Snoring exercise

The problem of snoring is relevant for many people. Someone snores constantly and this makes it difficult for others to sleep, someone snores occasionally and does not cause any inconvenience. It is imperative to get rid of it, because by itself it cannot pass. And all because there must be a reason for snoring.

Therefore, we will try to help you not only find the primary sources of the problem, but also give advice on how to get rid of snoring in a dream quickly and preserve the achieved effect.

Snoring spray

Science and medicine do not stand still – in 2014, a snoring spray was developed called MySleepGood. It relieves the muscles of the larynx. The action of the spray is designed for the whole night. Before bedtime, you need to make 1-2 pshik in the throat area. You can order here.

Spray certainly does not get rid of snoring forever. No, only serious surgery is capable of this. But judging by the reviews on the network, while you use the spray every night, snoring passes. You decide )

Let’s get rid of snoring in a dream: we will eliminate the causes

If you snore, but do not want yet to engage in treatment, start with a small, but important thing: eliminate the most likely causes of the birth of the disease.

  • Do not smoke at night and do not drink alcohol. Snoring in alcohol intoxication appears in 90% of people, even those who do not suffer from them constantly. In addition, alcohol and cigarettes dry mucous membranes, causing a feeling of thirst.
  • Try to normalize your weight., If there is a surplus and do not gorge at bedtime. Ideally, you need to eat until seven o’clock in the evening. This regular meal plan will help control the occurrence of snoring.
  • Do not sleep on completely flat surfaces without pillows. When the body is level, the tongue sinks down into the throat, interfering with the normal flow of air. And how can you get rid of snoring for a long time, if you do not provide a normal access of air. Therefore, you need to sleep on a hill, head above the rest of the body. Try not to take the position in which you snore the most. Usually snoring occurs in those who often sleep on their backs. It will take a bit of self-control to train yourself to sleep on your side.
  • Pay attention to your breathing and nose. Perhaps you have some sinus congestion or temporary allergies, then you need to use special drops that effectively relieve symptoms. Going to bed, you need to make sure that the nose breathes completely freely and you do not feel signs of congestion.
  • Maintain the humidity level in your apartment, especially if artificial heaters are used. Fireplaces warm the rooms well, but at the same time they take all the moisture, the air becomes dry. Place a container near the water, even if it is small. This will help restore normal moisture levels. If the bed is near the battery, move to another location or buy a simple humidifier. Only it is desirable without the sharp smells irritating a mucous membrane of a nose and a throat.

Causes of snoring

Pet hair causes snoring

Is it possible to get rid of snoring even temporarily if there are cats and dogs in the apartment?

It is unlikely, because even if you are not an obvious allergic, wool will cause irritation, invisibly getting into your nose and invariably provoke snoring.

The same applies to dust and different colors. If snoring is chronic, in most cases this means that there is a constant provocateur in your apartment or lifestyle.

It is not necessary to chase the unfortunate animals on the street. It will be quite enough if you do not sleep with them at night and let them into your room.

Be very careful when choosing pillows and blankets: they should be free of down and feathers. Even if you have slept on a featherbed all your life, you still have to throw it away, otherwise you will get enough sleep in your house.

How to get rid of snoring folk remedies

In fact, tips and advice on how to get rid of strong snoring are very similar to allergy admonitions. In fact, snoring often accompanies people suffering from allergic reactions. Therefore, if snoring is strong and nothing helps, then visit a specialist. But you can cope with the help of home methods.

1. Snoring Exercises

Recall childhood and how we all loved to show the language, so much so that even more to stick it out. Those who want to know how to quickly get rid of snoring, we must remember this wonderful time.

Two or three times a day we put out the tongue 30-50 times, preferably in front of a mirror. Yes, we stick out more, do not be shy. Gymnastics is aimed at training the right muscle group – the soft palate, tongue and throat. As a result, the muscles come to tone and stop creating sound (rattle). Typically, after two or three weeks, snoring is noticeably reduced, and if you continue to do exercises, then within half a year almost completely disappears.

A few more simple methods:

2. Cabbage juice and honey

The first assistant for snoring – cabbage juice and honey. Mix the two components, based on the calculation of a spoonful of honey per glass, drink before bedtime as long as possible. The effect is not instant, but steady: snoring can disappear immediately and permanently. Tasteless, but helpful.

3. Sea buckthorn oil

I do not want cabbage? Do it differently: bury the usual sea buckthorn oil in your nose. Also at night and only three droplets.

Getting rid of snoring medication: what awaits the doctor?

Snoring can not retreat if the problem lies in the physiological defects. For example, a curved nasal septum easily causes loud snoring. And as long as it does not lead to a normal state and not aligned, snoring will return.

In general, medicine has no clear and unambiguous answer to questions about the occurrence of snoring. The specialist can eliminate the possible causes by acting on the contrary method. Too many variables depend on the patient and his state of health. Therefore, the answer to the question: “Is it realistic and how to get rid of snoring surgically?”, Depends on the results and the conclusion of a specialist.

