Press week for girls

Having traveled from the Imperial Russian Fire Society (IRPO) to the All-Russian Voluntary Fire Society (VDPO) – the All-Russian public organization of the new formation and thanks to extensive public outreach work with the population, fire volunteering saved the lives of millions of Russians.

VDPO today is 83 regional offices in the subjects of the Russian Federation, including 2 offices in the territory of the Republic of Crimea; 736 city and district offices of the VDPO. The All-Russian Voluntary Fire Society is a vivid example of a public association that has managed to preserve and increase its glorious history thanks to the vast accumulated experience of organizational and practical work, and the prepared personnel potential.

Sverdlovsk Regional Branch VDPO – one of the progressive production and distribution networks of fire-fighting products. The Company’s specialists perform the whole range of works and services in the field of fire safety and emergency protection throughout Russia.

Competitions among the squad of young firefighters were held in the city district of Zarechny

The traditional gathering of young firefighters squads took place in the center of children’s creativity of Zarechny, under the auspices of two significant dates of this year: 370 years of fire protection of Russia and 140 years of Yekaterinburg free fire society. At the rally arrived squad of young firefighters “Fortune” school № 1, DUP “Rainbow of fire” school № 2, DUP “Iskorki” school № 3, DUP “Lighters” school № 4, DUP “Fire extinguisher” school No. 6 to show how they “Grew” over the year in knowledge and skills in the field of fire safety. Also, for the first time at the rally, the guys from the DUP “Prometheus” of school No. 7 of Zarechny took part. Competent members of the jury this year were: the instructor of the Beloyarsky VDPO production site, Tatyana Babenkova, the head of the supervisory activities department, Eldar Yusupov, and the methodologist of the center of children’s creativity, Elena Grebina.

The municipal stage of the Conduction of the Non-burning Bush was held in the Kamyshlovsky and Artyomovsky urban districts

In accordance with the comprehensive interdepartmental plan of interested organizations and departments for the prevention, death and injury of children during fires in 2019, the municipal stage of the All-Russian fire safety competition “Burning Bush” was held in the Kamyshlovsky and Artyomovsky urban districts. This year the competition of children and youth creativity “Burning Bush” is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Yekaterinburg Free Fire Society. Pupils and children’s groups of educational institutions, institutions of additional education, pupils of pre-school educational institutions became participants of the competition. The results of the competition were summarized in three nominations: artistic and visual art, decorative and applied art and technical types of art. Among the four age categories of participants: up to 7 years, 8-10 years, 11-14 years and 15-18 years inclusive.

In Talitsa summed up the competition of the Burning Bush

On the territory of the Talitsky urban district, the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of children and youth creativity in fire safety was completed. "Burning bush". The icon of the Mother of God “Burning Bush” – is the patroness of all firefighters and rescuers. In 2019, the competition was timed to two dates: the 370th anniversary of the fire brigade and the 140th anniversary of the Yekaterinburg Free Fire Society.

Pupils of preschool and general education institutions, pupils of orphanages, boarding schools and special educational institutions took part in the competition. The age category of participants is from 5 to 18 years. The competition was held in the following nominations: artistic and visual art, decorative and applied art and technical types of art.

More than 150 works were submitted to the jury, composed of representatives of the Talitsky district branch of the VDPO and fire brigade staff.

Nevyansk hosted a city rally squads young firefighters

In the town of Nevyansk in the center of creativity was a city meeting of the squads of young firefighters. The event was attended by employees of the Nevyansk district branch of the All-Union Volunteer Labor Organization, the supervisory activities department, representatives of 46 fire and rescue units of the 13th detachment of the federal fire service of the Nevyansk urban district and the teaching staff of the creative center. Pupils from 11 schools of the Nevyansk urban district competed at different stages — stations, such as: evacuation, fire hose, fire alarm, medical, blitz tournament, fire engine experts, electric, fire extinguisher, fire guard actions. Each station required some knowledge, skills, acumen, speed and skill from the children. In a word, each participant has been tested for compliance with the rank of combatant.

