Spinal osteochondrosis exercises

Highly effective exercises for the health of the spine. For some time he performed them himself with pleasure, then, because of laziness, he abandoned)). I give a little theory and practical first part of the exercises. As you master, you can complicate the exercises, combine simple ones with complex ones, but the complex described in this section will already suffice to direct your musculoskeletal system to the healing rails. Material from Raab Alois’s Yoga-Crocodile book. Why does the word yoga appear in the title, I don’t know, and where did the crocodile come from, too? Probably because the crocodile, seizing prey begins to rotate, but here all the exercises have the form of spiral twisting. In short, no matter what it is called. It is important that these are effective exercises of physical therapy.

Spinal osteochondrosis exercises

Exercises “crocodile” are equally effective for both healthy people and those who suffer from spinal pain, damage to the intervertebral discs or sciatica. They are equally suitable for both older people and children, as employees and housewives. They are available to all. For children, “crocodile” exercises are more beneficial than regular yoga exercises. A simple and accessible program prevents motor agitation, children become calmer. Exercises correct congenital or acquired disorders of posture. The essence of the exercises is that they turn the spine in a spiral. With the appropriate position of the body and legs lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae are rotated. Finally, there is a rotational movement in the thigh.

We especially note that the exercises “crocodile” are never performed with an effort, by force. You should always consider the limits of their capabilities. They expand as you learn the exercises. If this requirement is met, there will be neither painful muscle fatigue, nor sprains or ligament tears.

Many people do not have enough time to complete daily long-term programs. Exercises “crocodile” can be performed within a few minutes, but regularly, daily. Under the influence of these exercises, postural disorders are corrected, dorsal and headaches, and curvature of the shoulder girdle are reduced.

Constantly working on his program, a person will sooner or later feel:

  • strengthening and mobility of muscles;
  • streamlining the blood supply;
  • effects on the nervous system, similar to the effects of acupuncture;
  • relaxation of tension and relaxation between the vertebrae and intervertebral discs from the cervical to the lumbar vertebrae;
  • correction of congenital and acquired spinal disorders;
  • blood supply to the entire back;
  • increased elasticity of ligaments and tendons.

A person who has been practicing yoga and crocodile-related exercises for many months or several years will have no back pain. The back becomes more mobile: the person bends and unbends without experiencing any fatigue. Sleep improves, even breathing is produced. Digestion and blood pressure are normalized, resulting in improved overall well-being. Headaches disappear or at least subside. Even dependence on weather conditions decreases.

The practical part is represented by exercises “crocodile”. It is divided into five series: First contains 12 exercises designed for the spiral rotation of the spine with close contact with the floor. Intended for beginners and people suffering from spinal pains. Exercises require very little stress..

The second consists of 11 more difficult exercises, in which only the shoulder blades and hips are in contact with the floor. The whole body touches the floor briefly, only when turning to the right and left.

The third includes 9 typical spiral exercises. They are performed in the prone position. Exercises 7-8 are not difficult.

The fourth has 12 exercises that are performed while sitting. Lean on the palms or fists of the hands located behind the back. Simple performed by, the exercises of this series are focused primarily on the development of the shoulder part.

The fifth series is quite complicated. Exercising requires a lot of stress, even for people who have been practicing the crocodile for a long time. The series is contraindicated for people suffering from spinal pains and beginners.

The first part of the exercise “Crocodile”

Exercises of this and all subsequent series are repeated seven times. Exercises of the first series, with the exception of the 12th, should be performed following the following breathing technique: exhale in the initial position, inhale before the spiral turn, during the seven spiral turns in the rhythm of the times – and-two-and-three-and-… (up to seven) hold your breath, then exhale. Beginners at first may not hold their breath. After performing the exercise seven times, the practitioner must repeat the “fish relaxation” three times. Only then can we proceed to the next exercise.

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