The most effective remedies for cellulite

Massage with a dry brush over a dry body can be called an anti-cellulite massage for the lazy. After all, doing it is really very simple, it does not take much time, effort and does not require special investments. But at the same time, a massage with a dry brush helps to get rid of cellulite, makes the skin soft, improves the general state of health and charges with a positive for the whole day!

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The benefits of massage with a dry brush

1. Naturally the best and necessary use for us is an excellent anti-cellulite effect. Better and easier means of cellulite is simply not found; 2. Blood circulation improves, blood circulation is activated, by the way, thanks to this, the massage has such a wonderful anti-cellulite effect; 3. Such a massage, as well as relaxing, relieving nervous tension and tension in the muscles, and invigorating, charging with energy and good mood; 4. Massage has a light peeling, making the skin much softer, improves the regeneration of skin cells; 5. Activates the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

The most effective remedies for cellulite

Clinical picture

What do doctors say about losing weight

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What brush to choose

Brushes for dry massage can be easily purchased at the pharmacy or in stores in the “Everything for the bath” departments. If you are just starting to massage, it is better to choose a brush with natural soft bristles. Over time, it will be possible to gradually move onto brushes with stiffer bristles and even use stiff brushes with artificial fibers. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, it is better to stay on a natural soft brush.

It will be more convenient to do the massage if the brush has a long handle, so you can massage your back yourself, which is very important!

Stop fooling yourself

Before reading further, I will ask you 1 question. Are you still looking for a working diet or a magic diet pill?

I hasten to disappoint you, there is NO ONE DIET that will help you to lose weight for a long time.

And all "slimming products"that advertise on the Internet is a solid divorce. Marketers just make huge money on your naivety.

The only drug that will somehow help you lose weight is X-Slim. This drug is not sold in pharmacies and it is not advertised on the Internet, and for a share, each resident of the Russian Federation and the CIS can get 1 pack for FREE.

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How to do a dry massage with a brush

Massage with a brush is best done after a morning shower every day or every other day. It does not take much time, and the benefits of it are colossal, both for the skin and for health in general. In addition, this massage is very well invigorating and energizing.

Massage technique is very simple and does not require special skills. All movements are done smoothly and gently without much effort and aggression, so as not to injure the skin. Massage time not more than 5 minutes!

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  1. Massage is done with a dry brush over a dry body;
  2. Massage is performed from the bottom up towards the heart;
  3. Massage movements – circular clockwise or linear (just sweep along the body from the bottom to the top);
  4. It is recommended to start the massage by rubbing the legs (feet), then proceed to the legs, then to the thighs. The buttocks and the loin are massaged diagonally towards the groin;
  5. Massage the upper body is better to start with the hands. Rub your palms and move smoothly from palms to shoulders;
  6. The abdomen is massaged gently in a circular motion clockwise;
  7. Do not forget to massage your back and intercostal muscles;
  8. Chest massage is not recommended;
  9. Be sure to massage your neck, moving from chin to chest, from earlobe to shoulder and from the neck down;
  10. For each area, perform 5-7 movements with a brush.

Do everything smoothly, without much effort. After the massage, the skin should redden and warm up a little, this is quite normal.

Attention! The groin, inner thigh, around the pubis and under the knees are not massaged!

To enhance the effect, after the massage it is better to take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream or anti-cellulite spray on the body, which can be easily prepared at home: 100 ml of any facial toner (preferably in a spray bottle) mix with 6 drops of any citrus oil and 6 drops of cypress oil, rosemary or cinnamon. Shake and spray thoroughly.

Draw conclusions

We conducted an investigation, studied a bunch of materials, and most importantly, we checked most of the diets and weight loss drugs. The verdict is:

Diets gave only a temporary result, as soon as the diet was stopped – the excess weight immediately returned.

Remember! There is NO ONE DIET that will help you lose weight if you have a predisposition to fullness.

Modern means for weight loss, which is replete with the entire Internet, also did not produce results. As it turned out – all this is a deception of marketers who earn huge money on the fact that you are led by their advertising.

The only drug that gave a significant result is X-Slim.

You may ask why all fat women did not become thin in a moment?

The answer is simple, X-Slim is not sold in pharmacies and is not advertised on the Internet. And if they reclaim, then this is a FAKE.

The most effective remedies for cellulite

There is good news, we went to the manufacturers and share with you a link to the official site of X-Slim. By the way, manufacturers do not try to profit from people suffering from overweight, for the promotion of 1 pack of the drug can be obtained for FREE.

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