Water from cellulite

Only 15

In our difficult time it is easy to lose work. Come to us to learn, we will give you a new profession of massage therapist and arrange a job. A profession with which you will never disappear.


The unique author’s program of education and training of massage therapists of the highest level Yevgeny Sadov.

"from 0 to master in 5 days"

In many schools, most of the time is devoted to rewriting textbooks, we give a textbook (by Yevgeny Sadov) and video as a gift, and we devote all our time to practical work!

Water from cellulite

It will be an unforgettable time in your life! Another milestone for someone who wants to change something in their lives for the better!

If you are tired of plowing your uncle,

Take more of the right thing!

Friend and comrade, our friend,

A course of massage therapists rather march!

Bay drum gorn trumpet!

Bring yourself once on the nose!

It is difficult to learn, but you do not be shy!

Mass loving, active, cheerful.

The profession of massage therapist is multifaceted and very interesting. One of the most highly paid and sought after today! Work as a massage therapistThis combination of virtuoso sculptor and master craftsman.

In order to master this specialty, you need to choose a talented teacher who will be able to pass on your knowledge, skills and experience to you.

Evgeny O. Sadov – Member of the National Federation of Massage Therapists, Member of the League of Russian Massage Therapists, international masseur, Leader and teacher WITH HIGH SPORT AND EDUCATIONAL EDUCATION ,who trained and trained 4 champions of Russia in massage and cosmetology, as well as the team that won the Russian massage cup!

Evgeny Olegovich transferred all his experience and knowledge to his student Yulia Andreyevna, who is the successor to his training center and is currently a teacher. Yulia Andreevna 10 years together with Evgeny Olegovich studied, adopted experience, conducted seminars and courses in massage, is a silver medalist of the championship in massages, a master of sports in sports acrobatics, champion of Russia and repeated champion of Moscow, winner of the Black Earth and various other competitions.

We are not engaged in the retraining of massage therapists, and take on training massage only from the zero level and give a start in the life of the massage therapist.

These people first discovered massage at this time, and today they are good masseurs.

3 Andrei Martynov trained by Evgeny Olegovich in 2009

Release 2009 year.

4. Andrei Okunev studied with Evgeny Olegovich in 2010.

Sergei Kolpakov studied with Evgeny Olegovich in 2009, and in 2013 he became the bronze medalist of the Russian massage championship, he was not a champion, but the massage therapist is not bad.

Julia Andreevna will open to you all the secrets of his profession MASSAGISTS, share practical skills, help to become a true master of his craft!

We are currently conducting training in several areas: classic MASSAGE and ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE. The number of students in a group does not exceed 4 people, which makes it possible to transfer knowledge to each student qualitatively.

Duration of training: Masseur -Universal-5 days and anti-cellulite massage-5

The tradition of our school is the highest professional level of the masseur in life.

Equipped class for practicing massage – the success of the school, for good reason her name "Massage Champions Forge "

ATHere they once began to study massage at the Evgeny Olegovich Sadov Training Center, and now they are excellent masseurs!

Water from cellulite

Massage courses in Moscow-training massage therapists, read reviews about massage courses and make your decision.

I WISH EVERYONE TO FIND YOUR TEACHER FOR MASSAGE and your life will acquire a different meaning and become much brighter)))

Upon completion of the full course of massage, each receives two certificates (classic massage and anti-cellulite massage) in a frame and on the wall and a certificate of completion of courses in the specialty "masseur spa technologist".

How to become a massage therapist?

How to become a massage therapist without a higher education? How difficult is it to get theoretical and practical knowledge in this profession? Surely every person who wants to learn massage, at least once had these questions.

Water from cellulite

Training Center Massage Eugene Sadov offers courses massage art. Our competent teachers will teach you how to become a top-class massage therapist, help you learn how to influence the human body, while preserving its beauty and health.

Massage is a popular way to improve health.

How to become a massage therapist, learn how to help people, effectively strengthen their health and at the same time receive a steady income? This and other questions can be answered at the Training Center. With us everyone can become a qualified specialist, as well as:

  • master the unique author’s training system;
  • obtain the necessary documentation confirming that he was trained;
  • Do not have problems with employment after the course.

Thinking about how to become a massage therapist, contact us. We guarantee exciting activities that will make you a sought-after professional.

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