Problems with aliexpress

The active transfer of state employees to the new state payment system “Mir” caused a widespread question: “Is it possible to pay for the“ World ”card on Aliexpress?”. In this material, we will examine in detail the policy of the largest online store in relation to the new payment system and determine the methods of payment for goods.

World Map and Aliexpress

The question of adding NSPK to the base of services for payment for purchased goods of the largest AliExpress platform was raised in 2016. Just a year ago, the user could not pay for the goods he liked with an affordable domestic card, which forced him to look for information on whether the trading platform supports this system. The small client base and the lack of competitiveness of such a payment method caused a lengthy consideration of the request, which made it possible to pay only with the use of plastic cards on foreign payment systems. In 2017, the situation changed dramatically due to the active distribution of the World cards among public sector employees.

Problems with aliexpress

In the fall of 2017, the representatives of Aliexpress officially stated: payment for goods can be made using the Russian domestic payment system.

If you still have the World card, and the system does not accept it for payment, you have incorrectly configured and added new data to the service. Let’s take a closer look at how to link your card for payment on AliExpress.

How to pay with the “World” card on Aliexpress

Choosing the product you like, or creating a basket, you need to go to the process of entering new data. To do this, select “Other payment methods”, after which the system will redirect you to a separate page. Select the item “Map” and fill in the form that appears, where you need to enter the number, expiration date, security code and initials. If everything is done correctly, the funds will be automatically deducted from your account, and you can proceed to perform other actions.

Finding out whether it is possible to pay with the World card on Aliexpress and whether the card is currently working, you can save a lot on the purchase of clothes, household appliances and many other things from various categories of the largest trading platform. Detailed information on connecting a plastic card can be seen on the attached video.

I tried several times to pay for goods on AliExpress using the MIR pension card, the payment fails, SMS comes: Refusal to purchase YM * AE. Classic cards WORLD, friends pay without problems. Will there ever be a MIR pension card to pay for goods on AliExpress?

At this stage, you can make payments from the World card outside the Russian Federation (to pay for purchases on Aliexpress) only to owners of special Mir-Maestro and Mir-JCB cards. Perhaps, soon, with the expansion and strengthening of the national payment system, the possibility of paying for overseas purchases from the World social cards will be realized.

We continue to humiliate! When will it end ?! I am a pensioner. Exchanged the old map for the World. And not one bastard told me that I could not pay with this card on Aliexpress! Country of fools and idiots!

Problems with aliexpress

Greetings They simply removed all the possibilities of the maestro which was absolutely free and changed to this “world” in which all these possibilities were removed. Like you want to return them – get the “world of the classics” (about which Vladimir speaks in the previous comment, it has a paid annual service, and the price is a specific corral). I am sure it is better to make a card in some other bank (I would not be surprised that service there will be cheaper than in a savings bank. Otherwise, many are in the habit of a savings bank, a savings bank – in fact, one so-called “state” insurance company RGStrah in which and the prices … and the service is the worst). So we will look for where to go from the savings bank and which card and in which bank is better to do.

And all of you do not despair – I’m actually a few years on a free MaestroMomentum card

So we will look for a worthy replacement. Good luck to all.

in the savings free maestro take an idiot and pay in Ali

With a sber-maestro and any type of pay you. as I understand, people are testing the world maps for which they want to forcibly transfer state employees and retirees. if you are not in the subject then do not offend people!

Where the government is looking go vote – forcibly exchanged on the map of the world, but it does not work, “censorship” of the pensioners mock.

Hello, please tell us more about your problem.

The same story: Maestro was exchanged for a social world and now I can’t pay orders for Aliexpress for it. Indeed, a complete humiliation. During the exchange they said that all the functions of the old card

in the savings maestro give free

They can issue it for free, but annual maintenance is very chargeable.

I try to pay with the world card on aliexpress, I write that this card is not supported.

That’s right, he writes you, because the “Mir” system is not 100% activated with the payment and trading markets of the world. The article lists the options that you can make a payment on Aliexpress.

When in our country will not be so humiliated. Imposed card WORLD on which I can not pay for purchases on the Internet.

And how long will this disgrace be, changed the maestro to the world without my consent and without explanation. When will the order be?

In the near future, contracts for cooperation with global payment systems and markets will be signed. The exact date when this will be done – no.

Indeed a mess in the country, especially for the poor. With a penny on a string banker ruble. Received a card WORLD, money withdraws and transfers, but where? No goods or money. Roll down. Morning money-evening chairs

outraged to mayhem! there is money on the card – what else do you need? This is our Sberbank == brake in everything! if only to rip off the money from the same MIR pension card — I wanted to print the data of operations on the card –mini-certificate == pliz == 15 rubles!? The Chinese have this green world map even drawn, but the payment does not work! AGREES WITH ALEKSEEI FULLY!

Who needs this World card? They gave out – now I, a pensioner, can’t even buy a phone case on Aliexpress! In the store it is twice as expensive. Yes, even for him to go for 70 km! There was no such problem with the old Sberbank card. Give it back to me.

I am extremely indignant, with respect to the pensioners I received the MIR card I cannot pay for the purchase on Aliexpress. With our pensions, we could at least buy something cheaper. Restricting the rights of pensioners.

LUDIIIIII and Chelovekiiii you can not pay for your pension world purchase on Alik just because it is a pension, and not because the world.

I am a pensioner and I have a “MIR” card. I do this, I have issued a “mastercard” credit card with 0% service, a grace period of 55 days, I registered it for “ALIPay” and paid. In my account I transfer between my accounts from “MIR” card to “mastercard” and that’s it. It takes a couple of minutes. Good luck to all.

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