Leadership training exercises

Training is not possible without exercise. But exercise exercises are different. There are regular exercises that participants forget about within a few days after the training. And there are interesting exercises, those that cause a storm of emotions at the training and are remembered by the participants for a long time. Interesting exercises are exercises that “engage” the participants. To which you return mentally many more days after the training and continue to draw conclusions from them. Interesting exercises invariably involve participants, raise their tone and motivation to learn.

We, a team of professionals

And here we picked up for you 5 interesting exercises, which can be found in the public domain.

1. Exercise for training “castles in the air”

purpose: Exercise is interesting because it not only trains the skills of joint activities, but also takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Time: 25–30 minutes

Group size: 10–30 participants

  1. Participants are divided into mini-groups of 4-6 people.
  2. A stack of paper is put in the center of the room and the following instruction is announced: “Each team needs to build a tower from this paper in the next 15 minutes. Nothing but paper can be used. The tower must be above one meter in height. The winner is the team that builds the highest tower. ”

Leadership training exercises

The results of the exercise:

  • Are you satisfied with your tower?
  • What helped you work in a team?
  • What prevented you from working in a team?
  • What did the result depend on?

Purpose: An interesting exercise, giving participants the opportunity to practice their skills of persuasion. The exercise helps to “shake up” the participants, creates a positive and fun atmosphere in the group.

Time: 10–30 minutes

Group size: 12–20 people.

  1. A circle with a diameter of about 1 m is outlined with chalk or paper adhesive tape on the floor. The trainer asks one volunteer to stand in this circle.
  2. After this, the task is given to the group: you need to convince the leader to leave the circle. You cannot use physical force to, for example, push him out of the circle, you can offer something in return, bargain, explain why he should come out, make promises, etc.
  3. After the driver has left the circle, an analysis is made of techniques and methods of influence that were used and which helped to achieve a result.
  • You can do 4-5 rounds with different people.
  • You can remove the exercise with a video camera, then view the footage with a discussion of how the group persuaded those standing in the circle to get out of it, what methods of persuasion were used.

3. Exercise for training “Crossing”

Purpose: An interesting and memorable exercise that trains the skills of discussion and joint decision making helps to see who occupies leadership roles in a team and what helps and what prevents this team from achieving joint results.

Time: from 20 to 60 minutes depending on how “worked out” and effective in joint activities this team.

Group size: 12–20 people.

Necessary materials: two ropes about 1.5 meters long each. Also for this exercise, participants must wear comfortable, unrestricted clothing.

  1. Ropes are placed on the floor parallel to each other so that the distance between them is about 4–5 meters. The whole group becomes behind one of the ropes (not between them).
  2. The group is given the following introductory statement: “You traveled in a space ship with the whole team and were wrecked. Fortunately, another spacecraft has come to your aid, ready to receive all of you aboard. The area behind both ropes is a safe zone, where you need to find yourself all. The area between the ropes is a dangerous area that you need to overcome. Your goal – the whole team to be behind the second rope. In this case, you can not touch the floor between the ropes with your feet, if this happens – the whole team returns to the start line. Also, you can not use any items such as chairs, tables, etc. for the crossing. ”

The results of the exercise:

  • Who was most active in finding a solution? Who did not do anything?
  • Who coordinated the group and who made the mess?
  • There was too much leadership and initiative (everyone had their own point of view on what to do, and much time was spent on controversy) or too little (everyone stood and didn’t know what to do)?
  • What helped and what hindered the effective work of the team?
  • What standards of interaction can be introduced in order to act more effectively in the future?

4. Exercise for training “Knight at the Crossroads”

Purpose: An interesting exercise, in which, within the framework of the “fairy tale legend,” the presentation skills of the training participants, the ability to convince, are effectively practiced.

Time: 25–30 minutes

Group size: 10–15 people.

  1. The whole group is divided into teams of 3-4 people, except for one participant who will play the role of Ilya Muromets.
  2. The trainer tells the group his own version of the Russian fairy tale, in which Ilya of Murom sees a stone on the crossroads, on which it is written: “if you go to the left, you lose the horse, you go to the right, you lose your head, you go straight, you will be married”. In this exercise, each team will need to convince Ilya of Murom that they should go in its direction. The first team will persuade Muromets to go left, the second – to the right, and the third – straight. Each direction has its own advantages, because even in the “lose your head” variant, you can remember the adventures that awaited the hero who chose this path in the fairy tale, or explain that in fact he would lose his head from love. Teams need to show exactly their direction in the most favorable light.
  3. Groups have 10 minutes to prepare, after which one representative from each group speaks to Ilya Muromets. Muromets decides where he will go, and gives feedback on what he liked and did not like in each speech.

