Natural Ways to Help Depression

How to work with the conscious and subconscious

Work with the subconscious, simple and effective exercise or confidence in the inner self

Good time friends! In his last article "Consciousness and subconsciousness"I wrote about the importance of being present in your life, observing yourself and trusting your inner self, your natural state.

If you have not read it, it is advisable to read it, otherwise this article may seem to you a little understandable.

Many people are not present in their lives, not present. for real, although they are absolutely sure of the opposite.

And in fact, for the most part, only their experiences and thoughts are present; the eternal problems that everyone has to one degree or another; various ideas, beliefs and values, many of which are not at all necessary and healthy ..

An internal unconscious dialogue with oneself is a familiar state of such people. By and large, they are not aware of themselves (their essence), they are not aware of why and how these or other thoughts appear in their heads, and therefore, they prove them without proof because of what they suffer. They are not conscious of their body sensations, which tell them a lot and are not aware of much of what is happening in reality.

People forget about themselves, their health, remembering only when chronic diseases, intolerable sensations and pain begin. Or when they begin to realize that life has become far from joyful, gray and without any hint of pleasure.

Those who have already felt this are looking for a solution. They understand that something is not right with their condition, with their attitude to themselves and the world around them, and we must do something, but what exactly is not clear to a person. There are various excellent techniques, trainings and books that can help a person understand himself and suggest how and what to do.

Another thing is that we are all different. And for one, some very good training will not be able to help fully. And only because the training is designed for one perception, and a person may have a completely different perception of himself, events and the world around him.

Someone more suitable visual information, it acts better on his psyche and it is easier for him to accept, to digest it in my head. Another has better developed auditory perception of information. Others need feedback to support, otherwise, he himself is not able to take steps to health, the third one is just mistaken, counts and looks for a magic pill that will immediately save him from the problem.

There are natural, natural ways, which I’m not writing about for the first time on the site and which many don’t know, although they probably guess. Because in difficult moments, instinctively, with little awareness of this, they began to do something that suddenly calmed them down, gave them strength, helped them to gather, and even gave pleasure. That is, they began to feel that life was not so bad as it seemed more recently.

Each of us can remember such moments when our hearts are so gloomy, and then, plunging into ourselves and starting to listen to ourselves, where it was unconsciously watching ourselves and our feelings, it became better.

And sometimes it was like this, letting go of the problem, suddenly out of the blue, the solution came, as if by itself.

It is a state of altered consciousness or lung hypnosis. meditation, when a part of the brain stops doing something, but only is watching for something. The state in which a person can introduce himself, simply by focusing on his feelings and observations of himself, his thoughts or actions. It is the observation of this, and not the experience and analysis.

So, how to work with the subconscious, learn to feel.

Exercise, which to start, helps you learn relax and contact your body. The exercise is designed to simply feel your body first. completely, from the fingertips to the head. And to feel any, even the most insignificant changes in the body, get used to it and learn to just watch yourself, without being distracted by any thoughts.

Natural Ways to Help Depression

1 Practice. We settle down comfortably in the chair and close our eyes, we begin to observe our physical sensations in the body. Attention should move throughout the body, from ending the toes to the crown.

The task is simply to observe the sensations of your body, no matter what sensations it will be, pleasant or not. Now you just need to really feel your body and learn to observe the sensations.

Can not keep the attention – release it. Without analyzing, relax, and in some moments try to feel any part of the body, without trying to focus on it. If attention has led you to another part of the body, or a sensation that may have arisen, let it be so.

The most important thing is doing nothing should occur as doing nothing, without any tension and pondering something. If you are distracted and your thoughts run away in the direction of some kind of problem, then we do not fight this thought, do not enmity and do not try to enter into any dialogue with her, in order to calm yourself, but you can just watch her without proving anything and nothing deciding for myself. And then simply, calmly, we shift our attention to our observation of the sensations in the body.

If the exercise does not work out right now for you, or you feel discomfort and nervous tension, then you should not continue it. Just get distracted and after some time, try again, you will succeed.

Sometimes for this, some people need several days, others almost immediately can feel the whole body and easily observe their sensations. It is better, at first, to do it with calm music, but not necessarily. 5-6 times a day from 10 to 20 minutes, in the morning, immediately after getting up and in the evening before bedtime, it is very desirable. It is at this time that the brain is in the most appropriate state.

Work with the subconscious, delve into feelings.

2 Exercise deeper. We do the same thing. They settled comfortably and now, at first, after watching a couple of minutes after all the sensations in the body, we gradually shift our attention first to the hands. We try to notice, feel any differences in the sensations on the hands, if any.

