Training to improve posture


Training to improve posture

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SLIMMING “SPARTA” For the most novice with a large excess weight – effective weight loss in the gym

MEN’S TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE LEOPARD TRAINING HALL Maximum fat burning. Running on a special task and a set of strength exercises.

Training to improve posture

POWERFUL FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TRIATLON MEN Advanced level: increased fat burning and endurance development + the formation of relief muscles

HOW TO REMOVE BELLETRY AND BOKA – PROGRAM FOR RELIEF PRESS Special press program that can be added to other programs.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR BEGINNERS “PREPARATORY” Just come to the gym? Start this program and you wake up your muscles! Recommended for beginner athletes who want to develop muscle mass and strength.

TRAINING PROGRAM IN THE SIMULATORY ROOM “GLADIATOR” An effective program for weight and strength for a wide range of athletes of different levels of training. A separate day for working out the muscles of the arms, a flexible training schedule is possible during the week.

TRAINING PROGRAM IN THE TRAINING ROOM FOR APOLLO MEN Work with variable weights and safe access to large burdens. Neat strength training for athletes of primary and secondary level.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE SET OF MUSCULAR MASS “OLIMP” A powerful and very effective training program in the gym for weight and strength. Special stress system for muscle growth with a power bias.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR GROWTH OF MASS AND FORCE “TITAN” A powerful program for building muscle and developing great strength. Training is divided into volume and strength, for versatile muscle stimulation.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR MEN IN STRINGMEN TRAINING ROOM Gambling power struggle and new incentives for the growth of muscle mass at each workout. Good and deep pumping of muscles in the style of power bodybuilding.

MASS TRAINING PROGRAM IN THE LEON TRAINING ROOM Increasing weight and strength for those who can train only two days a week. Apply the main and only the most effective exercises for pumping the muscles of the whole body.

TRAINING PROGRAM IN THE TRAINING ROOM FOR THE FORCING MASS Intensive pumping for muscle growth with variable rest time between sets. Extensive work in basic exercises stimulates the growth of mass and strength endurance.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE MUSTANG GYM HALL Special methods for increasing muscle mass and the development of strength endurance. In training, you will feel your muscles swelling from hard work.

PROGRAM WITH ACCENT ON BREAST “SPECIALIZATION OF BREAST MUSCLES” The development of the whole body is envisaged, but the emphasis in training is aimed at increasing the mass of the pectoral muscles and improving the result in the bench press.

POWER TRAINING OF THE FOOTBALLER, LEGIONER PROGRAM Special strength training, the development of speed-strength qualities, strengthening the ligaments and the formation of a powerful muscular corset. This program lays the power base for the development of an athlete.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR PRO-DRYING RELIEF This is real drying! Intensive fat burning with maximum muscle mass retention. Professional sports traditions for real body transformation …


RUNNING TO LOSE THROUGH THE “MARATONETS” TRAINING PROGRAM Really fast weight loss with the help of the best exercise for burning fat and developing endurance. Special correct running training with a gradual increase in the level of difficulty.

Slimming program on cycling bicycle trainer Comfortable and effective weight loss at home, fitness and better health. Available to all and always – watch movies, listen to music, pedal on assignments and lose weight.

TRAINING PROGRAM IN HOME CONDITIONS WITH PERSONNELS “FIZKULTURNIK” Slimming and strengthening muscles with dumbbells, fitness program for men. Formation of relief muscles and harmonious training of the whole body.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE RELIEF FOR THE SUPERGET MEN Excellent workout for burning fat and the formation of relief, hardy muscles. Advanced level – suitable for men with good sports experience.

PROGRAM FOR INCREASING THE NUMBER OF ELIMINATION “MARATHON ELIMINATION” Effectively develops strength endurance, forms the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Excellent workouts at home, several levels of difficulty in one program.

HOW TO REMOVE BELLETRY AND BOKA – PROGRAM FOR RELIEF PRESS Special and enhanced study of the abdominal muscles, several levels of complexity starting from simple. You can work out separately for this training plan or add it to another program.

TRAINING PROGRAM WITH THE “Classic” dumbbells Effective training with dumbbells to gain weight and strength at home. If you are a beginner, start this program to strengthen the ligaments and master the exercises.

EXERCISES WITH DUMBBELLS IN HOME TERMS ON THE PROGRAM OF TRAININGS “BULLAR” The training plan is divided into volume and power weeks, the loads are diverse and interesting. The heavier the dumbbells are, the bigger and stronger your muscles will become.

TRAINING HOUSE PROGRAM WITH ATHLET DANCERS In training, an effective system is used, which provides a powerful force stimulus for muscle growth. The program is designed to increase muscle mass and strength at home with dumbbells.

TRAINING PROGRAM WITH DUMBERS FOR MEN “MASTER OF POWER” Training for the growth of muscle mass with dumbbells – a real sport in your home. The principle of this program is the whole body at each workout, but with different exercises.

