Passport for a child

International Business is a professional immigration service with many years of experience in the field of citizenship of the European Union (EU). We assist clients with obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in the European Union, as well as provide services in applying for dual EU citizenship, providing an opportunity to obtain Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian or other European citizenship for you and your family.

Clients of our company receive professional advice of specialists and support throughout the entire period of work with us. Whether it is business immigration, studying in Europe or applying for EU citizenship.

The real success of an International Business client


Our foreign missions in Europe and other countries allow us to provide services directly on the territory of the country you have chosen to immigrate, buy property or travel – this significantly affects the timing of all documents.

Passport for a child

With us you can easily open an enterprise in the territory of, for example, Poland or the Czech Republic with further business support, up to and including complete business immigration to Europe.

Our partners in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc. are legal companies with appropriate licenses and permits for consulting activities in their country.

Thanks to a well-established scheme of work between us and partners in Europe, all clients receive personal support in a new country, including settlement and adaptation, and the entire paperwork procedure is transparent, within the promised time and taking into account the wishes of the client.

International Business is:

High professionalism of the staff

Work in the field of international law

Individual approach to each client

Prompt problem solving in the shortest possible time

Our goal remains the same – providing quality services that meet the wishes of the customer. Our working conditions are designed to ensure that your business in Europe develops and flourishes.

The principle of our work

High quality services



Official Romanian Law Company

Passport for a child

No hidden fees

Only legally


While you think, our clients successfully enter the order for obtaining citizenship of the European Union.


Union citizenship is hereby established. Every person who has the nationality of a Member State is a citizen of the Union. Union citizenship complements, rather than replaces, national citizenship

Article 17 (1), as amended, of the Treaty of Rome

EU citizenship with our help is guaranteed citizenship of Romania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries within the promised time frame with minimal expenses.

Extra bonus: children of clients under the age of 18 are processed free of charge. Immigration to Europe with a company "International business" – this is what you were looking for. It doesn’t matter what you choose – a residence permit by opening a company or training, the citizenship of Poland or Romania for repatriation, to buy a single European citizenship through real estate investments – with our company all this will become a reality in a short time.

Is it time to take the oath?

The International Business company offers a unique service – guaranteed taking the oath to Romanian citizenship without knowing the language.

Residence permit / Permanent residence in Europe

Here you will find a unique proposal for registration of permanent residence in the Republic of Poland for a period of 10 years after the first submission of documents. After the end of this period, you will have a choice – to extend the existing permanent residence or to apply for full citizenship.

The document certifying the presence of permanent residence is a Stay card (biometric type), it contains your basic data. With such a document in hand, you can easily cross the Polish border at any time. It is enough to show the card itself and the international passport. No visas are required in this case.

Sample of the map of steel stay (permanent residence in Poland)

Starting immigration to the EU with a Steel Card will be very convenient, since you immediately get your place to live and work in Europe. In addition, every 90 days in the first half of the year you will be able to stay on the territory of other EU countries, which is more than enough to get acquainted with almost all European countries.

We have been working in the immigration services market for a long time, and during this time we had to deal with various legal situations, so now we can confidently state the professionalism of our employees.

Turning to our company, you can be sure of success.

One of the main directions of our work is services for the registration of citizenship of European countries. Immigrating to Europe, getting dual citizenship, feeling all the rights and benefits of EU residents with reliable legal support is a reality. No matter what goals you set: business development, travel, study or work abroad – with our help it is easy!

Passport for a child

International Business Company

goes with the times, using all possible payment systems, as well as cryptocurrency.

You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you:

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