Postpartum depression in women

How to become happy and loved: 3 necessary things + 8 tips of psychologists + 2 tips from experienced women + 5 best books on the topic.

Of course, you were lucky to be born with arms and legs, with a bright head and blue eyes, like a purebred Husky, eyes, but do you feel that there will not be enough? There is neither harmony nor courage in life?

Then throw watch on TV for the lives of the rich and famous, gobbling up the fifth slice of pizza – Madonna will not give out her secrets on any talk show, how to become happy and loved. Yes, and to you in Magnitogorsk is unlikely to come for a private conversation.

So, as the protagonist of the film “Station for Two” said to his beloved: “Itself, herself, herself …”.

The basis of the basics: 3 things, without which there is nothing to think about, how to become happy and loved

It is difficult to enjoy life in the embrace of a passionate macho, when a mean torsion is twisting in my head: “Lord, as soon as he sees my cellulite butt, his saggy belly and flaky varnish on his right little finger, he will immediately run away from such a beloved girl.”

Therefore, if you seriously thought about how to become happy and loved, you can not do without:

So we see how in this place of the article you skeptically raise your left eyebrow, chewing your favorite burger from the nearest fast food. But not everything is so hopeless.

For example, the author of the article for several months “hooked” colleagues on lunch boxes with healthy food from home. Now the words “spinach”, “diet bread” and “fat-free cottage cheese” do not oppress anyone here.

And to share a banana or a melon with other fighters of the “office front” is a holy cause, everyone is happy!

And do not torture yourself in the gym or curl up in a bundle on yoga, if this is not the soul. Believe me – there are so many ways to load your body in the world that you will surely (by trial and error) find your favorite sport.

My personal choice is to feel alive and happy – to walk a lot (why am I bought a fitness bracelet for nothing?) And play badminton. Yes, yes, I managed to find in an old gym on the outskirts of the city fans of this game, always ready to “cross” the racket.

And when at 11 pm I get out of there, as if after a marathon distance, I feel utterly happy. Favorite game makes your thoughts brighter, and your ass – smart.

refusal of bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes and other hazards) – an indispensable condition to feel happy.

No, when you nervously smoke, “supporting” the wall, you are not like your favorite Penelope Cruz from Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. But with the earthy complexion, yellow teeth or lung cancer, no one else in the world felt happy and loved.

In the meantime, you are making yourself a body a la “model of Victoria`s Secret”, “in parallel”, engage in putting in order thoughts and feelings.

“Happiness is, it can not be”: 8 main tips of psychologists how to become beautiful and happy

Get organized around you – in the closet, in the house, on the desktop, in a word, wherever your “crazy” hands reach, if you want to be happy and loved.

After all, it is difficult to feel world harmony and amaze others with clarity of thoughts, if your apartment resembles a pasta factory after the explosion.

Without creative work you will never become a happy, self-confident young lady.

Postpartum depression in women

It is not necessary to rush to the store for an easel and watercolor paints: someone “varganit” such cakes that relatives groan and gasp with admiration, someone, like my friend Yulia, conjures over home-made cosmetics, and some simply paint in coloring antistress for adults.

Why all? Because women are by nature happy creators!

Find joy in the little things to become happy and loved /

In order to feel loved and happy, you do not need to win the contest “Miss World” or make a trip around the world. Sometimes it’s enough to sunbathe half a day at the nearest stadium (tested on yourself!).

What do you say about the blueberry cake, the “sentenced” bottle of wine on the bank of the river or an improvised watermelon battle? Doesn’t that make you happy?

Somehow my friends and I got out on a picnic on our favorite glade and came under the rain. And everything was as usual, until someone “very smart” suggested:

“And let’s throw watermelon flesh, we still sit in raincoats, we don’t stain our clothes.”

Until now, we understand, who put the “Fingal” under Anya’s eye and put a watermelon helmet on Andrei’s head.

Learn to say no to become happy and loved.

You don’t have to build up the heroine of the Soviet Union, helping your colleague prepare a report, taking a child’s girlfriend from kindergarten and digging potatoes in the garden of your beloved mother-in-law, instead of resting on the sofa with a book.