PROGRAM OF DOMESTIC TRAININGS WITH DUMBBELLS FOR ALPHA MEN Intense training for gaining mass and strength with a powerful “pumping” of muscles. Effective power struggle with changeable rest time between approaches.

PROGRAM OF TRAININGS FOR MASS AND FORCE “GYMNAST” Pull-ups and push-ups for the development of muscle mass and strength, it is enough to have a crossbar. The best exercises collected in a thoughtful complex, workouts are available everywhere.

STRETCHING AND CLIMBING FOR MASS KIT FOR THE GYMNAST-PRO PROGRAM The continuation of the program “Gymnast” – a new level of “Professional” Unique techniques for performing strength exercises allow you to quickly gain weight.

CLIMBING FROM THE FLOOR FOR KIT OF MASS AND FORCE “FORCED CLIMBERS” Effective training schemes, plus a variety of pushups give a powerful result. Affordable sport at home with the use of professional sports techniques.

SWING PROGRAM ON THE CROSSBAR Special effective program to increase the number of pull-ups. Four levels of difficulty – from beginner to advanced athlete.

APPLICATION PROGRAM ON BARS An effective scheme for the development of muscles and increasing the number of push-ups on the bars. Several levels of difficulty, excellent workout at home.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE RELIEF FOR THE SUPERGET MEN Gained a lot – get dry! Program for intensive drying at home with dumbbells. It burns fats perfectly, develops strength endurance and forms prominent muscles.

CLIMBING FROM THE FLOOR ON THE QUANTITY “MARATHON CLIMBING” Work on the amount develops endurance, burns fat and forms muscle relief. No inventory is required, workouts are available to everyone.

HOW TO REMOVE BELLETS AND BODY – PROGRAM FOR CONSTRUCTION OF THE RELIEF PRESS Specialized training program for the muscles of the press, includes a variety of exercises. Can be used alone or added to other workouts to enhance work with the press.

PROGRAM OF PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR TRP Suitable for regular sports workouts at home!


Training to improve posture

WOMEN’S PROGRAM OF TRAININGS FOR SLIMMING “APHRODITE” Effective muscle strengthening and weight loss in the gym – the initial level. For the most novice with a large excess weight – a smooth and gradual increase in loads.

FITNESS PROGRAM TRAINING FOR WOMEN “LADY FITNESS” Intensive program for burning fat in the gym. Very mobile and interesting workouts for the formation of a slim body and strengthen muscles.

WOMEN’S TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE PANTERA TRAINING ROOM The program with a running bias – the greatest effectiveness for accelerated weight loss! Interesting running tasks plus a set of additional exercises (press, pop) give a visible result.

HOW TO REMOVE FAT FROM BELIEF AND SIDES – SPECIALLY FOR WOMEN A special program of weight loss and the formation of a strong and taut waist. You can do this plan separately or add to other workouts for gain.

TRAINING PROGRAM IN THE TRAINING HALL FOR GIRLS “SPORT TIME” The program for girls who want to pump up muscles, give them relief and beautiful shape. Emphasis on press and butt, but working with the whole body to form an attractive sports figure.

RUNNING FOR SLIMMING PROGRAM FOR WOMEN “HARMONY” The right program with a gradual increase in loads from beginner to advanced level. For training you need only running sneakers and your good mood)) Running is the best exercise for fast weight loss and improving metabolism.

SLIMMING ON A BIKE EXERCISE ON THE PROGRAM OF TRAININGS FOR WOMEN “VELOFITNESS” Training for weight loss at home – pedal on the instructions and get the result. Included additional exercises for the formation of a harmonious, slim figure.

HOW TO REMOVE FAT FROM BELIEF AND SIDES – SPECIALLY FOR WOMEN A special program of weight loss and the formation of a strong and taut waist. You can do this plan separately or add to other workouts for gain.

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There are many training programs for fitness and strength sports, as well as special training for athletes from other directions and various wellness and training programs. For example, Formula 1 pilots are known to train in gyms, even those who prepare to go hiking in the mountains first train their muscles, developing strength and endurance. Depending on the goals: to lose weight, develop strength or simply do fitness, you can choose a suitable training plan. There are training programs of various levels of complexity, ranging from beginners with a large excess weight, to experienced athletes with great strength. At the same time, you can play sports in any conditions – the programs are divided into two large groups: workouts at home (even without special equipment) and workouts at the gym with a barbell and other equipment. The physical training programs presented here were developed on the basis of scientific and practical knowledge; many fitness enthusiasts, experienced athletes and sportsmen of various directions successfully study them. All training programs and loads provide for pure sports without the use of chemistry. Expand the capabilities of your body, improve your health, become stronger and be forever young. Here everyone will find a program to do with pleasure and get results.

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