If the form of snoring is severe, then it can be treated with CPAP therapy. The essence of it is simple: tubes are inserted into the nostrils of a person, through which air is forced to flow and creates constant pressure on the respiratory tract. Of course, the procedure is inconvenient and at first it is difficult for the patient, but over time it becomes easier. Improvement comes almost immediately, because the breath is not oppressed. The person feels better, and in the future he can simply use the device as needed.

The most important thing: time to ask for help, do not miss the moment. How to get rid of snoring forever and do not disturb your loved ones? Monitor your health and lifestyle. Have a nice and peaceful sleep!


Often, many, instead of doing special exercises, because of their laziness, stupidly refer to the features of the body. And if they feel the support of the same, in general they cease to do something. A couple of years ago I also found a Soviet journal, where a group of doctors expressed that if there are no problems with the nose and chronic bronchitis, snoring is treated with simple exercises to strengthen the muscles of the tongue and chin. Often because of their laziness, people selfishly treat their loved ones.

Snoring exercise

Since the beginning of living together with my husband, she has regularly suffered from his snoring. &# 128577; I tried many things, but in the end only individual earplugs for sleep helped me (not to be confused with standard pharmacy plugs). The cost is about three thousand, but healthy sleep seems to me more expensive. Thanks to them, my dream is now sound and peaceful.

Recently, I began to hear a lot about the benefits of salt caves for snoring, including

Twice haha! I work in a salt mine, snoring like a tractor!

Anton, you are apparently advertising this device referring to the center in Barvikha? I took an examination there and assure you that for each patient they give exclusively personal recommendations depending on his condition and diagnosis.

there is such a device – Twicare. You can visit the orthodontist and he will adjust this device as you need

The best way to stop snoring. Take a pillow and go to another room! Joke!

I’ll tell you the right way to get rid of snoring army experience, when someone snores you approach you push it wakes up and snoring disappears and so on all night

My husband also snores and is very loud, it is practically impossible to sleep, as soon as he lies on his back. I bought a special clip on the Internet, a respirator corrector “MIRS” and snoring stopped. At first it was a bit unusual for him, and now it is normal, the clip helps the passage of oxygen and provides normal free breathing during sleep.

Somewhere I read that you can still massage your tongue in a place that passes into the nasopharynx with your finger or with a regular spoon. Here the problem can arise only because of the gag reflex (which can be trained). Well, the usual ways in the internet is full of this: http: //

The septum is twisted for 25 years, snoring appeared 7 years ago, 10 days ago had an operation to smooth the nasal septum, and also reduced the mucous membrane. All healed came home spent the night and in the morning I learned that I hadn’t been snoring all night, and in the morning I was as before. He asked the ENT what and how, it turns out it rarely helps. In America, an operation is done for 10,000 bucks, but it helps only for 3 years. Then you need to repeat. ENT Said: fresh air and sleep exclusively on the side.

My husband snores, every night I do not sleep, and this all led to the exhaustion of my body and to – psoriasis, since all the time on

And everything is treated very simply … you need to start with yourself, and not shift your problems to others! It’s just as easy: psoriasis-snoring of a husband is to blame, no sleep, snoring is to blame;

And my dad bought mySleepGood snoring spray, and my mom and I just hung out! nothing helped him! Dad sleeps himself, and we are awake, tormented. but now krasotyaaaa. the truth is enough for him for midnight action, but all the same. He wakes himself up at night, sprays spray again – and sleeps more and more calmly) Thank you Maislipgood! finally we get enough sleep!

Anton, Thank you. Your advice helped.

The only thing that can help from an uncomplicated form of snoring is the device from snoring Extra-lor, at least it is recommended by the specialists of the sleep medicine department of the sanatorium “Barvikha” under the President of the Russian Federation.

A familiar peasant got rid of snoring by doing such an exercise: singing or simply pulling the “and” or / and “s”, straining the muscles of the throat!

Recently, I, too, have begun to snore, though not yet strongly, but who knows what will happen in a few months … or years. True, folk remedies will not help me, I need to consult a doctor, since the cause of snoring is most likely a curvature of the nasal septum. Here you can only remove the problem surgically.


Fully agree with Ann – this advice is unlikely to help. My husband snores very much, although he sleeps on a big pillow. And our window is open both in winter and in summer, it is constantly aired. The air in the room is not so dry. I suffered for a long time, in the morning I got up all irritated, sleepy. I calmed down when I went to sleep in another room. And she began to get enough sleep, and her husband, too, otherwise I didn’t shake him all the time so as not to snore.

Snoring exercise

I strongly doubt that the proposed methods of getting rid of snoring can help. Modern people have too big problems with the nasopharynx, hence snoring in a dream. My friends English bulldog snoring in his sleep, like a drunken, fat man.

I tried to get rid of snoring for more than 5 years. Nothing helped, that just did not try. My husband could not sleep next to me, almost divorced, I could not stay with anyone, there was no question about a child. I saw one site on the Internet that sold a special clip. I decided to buy it, because everything I could, I already tried it … And you know, it did not help me!

I also started using such a clip so that my granddaughter did not scream to me in the middle of the night: “Grandma, you snore!”

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