Option. You can make speeches on a video camera and make an analysis of what methods of persuasion are used.

Leadership training exercises

5. Exercise for training “Ticket to Hawaii”

Purpose: An interesting exercise in which the ability to persuade is worked out, to find arguments in favor of his position, and at the same time, the exercise well revives participants and sets them up for active work.

Time: 15–20 minutes

Group size: Any

  1. The whole group is divided into teams of 3-4 people who are given the following instructions. “Your team somehow got a ticket to Hawaii. A ticket is only for one person, and it cannot be sold, exchanged, flown together, etc. Decide, please, which of you will fly and why. ”
  2. The groups confer for 5 minutes, after which they tell everyone about their decision.

The results of the exercise:

  • What techniques and methods of persuasion were used?
  • What worked?
  • What was not effective?
  • What else could be done?

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Super-warm-up “Throw the ball faster”

Great exercise warm-up, rapidly increasing energy, activity and involvement of training participants, increasing the level of trust in the group. This is both a bright warm-up and an exercise challenge that increases the participants’ motivation to learn and brings the group to the topic of the next lecture in a beautiful and memorable way.

The special charm of the exercise is that it is universal, suitable for most of the popular training topics: sales, negotiations, team building, management training, leadership training, influence, goal-setting.

Exercise Challenge “Pass to the Chair”

Powerful exercises for training the achievement of goals or training negotiations. The exercise clearly demonstrates the training participants. their habitual behaviors when reaching goals or negotiating if necessary. Helps to open negative attitudes, beliefs, that prevent them from easily reaching their goals or negotiating. Gives participants training new resources.

An exclusive exercise – the development of psychology professor N. I. Kozlov. The coaching exercise manual contains a lot of unique recommendations, tips and coaching “chips”, allowing you to conduct the exercise with the maximum result. This you will not find anywhere else!

Exercise “Titanic”

Extremely effective team building exercise that requires the participation and total involvement of the whole group. The participants are faced with the most difficult task, which can be solved only by joint efforts, mobilizing all their personal qualities, business skills and teamwork.

“Titanic” is particularly suitable for team building and personal growth training. It will also be an excellent exercise for training participants who often have to solve tasks in life that require manifestation of leadership skills, creativity, and activity in unstable circumstances.

Exercise “Wheel of Life”

A unique author’s technology from the doctor of psychological sciences, Professor N. I. Kozlov.

A strong and deep exercise, in the course of which the training participants clearly see how satisfied they are with various areas of their lives, choose their priorities and put specific tasks for a certain period of time.

The Wheel of Life is one of the best technologies., helping to consciously organize your life, to define your life goals and development priorities for the near, medium and long term.

Leadership training exercises

Exercise “$ 10,000”

First Class Exercise Challenge, able to increase the energy of the group, to intensify its creative potential and to adjust to the maximum interested perception of the theory. The real test of the ability of the training participants to agree among themselves.

What is the best way to test the ability to negotiate? Dividing the money. Give participants the opportunity to divide even theoretical amounts among themselves, set up interesting conditions and they will use all their skills, abilities and personal charm to achieve the maximum result.

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A unique author’s exercise for training, developed by the doctor of psychological sciences, professor, famous coach and writer

Incredible in its effectiveness exercise, capable of an hour to make a “revolution” in the minds of training participants. This “pearl” among the exercises of its kind.

Exercise for training "Traffic light" allows participants, without going through the situation of loss in life, to make an inventory of their values, stop getting upset "on trifles", learn to rejoice and appreciate what is already in life! Exercise will be a real decoration for stress resistance trainings, emotional intelligence trainings, personal growth trainings and goal setting.

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Vigorous gaming exercise that can in a short time to include training participants in the workflow, increase their attention, energy and involvement. It creates a positive atmosphere and, if necessary, relieves tension in the group. Includes physical and emotional activity of the participants. In addition to the functions of warming up the group, this exercise contributes to the formation of the training participants. positive and constructive attitude to their loss or failure. It helps to understand that regardless of the results of your efforts, you can simply enjoy the game. This principle can be attributed to everything in life and thus it is easier to endure failures and difficulties.

The exercise “Sparrows-crows” despite the fact that it was invented many years ago, remains effective and popular warm-up exercise many coaches to this day. Moreover, it is suitable for training personal growth, as well as for business training in sales, negotiations, and leadership.

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