Maybe you will gain a reputation as a responsive person, but you certainly will not be a happy woman of flowering appearance.

“Hammer” on the offenders, if you want to become happy and loved.

Well, you can not, “breathing spirits and mists,” flit through life, if you still argue with your ex-husband about how to divide your apartment, and with your neighbor aunt Masha – whose turn to wash the floor at the entrance.

And may you “ungrateful creature”, “muddle” and “rare scum” for them, keep the Buddhist calm.

It will be useful to you as it is useful to become happy and beloved, and not offended by the whole world (and at the same time alien civilizations) faded.

Praise yourself for achievements big and small, praise, as if for the last time, if you want to be happy and loved.

After all, who knows better than you that in order to get into your favorite jeans, you had to practically settle in the gym for a year. Yes, and your magnificent bagels with jam worthy of “Michelin” star.

Do you remember how you picked up a kitten on the street and saved this blohastik from starvation? In general, to be proud of yourself to become a happy and beloved woman, there is always a reason.

Postpartum depression in women

Look after yourself to be loved and happy.

No matter how feminists screaming that a woman, as a man, can afford to be “powerful, smelly and hairy,” you can only become well-loved and happy by having a well-groomed look.

Your value in the “market of brides” is directly dependent on self-esteem. And now think whether you can feel loved and happy, if there is a crow’s nest on your head, you beg your hands for a manicure, and your eyebrows have grown together like Brezhnev? That’s the same thing!

So long live the “fragrant soap and fluffy towel,” as well as lace underwear, killer heels and scarlet lipstick.

Create a comfortable environment for yourself to be truly happy.

Conversations with girlfriends, sabantui with colleagues and other joys of communication play a significant role in making you happy and beloved.

To be honest, I’m very selective towards people I spend my free time with, but if I’m lucky enough to meet an interesting and pleasant person, I’m glad to have a puppy who ran out for a walk.

And there are no age restrictions: my youngest girlfriend, Lisa, is 21 years old and she is just an awesome IT technology professional with a half-spin tattoo and shaved temples, a beloved wife and a proud mother of a 3-month-old son.

And the most experienced, Tanya, is 47 and her mother Teresa herself would envy her ability to get along with people. She is just a communication genius and just a happy person!

Advice and love: 2 tips on how to become happy and loved in a relationship

It is difficult for a young lady to become happy if someone, nagging an unshaven cheek, does not whisper “Favorite” in her ear, so catch a few tips from experienced women:

Be firmly sure that you deserve to be loved and happy.

And no, “Oh, God, I have no nose, but a potato”, “But who needs me with the growth of“ meter with a cap ”,“ I have no higher education, which means no decent intelligent guy will even look in my direction ” , “How can you be happy and loved when you are over 40?”.

I’ll reveal my little secret: while I’m going to work since morning, I’m shorting time, saying positive affirmations to myself, something like “I am happy, smart, beautiful, healthy, beloved girl”, “Today I will have a happy and productive day” .

You can, of course, overrun this, but the day is almost always “positive”;

Let fate chances to make you beloved and happy.

Hmm, the prince will find it difficult to find you if you never take the “home-work-home” route and spend your weekends as befits a true old maid – cleaning, washing, cooking, gathering with married girlfriends and their children.

No, well, everything is clear with them: personal life is arranged, and you can relax a little. Where are you going? Also in the sandbox, instead of “lighting” in the cafe, working on the “fifth point” in the gym or trying to master a new-fangled play? You need to become happy and loved!

By the way, you do not have to shy away, as if from a ghost, from that dumb IT specialist who, blushing, turning pale and turning green, tried to invite you to a date. What if he is a future millionaire a la Mark Zukenberg? What if he makes you happy?

Postpartum depression in women

As my former chief, the owner of “factories and ships” used to say:

“What a clever my beloved wife Nataha, that at one time saw in me, a 19-year-old” whistle “, a promising husband.”

And for those pedants who do not have much of our advice, we have reserved a list of recommended literature in order to sort out the question once and for all.

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