What antidepressant should I take?

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Latin name: Phosphogliv

  • ATH code: A05BA
  • Active substance: Glycyrrhizic acid + Phospholipids (Glycyrrhizic acid + Phospholipides)
  • Manufacturer: SRI BMH RAMS them.
  • Each capsule contains 65 mg. phospholipids and 35 mg sodium glycyrrhizinate as active ingredients.

    What antidepressant should I take?

    • microcrystalline cellulose;
    • calcium carbonate;
    • calcium stearate;
    • talc;
    • colloidal anhydrous silica.

    The composition of the capsule shell:

    What antidepressant should I take?

    • titanium dioxide;
    • black iron oxide;
    • the dye E 110;
    • gelatin.

    Each bottle of lyophilisate for preparing a solution for intravenous administration contains 500 mg of phospholipids and 200 mg of sodium glycyrrhizinate each.

    Release form

    The medicine comes in two forms:

    • Capsules. The body of the capsule is orange and the lid is black. Inside is a light powder with a faint yellow tint. There is a slight peculiar smell. Capsules are placed in 10 pieces in blisters. Blisters lay out in 5 cartons.
    • Lyophilisatefor the / in the introduction. Looks like a white or light yellow mass. It is placed in bottles of 2.5 g. Bottles of 5 or 10 pieces are laid out in cardboard boxes.

    pharmachologic effect

    Refers to hepatoprotectors. Used to treat diseases of the liver and skin.

    Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


    Active substances, in particular phospholipids, restore the structure and function of liver cells. They act on the cell wall and other structural elements of hepatocytes, correct protein and lipid metabolism in these cells.

    In addition, glycyrrhizic acid inhibits the reproduction of viruses, stimulating the production of interferons. It also has antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activity. Such an effect extends not only to the liver cells, so the drug is effective for improving the condition of the skin.


    In the case of ingestion in the form of capsules, the drug is well absorbed through the walls of the digestive tract in the intestine. Maximum concentration in of blood reached in 6-24 hours. The excretion occurs with bile and urine.

    With the on / in the introduction of the drug immediately enters the systemic circulation, the maximum concentration is achieved earlier. The mechanism of action on the body and excretion are the same as when taking the medicine inside.

    Indications for use

    From what phosphogliv tablets (INN – comb drug) usually help well:

    • hepatitis, caused by infection with a virus (used in both acute and chronic forms);
    • hepatosis liver (fatty degeneration);
    • liver damage caused by ingestion of toxins, alcohol, certain medications;
    • cirrhosis;
    • various intoxication;
    • skin diseases (psoriatic rash, eczema, neurodermatitis).


    It is contraindicated to use Phosphogliv in such cases:

    • excessive sensitivity to the components of the drug;
    • any term of pregnancy;
    • period breast feeding;
    • antiphospholipid syndrome;
    • age under 12 years.

    Caution should be exercised in administering medication to individuals with a tendency to increase blood pressure.

    Side effects

    Side effects of Phosphogliv occur infrequently.

    Possible undesirable effects:

    • skin rash;
    • hypersensitivity reactions of the mucous membranes, manifested as cough, conjunctivitis, slight nasal congestion;
    • digestive disorders burp, nausea, abdominal distention;
    • swelling on peripheral parts of the body;
    • transient increase in blood pressure.

    Instructions for use Phosphogliv (method and dosage)

    Injections Phosphogliv, instructions for use

    Ampoules are prescribed for persons over 12 years old.

    The injection must be prepared by mixing the contents of the vial with 10 ml of water and mixing thoroughly. Phosphogliv intravenously injected in a dose of 10 ml. In / in the introduction of conduct morning and evening.

    The course of injections does not last long. In most cases, the transition to an encapsulated form of the drug.

    Instructions for use capsules

    The drug in capsules prescribed after reaching 12 years.

    The drug is drunk 1 or 2 capsules 3-4 times a day. Reception is carried out with meals. After drinking the medicine, you need to drink it with water.

    The course of treatment lasts up to six months. The average duration is 3 months.


    There are no reported cases of overdose.

    The composition includes glycyrrhizic acid. When ingested in large quantities, it may have pseudocorticosteroid Effect. This increases the content of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticides in the blood. Because of this, sodium can linger in the body and decrease the amount of potassium. Clinically, such processes will manifest as an increase in blood pressure, fluid retention, and swelling of peripheral parts of the body.


    Glycyrrhizinic acid interacts with corticosteroid hormones. She is their synergist, that is, enhances their action and increases its duration.

    Terms of sale

    Storage conditions

    Store in accordance with the requirements for storage of drugs belonging to the list B.

    Storage should be well protected from light.

    The required temperature is up to 20 ° C.

    Shelf life

    Capsules can be stored for 3 years, ampoules – 2 years.

    special instructions

    Care must be taken when treating patients with a portal or arterial diagnosis. hypertension. If as a result of taking Phosphogliv blood pressure rises, you need to stop therapy and consult with your doctor.

    A solution prepared on the basis of a lyophilisate is strictly forbidden to be mixed with any other solutions for IV injection, including isotonic and glucose solution.

    Allowed to use only in the treatment of persons over 12 years.

    With alcohol

    Phosphogliv and alcohol have opposite effects on liver cells. Alcohol will slow down the regeneration of hepatocytes, and in large doses will destroy all the results of treatment.

    But there is no interaction between alcohol-containing drinks and active ingredients, therefore a single dose of an insignificant dose of alcohol should in no way affect one’s well-being.

    During pregnancy and lactation

    Analogs of Phosphogliv

    Options and price analogs of Phosphogliv:

    • pills Antral – from 240 rubles, about 70 UAH;
    • infusion solution Arginine-Darnitsa – about 40 UAH;
    • powder or tablets Glutargin Alcoklin – from 125 rubles, from 35 UAH;
    • tablets or solution for infusion Glutargin – from 235 rubles, about 60 UAH;
    • capsules Phosphogliv Forte – from 800 rubles, from 700 UAH.

    Phosphogliv or Phosphogliv Forte – which is better?

    Often you can meet the question: what is the difference between Phosphogliv and Phosphoglv Forte? In fact, the composition of drugs is identical, if you look at the ingredients, the difference is only in the dosage of these substances.

    It is impossible to say which of these drugs is better, since the dosage should be adjusted taking into account weight, age, diagnosis. Buy exactly the drug that was prescribed by your doctor.

    Phosphogliv Reviews

    Phosphoglive reviews on forums

    In most cases, forum users write about the drug as an effective means of dealing with liver problems. It helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms of disorders of the liver, with regard to well-being, and test results. This was also noted by patients with serious illnesses, for example, with hepatitis C Phosphogliv helps too. Also, reviews show that Phosphogliv improves skin condition. In addition, the drug is relatively inexpensive.

    A small amount of negative feedback is due to the fact that not in all cases of medication is obtained to achieve the desired effect.

    Doctors reviews

    Basically, the reviews of Phosphogliv are good. It is actively used to treat liver lesions of various etiologies. It is noted that this drug is effective and hepatitis C.

    In addition to the treatment of liver diseases, the drug can positively influence the condition of patients with certain skin diseases. For example, it is prescribed for psoriasis.

    Price Phosphogliv where to buy

    In Russian pharmacies the price of Phosphogliv tablets (capsules) is approximately 500 rubles. Price Phosphogliv in ampoules – 1500 rubles. In Ukraine, this medicine for the liver can be purchased for as low as 215 hryvnas per capsule and 1500 hryvnas per lyophilisate.

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