Maybe one hand is warmer than the other, maybe on one hand more than some specific tingling or twitching, pulsations, goose bumps or something else, and maybe even the same sensations in the hands. Through 2-3 minutes, also watching, doing the legs.

Having watched and felt, we shift attention only to pleasant sensations. Also first on hands a couple of minutes, then on feet. Feelings can be the same, most importantly, that they were pleasant.

Natural Ways to Help Depression

After that, we observe any pleasant, comfortable sensations already, in all body. It could be a head and a finger on a hand, anything, as long as your attention and observation was focused on what is pleasant or just comfortable.

Your attention can slip by itself, follow these comfortable sensations, which you do. It is not necessary to direct your observation to something concrete.

Again, if attention returns to some kind of pain in the body or a problem, then, not trying to deal with it, we quietly return to the pleasant. Anyway, you can feel some kind of pain if you have it.

But observing the pleasant sensations gives you the opportunity to feel how well you are in a comfortable state and to feel less of something negative, it is also important for your subconscious to record this state. And in a state of pleasant comfort, you can go at any time, whenever you want, at your request. This exercise will help you focus on the positive for you.

Another important in working with the subconscious. In carrying out these exercises, do not pursue the goal itself, think only about the goal, try to quickly accomplish something. It is important to do the exercises as if playing, to enthrall yourself with the process itself, and not with the goal itself. It is necessary to take an example from a child, I wrote about this in more detail in this article.

By setting a goal, you unambiguously set yourself up to achieve it and moreover, as soon as possible, but this is not work with consciousness, everything should happen on its own, on its own, easily, with pleasure and without tension.

Gradually need to move it exercise in life. Life is the best teacher. It is important to learn to trust your inner energy, your inner doctor. Nature has the property of extremely subtle adaptation to external reality and self-repair. We ourselves are nature, and a piece of its energy is in each of us, in our inner world (subconsciousness).

The task is to correspond to reality, to track and open to real (genuine) sensations.

Transferring exercise into life , You can at any time change your emotional state to something that will be pleasant and comfortable for you. I note that this will not always work, a lot depends on your condition and ability to concentrate, but regular use will surely give results.

Being present, feeling oneself and observing oneself is work on oneself. Work that is not very clear to consciousness, but which will allow one to feel oneself in reality, to feel natural and enjoy life, relying not only on one’s consciousness, but also on one’s inner world of intuition.

The most interesting thing is that this state of passive observation and doing nothing, a very pleasant state, is the so-called amazing and sincere state. "No-mind". The main thing is that such an observation would occur without tension and attempts to understand anything for oneself, that is, without analyzing. If you start thinking what, how and why, you will immediately begin to go out of it.

We just observe everything that happens around and inside of us – thoughts, any feelings and sensations. All this is in each of us and with this it is important to learn how to work, we do not just feel and experience, but observe. Allow yourself to subconscious, rather than consciously analyzing the situation, more spontaneity and natural choice, this is the basis of working with the subconscious.

How does this approximately work in life: Take the neurotic fear, a very destructive condition that the simpletons demoralize a person. You are confronted with something or someone that has caused this feeling in you. You felt it, you could even have a panic attack, but now you need to try to remember for yourself what, apart from how to feel and experience this negative feeling, you can still watch. What we are starting to do.

Watching for yourself in this state can immediately and fail to come in, everything will not turn out right away, despite the fact that everything seems so simple, such is the peculiarity of thinking, we are too concentrated on the internal dialogue with ourselves. Therefore, you need to start to do the exercise in a simple comfortable atmosphere and slowly.

Watching fear, disabling part of the brain, you are better aware that fear is not you. So, a person understands this, but at the time when you begin to experience it, you associate yourself with fear as a whole, and here you really understand that there is fear in you, but you are separate from it.

And the very observation and mental inaction allows the subconscious to work on this fear, there is a powerful force of the unconscious psyche and the ability of the brain to neuroplasticity. Besides all this, leaning on state of observation, It is easier, without hostility with fear and thoughts, to transfer attention to some other sensations, to something pleasant, it is only important not to drive away the thoughts of fear if they have already arrived, you just shouldn’t argue with them, analyze and try to reassure yourself with all your strength. , it is important to observe all sensations from the outside.

The practice of awareness alone with yourself, a tool for working with the conscious and subconscious, which will help you gradually to form a new way of thinking and eliminate (change) something undesirable in yourself. In it, I analyze in detail the important points and personal experience of the application (this is the updated version of this article, read the link above).

Finally, I also recommend the article. "How to make a decision", for many may be necessary.

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