Kamyshlovskie schoolchildren for a safe and healthy lifestyle

On the eve of the spring break, the employees of the Kamyshlovsky district branch of the All-Ukrainian Volunteer Labor Organization together with representatives of the supervisory activities department of the Kamyshlovsky urban district held an action entitled: “We are for a safe and healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this event is to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle in children’s and youth’s

Press week for girls

“Good day, dear children and dear teachers! Spring has come, ahead of spring break. In order for the holidays to pass safely, it is necessary to repeat the fire safety rules ”- with these words the event organizers opened and greeted all those present.

The youth team of the Sverdlovsk region won the All-Russian competitions in fire and rescue sport in the Republic of Mordovia

From March 4 to March 7, 2019, the 15th All-Russian Fire and Rescue Sport Competition for the Cup of the Central Council of the VDPO and for the Cup of the Minister of Emergency Situations took place in the football and athletics arena of the Olympic Reserve Sports School in Athletics in the city of Saransk, Republic of Mordovia. Teams from 13 regions of the Russian Federation selected at the level of federal districts, including the youth team of the Sverdlovsk region, took part in these competitions. The number of registered participants is more than 300 people. Competitions were held among men, women, boys and girls in three age groups from 12 to 18 years. There are 2 types of competitions in the competition program: the obstacle course (fence, boom, hose line assembly) and the rise to the window of the training tower along the assault ladder. All elements of the fire and rescue sport imitated the situation on fires. On the first day of competition, a member of the national team of Russia and the Sverdlovsk region won the championship on the 100-meter obstacle course among athletes of the older age group.

Seeing the winter passed in Irbit

For many centuries now, every year at the end of winter, everyone’s favorite holiday comes to us – Maslenitsa. All Pancake week people bake pancakes, go to visit each other, have fun. Mass celebrations with the participation of a large number of people are a good reason for conducting preventive work among the population. That is why the employees of the Irbit district department of the All-Russian Volunteer Labor Organization together with representatives of the supervisory activities department organized a festive event dedicated to seeing off the Russian winter and celebrating Maslenitsa.

On a festive day off, buffoons and fairy-tale heroes appeared on the main square of Irbit, who staged a theatrical performance and invited viewers to participate in contests. Those who wanted to drag the rope, beat pillows on a log, chop wood for a while, answer fire quiz questions and a lot of other fun and fun.

Instead of an evening dress, the firefighter’s combat clothing: in the VDPO congratulated on International Women’s Day

While in the Yekaterinburg offices on International Women’s Day, women were traditionally congratulated by flowers and candies, the male half of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the VDPO prepared a real firing line for their beautiful ladies. Despite the fact that the girls from the VDPO know firsthand about the difficult everyday lives of their male colleagues, it was for the first time that they had to change their evening dresses for fire fighting clothes.

The fact that the floor is beautiful, but not weak, the girls VDPO decided to prove without hesitation. After all, Nekrasov wrote about them: “He will stop the galloping horse, he will enter the burning hut …”. Having broken up into teams, and having taken up combat duty, the workers of the VDPO went to the first test, “Knots”. Arranging a hanging clothes dryer and much more is not a problem for them, but as it turned out, the scope and options for knitting knots in everyday life and in rescue are much different.

Fire Maslenitsa held in Zarechny

For two days, on the territory of the Zarechny Children’s Creativity Center, employees of the Beloyarsky VDPO production site together with representatives of the 99 fire brigade 59 of the federal fire service detachment, 35 fire brigade and the fire service detachment No. 19 conducted the Children’s Carnival. This grand event was organized for 650 schoolchildren of the city.

The entire territory of the center was divided into seven frontiers, which students had to overcome. The first frontier, as it should be according to the plan of Shrovetide week, was called: Monday – “Meeting”. The members of the teams beat the balls with a broom into the goal under the cheerful music. The second frontier: Tuesday – Zagryshry. Here it was necessary to climb over the hoop, reach the place where the musical instruments are located and bring one of them to the team. After all the members of the team bring the instruments, a cheerful tune to them begins.

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