list of papers includes documents executed in a foreign language and not translated into Russian;
  • a citizen did not include in the list of securities a receipt for state duty payment or did not provide her details;
  • The application is filled out incorrectly or incompletely.

If the citizen eliminates the present errors, the government officials will accept the package of documents and begin the procedure of replacing the passport in 20 years.

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