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Naturally, after a person suffered a stroke, not only a long treatment process awaits, but also a long rehabilitation process that can be performed both at home and in specialized rehabilitation centers in the city of Moscow is absolutely free. Rehabilitation usually takes place in two stages – initially patients are in the hospital in intensive care, where they support and save a person’s life, then they are transferred to a regular ward, where the damaged nerve cells and the brain are restored.

First of all, the rehabilitation period largely depends on the support of relatives, on the condition of the patient himself and of course on the professionalism of medical workers.

What is the problem?

Well coordinated activity in the human body is regulated by the central nervous system and the brain. When a stroke of any kind occurs, the nutrition of the brain is disturbed, the blood with oxygen enters the organ to a lesser extent, and therefore the nerve cells die and cease to function. The most popular in medicine is considered to be an ischemic stroke, in which the blood flow is impeded due to changes in the lumen of the vessels. The second type – hemorrhagic is less common, in this case, the vessel is broken and cerebral hemorrhage occurs. In any case, the brain and its activity is damaged. The task of rehabilitation centers is to establish the previous work of the body, that is, to focus on the restoration of swallowing, urination, the process of defecation, restore vision, hearing, the work of the senses and much more.

Objectives of rehabilitation centers

The rehabilitation process is a long-term phenomenon that requires feedback from the patient and his relatives. The main objectives are as follows:

  • Restoration of life and damaged areas of the brain.
  • The process of restoring blood flow and brain power.
  • Maintain the health of the victim.

List of free rehabilitation centers in Moscow

In Moscow, at the moment there are many different centers that restore a person who has suffered a stroke. And they accept patients from Moscow as well as from other cities and regions. Work in the centers qualified medical workers of various specialties and with good experience. The centers have the opportunity to be hospitalized both on a paid basis and to get there for free. Read more about free rehabilitation centers in Moscow.

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Clinic of rehabilitation treatment of BiATI

In Moscow, this is a fairly popular center that accepts both adults and children for treatment. The clinic has all the necessary conditions for stroke patients. Consultation of any cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist and many other specialties is possible. The staff of the rehabilitation center has a huge number of doctors of different medical profiles. Every year they undergo advanced training and improve their knowledge, which means they will be able to help in any situation. The clinic closely communicates with leading experts of Israel, so there is no need to travel far abroad, and you can get advice here. The clinic uses an individual technique for each patient.

The location of the clinic is a convenient place not far from Vnukovo airport, near the Tushinskaya metro station, on Tsiolkovsky street 7. The consequences of a stroke in the clinic are treatable, if actions take place on time, under the supervision of the best specialists, of course, the support of relatives and close people is needed both moral and physical. The clinic focuses on the restoration of the most important functions – it is speech, movement of limbs, restoration of social horizons. When a patient enters the center, doctors must thoroughly examine the entire history of the disease and only after that do they plan an individual approach and treatment. Emphasis is placed on those human abilities that he needs in the process of normal life.

The results are amazing – every year the clinic produces more than 300 people who have returned to life with new forces. The rehabilitation program is designed for 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the patient. The clinic improves the following indicators:

  1. Improving blood flow in the brain.
  2. Restoration of the motor features of the spinal column.
  3. Restoration of the motor features of the upper and lower extremities, as well as learning to walk again.
  4. Recovery of speech functions with the help of a speech therapist.

The best foot treatment for athletes

The experience of the clinic is more than 20 years old and during this short period it already shows excellent results.

Central Clinical Hospital for Rehabilitation

There is a medical institution in the Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, the village of Blue House 4. Previously, it was called the Rehabilitation Center “Blue”. The treatment is made on a paid or free basis. To get to the rehabilitation center can be in turn, if we talk about a free basis. To do this, you need to collect some documents in order to get a quota and a place for rehabilitation. They are sent there only from Moscow hospitals; patients from other cities cannot get for free.

As for the free profile, there are not so many services here, if you need to get the best help, you will have to pay for them. The clinic staff includes doctors of various specialties and profiles, modern-type equipment and good living conditions. The center practices various methods, for example, kinesitherapy and hydrokinesitherapy are widely used, during which the motor functions of the arms, legs and spinal column are restored to the patient. Practiced massage and exercise and physical exercise, to improve muscle function. Doctors do an excellent job with speech recovery, as well as deal with patients and develop thinking, memory and mental ability. Only planned hospitalization is performed at the hospital.

Therapeutic and rehabilitation center of the Ministry of Health of Russia

The clinic is included in the list of state budget centers, which means you can get here in a pop direction. The clinic effectively uses both domestic and Western methods of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation measures. With a stroke and a heart attack – the myocardium, the doctors come across here daily. Most often, they are approached by patients who have already lost the meaning of life and this is their last hope. An individual program is prepared for the patient for medical reasons and results are monitored daily.

This institution practices the methods of European technology. Places for patients abound, so the queue to get here as such is not. From the polyclinic, the patient initially enters the hospital, later on to the center itself, then again to the polyclinic – the doctors of the center adhere to such chains. Medical workers set themselves the task – it is a comprehensive approach from different angles, which will act on the impaired functioning of the body. For patients there is an opportunity to get to the center by quota, for this you need the appropriate package of documents on the medical profile. The clinic uses various physiotherapeutic procedures, such as ozone therapy, mud baths and much more.

The location is quite convenient – near the center there are three metro stations. For each disease, there is a method of treatment by narrow specialists, who throughout the rehabilitation period will find an individual approach to each.

Clinic “Three Sisters”

The location of the clinic is excellent – near the forest and various landscaping, the air is clean and the nature is chic. This is Moscow region, Schelkovsky district. Koiko – there are few places, there are only 35 single chambers, equipped with the highest class, ready to accept new patients. Relatives can easily let a person survive a stroke here. In each chamber there are alarm buttons, in case of repeated manifestations of the disease. The methods of individual programs are long here – the patient is offered various types of services that take almost a full working day.

For physicians, restoration of motor functions and, at first, medical and physical training exercises come to the fore. In the future, the system is supported with the help of acupuncture. There are doctors in the staff whose abilities are aimed at restoring thinking, mental functions and speech abilities. The course of treatment is three weeks, sometimes it can be reduced to two. Unfortunately, relatives will have to pay 3,000 rubles per day for living together, but for the patient there is an opportunity to receive a quota for free rehabilitation, but unfortunately this is a long process, since there are not so many places in the center.

The above-mentioned clinics are the main ones in Moscow, which have the opportunity to get free of charge from the direction of the state sample.

Rehabilitation centers for many people who are affected by a stroke is the only way to return to a normal lifestyle. After all, not all conditions can be created at home, and most importantly, create a team of experienced doctors who will be able to return a person as soon as possible and restore his physiological abilities. Quota or treatment for compulsory health insurance is now granted to many residents of Moscow and other cities.

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