Squats every day

This material contains the most interesting physical minutes for elementary school students.


Fizminutki for lessons in elementary school

Fingers on fingers

We chop the cabbage, chop,

(sweeping movements with his hands, like an ax)

We flinch the cabbage,

Squats every day

We salt we salt cabbage,

(“Take” a pinch of salt and “salt”)

We press the cabbage-click.

(flexion and extension of the hands)

It is in the field of teremok.

(The palms of both hands are joined at an angle)

There is a lock on the door.

(fingers clenched into the lock)

It opens its wolf

Hands, squeezed into the lock, move forward – backward, left – right)

And the key opened the lock.

(fingers open and connect to each other, forming a “teremok”)

Oh, how long have we been writing,

The eyes of the guys are tired.

Look all through the window

(Look left – right.)

Oh, how the sun is high.

We will close our eyes now,

(Close your eyes with your palms.)

In the classroom we will build a rainbow

Up the rainbow let’s go

Turn right, turn left

And then we slide down

Squirm tightly, but hold on.

(Close your eyes, open and blink them.)

(Close your eyes, relax, massage your eyelids, slightly pressing them clockwise and against her.)

And suddenly I woke up

(Eyes blink.)

More sleep did not want

(Hands raise up (inhale). Look at the hands.)

(Arms bent to the sides (exhale))

I flew up and flew.

Hands behind your back, heads back.

Eyes let them look at the ceiling.

(Open your eyes, look up.)

Heads lowered – look at the desk.

And up again – where does the fly fly?

With our eyes we turn, look for her.

And we read again. A little more.

Buratino draws his long, curious nose.

All exercises are accompanied by eye movements.

Eyes see everything around, I circle them around. Eye to see everything is given, where the window and where the movie. I circle them, Look at the world around.

These are the eyes. Exactly. These are ears. Here, here. This is the nose. This is a mouth. There is a back, there is a belly.

These are pens. Clap clap. These are legs. Top, top. Oh, tired! Wipe his forehead.

Movement. First show the left eye, then the right. Take first for the lobe of the left ear, then the right. The left hand shows the mouth, right – the nose. The left palm is placed on the back, the right – on the stomach. Stretch both hands, then clap two times. Put palms on hips, then stomp twice. Right palm spend on the forehead.

We will put a palm to the eyes, We will lay out our strong legs. Turning to the right, we look majestic. And to the left, too,

To look out from under the palms. And – to the right! And through the left shoulder! The text of the poem is accompanied by movements of the adult and the child.

That’s what a dragonfly,

Like pea eyes.

Left – right, back – forward.

Well, just like a helicopter.

(Stand up. Show at eye level with thumb and forefinger of dragonfly eyes. Turn head to the right, left. Hands on the belt, turns the body to the right, left. Starting position. Hands to the side, head down, lift up. Run 3-4 times) .

(Children portray sleeping.)

One owl does not sleep,

(The kids wave their arms.)

(Draw a large circle with his hands. Crouch down, make turns his head to the right, left.)

Looking in all directions

Yes, suddenly it flies.

(Stand up, make a wave of arms, run on the spot.)

Physical movement on the body

Our head down

Right and left we are with you

(tilts to the side)

Pens behind the head, together

Start running on the spot.

We’ll take both you and me

Hands from behind the head.

(turn in one direction)

(turn in the other direction, in the initial position)

(hands forward, to the sides)

And under the chair there,

(crouch, arms apart)

Under the bed no.

(tilts the head left-right, “threaten” with the index finger)

Jump like bunnies!

Jump like balls!

Let’s sit on the grass:

A little rest and

Do not be lazy, jump

On the socks is easy!

(Movement performed along the way of the poem)

Every day in the morning

We like very much

Do everything in order:

It’s fun to play, fun to play,

Raise hands, lower hands,

Jump and jump.

(Movements are performed along the way of the poem).

Zaika is cold to sit,

It is necessary to warm the paws.

Paws up, paws down.

On the socks pull up

We put paws on a flank,

On the toes of gallop-gallop.

And then squatting,

So as not frozen feet.

Jump bunny much,

He jumped ten times.

(The movements are performed in the course of the text of the poem)

I spread my hands,

The key, apparently, did not find.

