Sports nutrition for muscle gain

In the article, I will tell you what nutrition should be for gaining muscle mass and strength.

I remind you: In the last issue, we discussed training schemes that will trigger (activate) the process of future muscle growth. But!

The realization of muscle growth itself depends on the proper diet (what we are discussing today): I recommend: “Is it possible to build muscle without proper nutrition?”

And so, food …

Nutrition takes 60% of the success in muscle growth.

That is why 2, you need to organize the diet (diet) as efficiently as possible: foods (B + F + U + B), their number and much more = otherwise you simply can’t see muscle growth …

NUTRITION – This is the most important aspect of bodybuilding (muscle growth), because through nutrition we get THREE things:

  • Muscle Building Material (protein, proteins)
  • ENERGY for work and construction (carbohydrates)
  • MATERIAL for the construction of hormones (fats)
  • WATER (life without water is impossible, just like muscle growth).

Each of these components is vital for any homo sapiens for normal life, and in particular, each of the components is essential for success in muscle growth. With a deficit (shortage) of at least one component = you can forget about muscle growth.

Well, now, we will discuss (in brief) each of the components that you will need to use every day on an ongoing basis in order for the muscles to grow.

  • Complex carbohydrates – rice, buckwheat,oatmeal, potatoes, pasta from durum.


VEGETABLES and FRUITS (also important) and formally are sources of carbohydrates …

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber, so all this stuff is very briefly called in one word-term => “cellulose”.

Fiber is very useful for our body because it slows down the absorption of food (

In addition, fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, which are also important. Read more in the main article: “Everything about carbohydrates from A to Z”, “When there is fruit”.

Of the usual foods: eggs, meat, fish, poultry, milk, cottage cheese, and kefir

Sports nutrition for muscle gain

From sports nutrition:

  • Whey protein or amino acids – digested very quickly.
  • Casein protein – absorbed long.

More in the main article: “Everything about protein from A to Z”.


Unsaturated fats are found in foods such as: fish, seafood, tofu, soybeans, wheat germ, leafy vegetables (dark green), nuts (pecans, macadamia, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts), natural nut paste, omega-3, omega -6, omega-9, fish oil, sunflower, soybean, corn, safflower, walnut oil, rapeseed, flaxseed oil.

In general, you can read more about all this here: “Everything about fats from A to Z”.

Based on all these products = I made for you an approximate diet for the day.

Your meal schedule for muscle growth …

I recommend using the fractional power principle. (eating food often, but little by little, or rather, within the number of calories you need). Relatively speaking, it is 5-6 meals during the day.

  • RISE


So here may look like your daily diet for gaining muscle mass.

The main point: 6 meals. 3 main (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 snacks. With a head!

To implement this diet will need containers for food:

Their essence is simple: (you cook your own food for the whole day) and take them with you.

And then at the right time you take out and start to absorb food. That’s all.

This is the answer for those who do not know how to combine such a number of meals with work / study.

I will say this: there would be a desire – and there will be an opportunity.

If there is no desire, then as a rule, there will be a thousand reasons and excuses)).

CONCLUSION ON ALL ABOVE: according to the schedule that I gave you (or to your own converted) eat COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES + ANIMAL ORIENTAL PROTEINS + CELLULAR + USEFUL (unsaturated fats) + drink WATER and notice: permanently!

Why should all this be a permanent diet?

Answer: so that you have the opportunity to constantly build up muscles on the body.

Muscle growth is a process that lasts not for a month or a week and so on, but for years (that is, very long). Therefore, you need to tune in to such a diet on an ongoing basis.

If you eat (as it should, for muscle growth) a week or two and throw it away = you will not build muscle, respectively, everything is meaningless. Do you understand the meaning?

Therefore, to prevent this, you need to eat right (as it should, for muscle growth) = on an ongoing basis. In addition, this food – is the right diet (healthy).

Only with such nutrition, your body will be in good condition (form), your health will be in good condition and muscle growth will occur.

That is the trick. That is, what is the essence of all about form, health.

Do not think that if you pumped up = then this is forever. This is not true.

This is not a sprint. Where you ran and stopped. Do you understand?

This is a life long marathon. Therefore, you need to tune in not to some temporary diet, where you sat down and after a while of tears, but to proper nutrition + proper training + good recovery = on an ongoing basis.

What foods to eat at one time or another?

Opposite of time (in the graph) = I inserted everything in quotes around what to eat.

You just have to choose the desired product from carbohydrates + proteins + fiber.

Here are the articles that you can also read on this part:

So. I brought you a power supply (food absorption) chart.

Links to the main articles: what is at one time or another – I gave you.

Now let’s talk about how much you need to eat these or other products to a man / woman in order to effectively build muscle on your body. It is very important!

The fact is that if there is a shortage of one or another amount of nutrient = muscle growth will not.

  • If, for example, there is not enough protein = there will be a shortage of building materials = accordingly, there will be no muscle growth.
  • If, for example, fat is not enough = there will be a shortage of material for building hormones, without which muscle growth, a priori, in principle, is impossible.

In short. An example, I think, is clear. It is important to consume the right amount of certain nutrients!

How should the ratio in% for B + F + U look like? How much should you eat B + F + U per day man and woman?

A healthy diet for weight gain should have this percentage of fat and protein and carbohydrates:

Sports nutrition for muscle gain

For men:

  • Carbohydrates – 50-60% (all emphasis should be made on complex carbohydrates);

To make it easier and clearer for you to understand how much it is, I will say in grams.

4-7 gr. for each kg of body weight (for example, if your weight is 70kg, then 70×4 = 280 grams of carbohydrates / day).

Proteins – 20-30% (try to focus on the proteins of animal origin);

1.6 g per kg of body weight (for example, if your weight is 70 kg, then 70×1.6 = 112 g of protein per day).

  • Fat – 10-20% (only useful,

2-3 gr. for each kg of body weight (for example, if your weight is 70 kg, then 70×2 = 140 grams of fat per day).

For girls / women:

  • Carbohydrates – 40% (the whole emphasis to try to do complex carbohydrates)

from 3-4 gr. for each kg of body weight (for example, if the weight is 40kg, then 40×4 = 160 grams of carbohydrates / day).

Proteins – 30% (the whole emphasis to try to do on animal proteins)

1.6 grams per kg of body weight (for example, if your weight is 40 kg, then 40×1.6 = 64 grams of protein per day).

  • Fat – 25-30% (only useful,

2-3 gr. for each kg of body weight (for example, if your weight is 40 kg, then 40×2 = 80 grams of fat per day).

Such a proportion (in men and women) is optimal for both health and muscle growth.

All the complete information on how to build muscle is contained in my educational materials (for men and women), which are based on the most recent scientific data:

for girls / women

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