Tennis exercises

At the Education Center "Personality" Every year an intellectual marathon takes place in which students compete in knowledge in all school subjects. Here are questions on physical culture.


Tasks for physical culture

for an intellectual marathon

1. If you were a swimming coach, which of the fabulous heroes: Iron Tinman, Kolobok or Pinocchio, would you take to your section and why?

Answer: Pinocchio will not sink.

2. Safety is for the preservation of life and health. What a fabulous hero who knew Pinocchio violated safety.

Answer: Karabas Barabas was chasing Buratino in the forest without removing his beard.

3. Who was the coach of Mowgli?

Answer: Bear Balu, panther Bagheera.

4. Who prevented the Wolf from “Well, wait a minute” to show his skill in lifting the barbell?

1. What is the miracle of morning exercises?

Answer: Allows you to quickly go from sleep to an active physical and emotional state.

2. What could have happened to Ilya Muromets when, after a long lay on the stove, he got up and became the hero of the Russian Land?

Answer: Since the stove is much higher than a regular bed, jumping off of it without warming up, Ilya could dislocate his leg.

3. What else is called the ice rink?

4. How was the old man Hattabych stunned by a football judge?

Answer: Football balls fell from the sky onto the field at the command of Hattabych.

1. Name the competition, during which all conflicts and wars stopped.

Answer: the Olympic Games.

2. What is a weightlifter?

3. What is the name of the exercise that enhances the skill of an athlete?

4. Which athlete walks sitting?

1. Running for life. This saying is true not only for man. For which animals is it true in the full sense of the word?

Answer: Wolf, cheetah, horse, roe, etc.

2. What movement improves mood?

3. Why did the “wise men” come up with a safety technique?

Answer: In order to save life and health.

4. She is the key to health?

5. In which sport would a blacksmith be successful?

Answer: Hammer throw.

1. Continue the logical chain: hockey – puck, football – ball, badminton.

2. In what sports would ancient hunters manifest themselves?

Answer: In archery, javelin throwing and runner training.

4. In which sport, a victory is sometimes awarded after the judge counts to ten.

5. Can a nerd running from a bear jump over the abyss?

Answer: He can if he was engaged in athletics at school.

1. Make sentences, logically linking the concepts: relay race, stayer, sprinter, marathon distance? The proposed words can be changed by case and number.

Approximate answer: The stayer must participate in the marathon, and the sprinters take part in the relay.

2. Why do athletes get a massage before a competition?

Answer: To improve the blood supply to the muscles.

3. What punishment will a wise judge give for playing a hand in the penalty area?

4. Which way will the referee show with his hand after the ball is out of the field?

Answer: In the direction of the gate of the team, from the player of which, the ball went.

5. And if you hung on the eaves of the house, fleeing from a fire …

What kind of exercise would help you survive?

Answer: Bar Exercises

6. Why are some players called one-legged?

Answer: Such footballers have only one foot.

1. What physical well-being procedure helps even physically weak people.

Answer: Jogging.

Tennis exercises

3. “Keep your legs in …, head in …, stomach in …. “Advised the great commander

Answer: Keep your feet warm, your head cold, your stomach hungry.

4. A game that young representatives of a public organization liked to play and was named an honor in her (organization)?

5. Which game is useful to play after a long sitting in Vkontakte?

Answer: Pin Pong will heal your tired eyes.

1. With a height of 184 cm, the breast coverage is 134 cm, hips – 72 cm, calves – 47 cm, necks – 50 cm, biceps – 45 cm. Who is this person who remained a professional to 70 years old and became the champion of America at 55?

Tennis exercises

Answer: Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny

2. Runner Charles Sherill carefully looked at the kangaroo and invented something that allows the runner to quickly pick up more speed while running. What did Charles come up with?

Answer: Low start.

3. Can a nerd running from a bear jump over the abyss?

Answer: He can if he was engaged in athletics at school.

4. What famous judge doesn’t need a hairdresser?

1. What experience can a runner learn from cats, dogs, and horses?

Answer: Running on the fingers.

2. What is the letter of our alphabet is the beginning of the three words included in the golden rule of the benefits of physical education and what is this rule?

Answer: Feasible, gradually, constantly.

3. Why, after a long use in the competition on the bar mode “press”, it was canceled?

Answer: This method was the most traumatic for the spine.

4. Who are the Olympic champions and from which country won the largest number of gold medals? Correct answer: L. Latynina, USSR

5. Why football players rarely get sick?

Answer: They play and train outdoors all year round.

6. What simulators are shown to a person with a weak heart?

Answer: Cardiovascular machines: treadmill, exercise bike ….

1. What is common between modern swimmers and sharks?

Answer: They have the same “covers.” The suit of the modern swimmer is made on the basis of knowledge about the structure of shark scales. It has microscopic hollows filled with water when immersed in it. And during swimming, the friction of water on water decreases, which contributes to an increase in speed.

2. “Do not beat the bedridden, do not put a stash in a mitten, fight face to face, do not take revenge after a fight.” For whom did these rules exist and why did actions follow these rules?

Answer: For Russian fist fights. To measure strength and fun.

3. What is famous athlete Suleiman Ali Nashnush? The correct answer is: the highest basketball player

4. What is bodybuilding?

Answer: Bodybuilding is a system of physical exercises with dumbbells, weights, barbells and other loads for the development of muscles.

5. Coaches in which sports had a great influence on the internal politics of Russia, being friends of the presidents?

Answer: Tarpishchev – coach of tennis, was friends with

6. What sport appeared due to the discovery of Chinese chemists and the invention that followed?

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