Nutrition after exercise for weight loss

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And in this article I want to convey to you in detail that, in fact, rational nutrition is not only useful, as most people believe, this is the only advantage, but also tasty.

Properly selected recipes of dishes and combinations of products will allow you to choose for yourself a tasty and healthy menu for a week or a month. From this article, you will understand what foods and dishes should be excluded from your diet in order to improve your body.

You will also receive good advice from nutritionists for weight loss or muscle growth.


Proper nutrition actively promoted in society in recent years. And it is not surprising, because, unfortunately, more and more people need to adjust the weight, healing and cleansing the body. What are the principles of proper nutrition, what should be adhered to, what to limit, what to completely refuse, this article will tell.

1. What is proper nutrition and how to eat

To stick proper nutrition, to comply with all the recommendations and to be able to develop a menu for yourself, determine the list of products, you must first determine what is proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition – this is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle, which ensures the normal development, growth and vital activity of a person, helps strengthen the body and prevent various diseases.

Immediately it should be noted that it is not some kind of exhausting diet, a strict restriction or a temporary measure. As a rule, people embarking on this path are no longer descending from it, but adhere to recommendations for proper balanced nutrition in the future.

Nutrition after exercise for weight loss

And this is quite understandable, since it is aimed at a long-term correction of your diet, a person just has time to become related to his newly acquired habits, and already does not refuse them. In addition, if this system is abandoned, all the pleasant “bonuses” of its use will disappear: loss of excess weight, good mood, lightness, vigor in the body, improvement of the state of the body.

The diet of proper nutrition includes the following points:

  • Proper nutrition does not allow fasting, it always implies the possibility of a full and tasty snack, choosing what is more to your liking.
  • The system of nutrition always and everywhere allows you to find something to eat, preventing awkward situations (for example, at a party).
  • The basics of proper nutrition imply freedom of choice and the absence of strict categorical prohibitions.

2. Principles of proper nutrition – 7 ways to improve health

To master nutritional regime You do not need to use complex formulas for calculating calorie, but just follow some recommendations and stick to the established plan.

To understand how to eat right, you should consider the following principles:

  1. Fractional nutrition. It does not mean that you need to eat every 2 hours. And only that during the day a person must have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in order not to have unpleasant feelings when “sucking in the stomach” two snacks are allowed. It must be remembered that the portions should be moderate, ideally it is necessary to leave the table a little bit hungry, when the feeling of fullness has already come, but you could still eat. Do not do this, nothing in common has overeating with a healthy diet.
  2. Correct breakfast – Mandatory start of the day. It should not be missed

It is worth noting that you do not need to drastically change your diet, this, as a rule, after some time returns to the previous mode. Rational nutrition will enter into the norm of life, if you introduce all the changes gradually, without experiencing internal opposition to the new rules.

3. List of foods for proper nutrition

This list will help you figure out how to eat:

  • Vegetables and fruits – it is a source of vitamins, valuable microelements, fiber;
  • Berries – natural antioxidant, contains many useful ingredients, it is good to freeze them for the winter season – this is the most gentle way to store food, allowing you to extract maximum benefit;
  • Cereals and cereals – A rich source of energy in the form of complex carbohydrates, which gives a long feeling of satiety;
  • Nuts and dried fruits – the wealth of useful elements in no way inferior to fresh fruit, and subject to the conditions can be stored for up to a year. Snack from these foods in nutrition diet by all means enters;
  • Poultry meat – It is a valuable protein and source of amino acids, while compared to meat it has a low calorie content;
  • Milk products – source of protein, calcium, amino acids, neutralizes the effects of radiation and toxic substances;
  • Fish and seafood – source of protein, beneficial trace elements, vitamins of group B, omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Green tea – acts as an antioxidant, normalizes the work of internal organs.

All of the above products belong to the group of easily digestible. But there is also a category of hard-to-digest foods that also need to be included, but in moderation in the menu. These are chocolate, strong coffee and tea, seasonings, salt and sugar.

4. Diet of healthy nutrition + weekly menu

Keeping a diet at nutrition, you need to develop the menu, adhering to the following principles:

  1. Fruit does not fit with anything, and are a separate meal. Due to the rapid digestibility, such snacks are allowed even 1 hour before lunch / dinner.
  2. Different proteins do not mix (for example, fish and milk).
  3. Protein food does not combine with carbohydrates (potatoes or cereals are not suitable for meat, eggs, cheese, nuts). But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon the combination, for example, meat and potatoes (I am sure that for many it will be almost impossible). You can simply eat meat with boiled potatoes or baked instead of fried potatoes.
  4. Cabbage is a great addition to fats. (it inhibits the action of fats, leading to a slowdown in the secretion of gastric juice).
  5. High Carb Products (beans, potatoes, bread) do not combine with sour food.
  6. Proteins and fats are not compatible. (like butter and cheese, eggs and sour cream).
  7. Consumption of starch per meal should be moderate (so, do not bite potatoes or porridge bread).
  8. Whole Milk Consumption Should Be Minimum.
  9. Green vegetables stimulate the body, therefore, it is a wonderful base for any dish.
  10. A large amount of oil or acid inhibits protein absorption.

How to eat will prompt the following menu for the week:

5. Proper nutrition – advice from experts:

Proper nutrition for pregnant and lactating moms

The diet of proper nutrition of the future and nursing mom should be different not by a quantitative increase, but by high-quality products and harmless methods of preparation. It must be varied, so that the child in the womb received all the necessary elements, and the mother’s body was not exhausted from the fact that all valuable substances go away with milk.

Below, I suggest you learn more about the video: How to eat during pregnancy.

Balancing the nutrition of women who have already given birth can be a little more difficult due to the appearance of colic in the tummy and allergy in the baby, and also the desire to return to the old form of the woman.

Proper nutrition for children

Due to the constant growth of the child, nutrition should include enough protein. The high mobility of babies makes the body’s metabolism very fast, which is why children can not stand for a long time without food. Therefore, snacks are a mandatory component of their food.

From a very early age it is worthwhile to teach a child to consume little salt, and to prefer natural sweets to sweet pastry — this is sweet, tasty, and also incredibly useful. And also it is necessary to instill in the child the correct drinking regimen.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

Rational nutrition, of course, an assistant in losing weight, but the process of losing weight can only be achieved by reducing the number of calories consumed relative to that spent. Refusal from alcohol and simple carbohydrates (cake – ice cream), granularity in the diet, reduction of portions, physical activity should also take place.

Proper nutrition for muscle growth

For muscle growth, the menu should directly consist of half of proteins, carbohydrates and fats by 30% and 20%, respectively. Carbohydrates are best eaten after strength training (as opposed to losing weight, building up muscles requires reinforcement after physical exertion) and in the morning.

Water is worth drinking more than usual – about 3-4 liters. The feeling of hunger should not be tested at all, so even at night you need to eat 200g of cottage cheese.

6. What products should be discarded

To know how to eat properly, you must definitely abandon the products from the banned list. Such food does not do any good, and it does much harm: a deterioration of physical condition (and morally, after such food, there is nothing to do but just want to sleep), the development of serious diseases (diabetes, a stomach ulcer, heart attack and

In short, such products are the enemies of the body, with which, without hesitation, you need to part.

Harmful products include:

  • purchased sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise and


At first glance, proper nutrition seems an incomprehensible science, but with the right attitude and a gradual transition to a healthy diet, all the rules are assimilated, and quickly become habit. Therefore, have patience, comprehend the science of a healthy lifestyle, stay healthy and beautiful!

And in conclusion, I want to give you to watch the video “Recipes for proper nutrition.” Enjoy your viewing!

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