Training legs and buttocks at home

Not only specialists, but also ordinary people who know the price of their health, the ability to smile at the world from the very early morning, are confident that fast carbohydrates are the enemies of a taut figure and an active and active human body as a whole.

The words: “fast” and “harmful” in the context of not perfect, but healthy nutrition and carbohydrate foods are synonymous. Their splitting is very fast – as a result, glucose makes a jump upwards, and then “comfortably” is located in the body as subcutaneous fat!

What foods are saturated with fast carbohydrates, so disastrous for the shape, mood and general condition in particular? (See the full table below.)

  1. Flour “white” products (bread, pizza, buns);
  2. Sugar and honey;
  3. Pastry delights and carbonated drinks;
  4. Watermelon, banana, persimmon and grapes;
  5. Mayonnaise and ketchup;
  6. Alcohol (beer in particular).

Any nutritionist classifies all of the above products as taboo! You can’t call fast carbohydrates a deadly poison that kills a person, but daily savoring them creates an unbearable load for the pancreas that produces insulin – the endocrine system is under threat. In the blood, sugar begins to “jump” up and down like a rubber ball, provoking mood swings and body tone. If such food occupies the niche of the “festive” menu, you will feel a drastic change in your body and moral state …

As for fruits and honey, along with fast carbohydrates, they undoubtedly contain many useful microelements, fiber, and they must be eaten, but this should be done correctly (for more information about fruits, see the article Fruits and fitness).

In an optimal diet, slow carbohydrates are preferable. Especially on weekdays, when concentration of attention and active spirit are necessary at work. In this case, high-carbohydrate foods are best eaten during breakfast and midday dinner. For dinner, prepare the protein “table”.

The list of fast carbohydrates or high GI is not on guard of health!

The concept of “glycemic index” (GI) is directly related to the value of blood sugar levels. The value of the GI shows how quickly the eaten carbohydrates are absorbed, get into the blood. The higher the GI, the “faster” the carbohydrates and the more active the person becomes stout! The calculation is conducted from the standard of 100 units – glucose. But amazing figures above this “ideal of harm” have dates (146 units).

Training legs and buttocks at home

Fast carbohydrates with an average glycemic index (55-70 units) – the list of products:

  • Bread and pastries made from rye flour (wholemeal);
  • Apricot, pineapple, kiwi, banana and melon;
  • Cooked carrots, beets, peas;
  • Honey;
  • Cereals: rice, semolina;
  • Corn (popcorn);
  • Potatoes in the “uniform”.

Training legs and buttocks at home

Fast carbohydrates with high GI (above 70 units) – a list of products that interfere with the good functioning of the body:

  • Any pastry based on wheat flour, puff pastry and yeast dough. For example, morning toast has GI – 100 units.
  • Sweet juices and cola (75);
  • Boiled or fried potatoes (95) and mashed potatoes (90);
  • Pumpkin (75) and watermelon (103);
  • Dried fruits and grapes (75);
  • Sugar and milk chocolate (70);
  • Bars (snickers, kit-kat, mars) and chocolates (70);
  • Rice, granola with sugar and cornflakes (80-90);
  • Chips (85).

To make health, positive ideas and actions become your companions, reduce the consumption of foods with fast carbohydrates, so you prevent insulin release into the blood. Let pastries and jam on top of a slice of white bread, candy and fried potatoes will be the weekend’s ration. Especially beware of fast carbs in the afternoon, when they represent the greatest threat to your figure.

Low glycemic index will contribute to weight loss and lightness throughout the day. Lose weight with such a menu, in which the list of products consists of utilities with a GI not exceeding 55 units! Great mood and toned figure – for the sake of this it is worth refusing the excesses …

Fast Carbs: Food List – Table

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