Postpartum depression treatment

A call to a psychiatrist at home is necessary for people of advanced age who are unable to visit the clinic on their own. Also, the help of a psychiatrist may be required in case of an exacerbation of a mental illness, in order to correct a previously prescribed treatment or to diagnose a mental health condition, if such causes concern.

Relatives should be sympathetic to the unusual behavior of a loved one and do not hesitate to call the psychiatrist home if there are the following signs of mental disorder:

You can call a psychiatrist at home in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with the help of our dispatchers who work around the clock and seven days a week. As a rule, the waiting time of the doctor does not take more than 1 hour. Our psychiatrists will conduct a preliminary diagnosis and help to understand the causes of unusual behavior, and if necessary, will offer hospitalization in the hospital. If necessary, the field doctor will prescribe treatment and write out a prescription.

Postpartum depression treatment

The doctor of the clinic about a psychiatrist call home

  • Making a preliminary diagnosis
  • Prescription of drug treatment
  • Arrival of a doctor within 1 hour

Calling a psychiatrist at home for an elderly person

It is important for an elderly person to call a psychiatrist when old age in combination with dementia changes a person’s behavior. Older people, especially after 80 years, can behave inadequately. They may experience attacks of anxiety, fear, auditory and visual hallucinations, sleep disturbances, express delusions. Usually the situation worsens in the evening and at night.

Such behavior is not a consequence of the “capriciousness” of a relative, but is a manifestation of a number of mental disorders characteristic of the elderly – involutional psychosis, senile dementia, and progression of manic and depressive states.

Leaving such a patient without help is inhumane and dangerous, since anything can be expected from a patient with a mental disorder. Selected therapy will partially eliminate symptoms, improve the quality of life of patients and facilitate the lives of relatives.

Elderly demented patients simply physically can not visit the clinic. Calling a psychiatrist at home for an elderly person is a substitute for the provision of outpatient care in the clinic. Calling a psychiatrist at home in this case is necessary both to assess the condition and to prescribe or correct the treatment.

For an elderly person, the help of a psychiatrist at home, specializing in gerontology problems, is necessary, since the selection of drug therapy in such patients has many nuances.

Doctors of our field service have the experience of assisting patients of old age. Counseling for an elderly person should be carried out in the presence of relatives or a nurse living with him. During the consultation, the doctor will explain the essence of the disease, give a prediction, prescribe treatment and give recommendations for care.

Initial consultation of a psychiatrist at home

In some cases, it is necessary to call a psychiatrist at home. This may be due to exacerbation of mental disorder, due to the first suspicion of the occurrence of the disease, the inability of the patient to come to the clinic on his own. The doctor at home without any discomfort will talk with the person and conduct a preliminary diagnosis.

After examining a patient by a doctor, there are two options:

  1. a change in condition will be temporary and will not require treatment;
  2. nevertheless a psychiatric diagnosis will be made.

In any case, contact a specialist as early as possible. For this purpose, with the slightest suspicion, it is necessary to call a psychiatrist at home.

A psychiatrist will be able to examine the patient, advise and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. Ignore the advice of a psychiatrist at home is not worth it. Delay in psychiatry is really like death.

Correction of previously prescribed therapy

If you already know the diagnosis of a loved one, call a psychiatrist at home in St. Petersburg can be a useful initiative, regardless of the patient’s condition. This will help determine further tactics. Inpatient treatment may be required, and the doctor may be able to adjust the treatment at the site.

Postpartum depression treatment

As a rule, our doctors come to the call within an hour.

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