To get us the key,

We must get up on the socks.

All watches go like this.

(head to shoulder)

Look, what time it is.

Left – time, right – time,

(torso torso left – right)

We can too.

Three bears went home:

(children walk like a bear)

Dad was big-big.

(raise hands up)

Mom with him – smaller growth

(arms at chest level, stretched forward)

And my son is just a baby,


He was very small

I went with rattles.

(stand up and imitate the game on rattles, raise their hands up and say the words: ding-ding-ding)

(smooth movements of hands with a large amplitude)

Crouched over the water

(leaning forward, stooping)

Straight and proudly able to hold

Silently sit on the water

(energetic movements of the shoulders)

Jump-Jump, Jump-Jump.

Higher, higher, high

Jump on your socks easily.

(jumping on the spot)

Fizminutki. 1. I want to become an athlete, I jump on a skipping rope, Go to the bike. And I’ll go faster than anyone. I will bend, I will bend, I will bend, I will reach the floor, I will easily touch Paul. I will carefully stretch out. I will lift the arms upwards. Where the sky is there, I don’t understand! mom will praise! After all exercises every day. I do not too lazy to do.

2. Hands to the sides, cam, Unclench and flank.Left up! Right up! Sideways, crosswise, Sideways, down.Tuk-knock, knock-knock-knock! (banging his fist on the fist) Let’s make a big circle. ("have painted" circle of hands)

3. We stamp our feet, Top-top-top! We clap hands, Clap clap! We shake a head, And we twist a head. We raise our hands, We lower our hands, We give our hands. And run around.

4. Hey! Jumped on the spot. (jumping) Eh! Hands waving together. (motion "scissors" hands) Ehe-he! Arched back (leaning forward, hands on the belt, back arched) We looked at the pictures. (bending down, raise your head as high as possible) Ege-ge! Crouched lower. (deep forward tilt, hands on the belt) leaned closer to the floor. (touch your hands to the floor) Uh-uh! What are you lazy! (straighten up, threaten each other with a finger) Stretch, but do not yawn! (reach up with his hands, rising on his toes) Turn on the spot deftly. (go around)

In this we need a knack. What did you like, buddy? (stopped, arms to the sides, raised shoulders) Tomorrow will be a lesson again! (hands on the belt, turned torso to the right, right arm to the side, then to the left and left arm to the side)

Squats every day

5. Show all your palms (arms raised above your head, rotate with your hands, "flashlights") And clap a little, Clap, clap, Clap, clap. Now look at me (make any movement) Exactly, you repeat. Once or twice or three, once or twice or three. And now we will show the legs And we flush a little. top-top, top-top-top. Show me pens, legs, play a little bit of them (random movements with your arms and legs) One-two-three, one-two-three.

6. Eyes see everything around, I circle around them. I can see everything with eyes. Where the window is and where the cinema is. I circle them around, Look around the world around.

7. On the mountain stands forest circular movements with hands. It is not low, not tall, stand up, hands up. Amazing bird gives us a voice and eyes, hands up, reach. Two tourists walked along the pathWalked home from a distant place on the site Say:"This whistle, we have not heard yet"lift shoulders

8. It is dark in the forest, Everyone has been sleeping for a long time. (Children portray sleeping.) All birds sleep. One owl does not sleep, Flies, screams. (The children wave their arms.) Owl – an owl,

Big head. On the bitch sits, Head turns. (Draw a large circle with his hands. Crouch down, make turns with his head to the right, left.) Looks in all directions, But suddenly, as he flies. (Stand up, make a wave of arms, run on the spot.)

9. Again, we have a physical exercise. Again, we have a physical exercise, Minute, Well, well, well! Straightened, stretched, And now they bent backwards. We stretch our arms and shoulders, To make it easier for us to sit, to write, read, count, And not to get tired at all. The head is tired too. So let’s help her! To the right and left, one and two. Think, think, dizzy. slightly.

10. Here we spread our hands, Here we spread our hands, As if surprised, And bowed to each other to the ground (bowed down, straightened) Below, children, do not be lazy, Bow down, smile. (Exhale, inhale) , Legs strong will arrange. Turning to the right, Look around majestically. And to the left, too, Should be taken away from under the palms. And – to the right! And over the left shoulder!

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