Kundalini yoga for beginners

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"Until your attention reaches the Spirit, it is absolutely useless to talk about him, to do something in this regard. You need to be born again. Implementation must occur. It is not talking, not performing rituals or something like that. It must happen within you." "Rejoice and allow joy to spread through you. Feel your Spirit and enjoy this beautiful life. life of a realized soul!"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga (

Sahaja Yoga – This is a unique method of meditation aimed at establishing the internal balance of a person’s physical, emotional and mental state.

Kundalini yoga for beginners

Sahaja Yoga is a method of gaining a real experience of introspection and ideology. It is based on experience. Self-realization, accessible to every person since birth. Self-realization is a translation from the Sanskrit term. "atma saksat kar"what literally means "manifestation of his spirit". This is not a mental process, not hypnosis or self-hypnosis. In Sahaja Yoga, you can feel it as a cool breeze above your head and hands. In essence, Self-realization is the energy transformation of a person.

This is your full right – get Self Realization. To take advantage of this or not is up to you, the process is completely voluntary, for which no one can be forced. We invite you conduct this sacred experiment on your own. Sahaja Yoga allows is free get Self Realization right now, in front of a computer screen. ”

We also invite you to attend Sahaja Yoga team classes at the Center near you. All classes are free. Age is unlimited. A list of the regions of Russia and the countries of the Near Abroad, where there is Sahaja Yoga, and the addresses of the Centers can be found here. On any program you will be given Self-realization, you can learn about the thin (energy) body, methods of cleansing the chakras and Sahaja Yoga. On programs collective meditations are held.

Sahaja Yoga – it is a meditative practice that makes a breakthrough in human consciousness and allows you to reach the next stage in human evolution. It was created by Shri Mataji Nirmalaya Devi in ​​1970 and has since spread to more than 90 countries of the world, however, the knowledge on which Sahaja Yoga is based goes thousands of years into the past. Sahaja means "spontaneously", and Yoga is an alliance with itself,

Kundalini yoga for beginners

The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is very ancient, but it was always available only to very few, it existed in an isolated state and, as a rule, was transmitted directly from the guru to the student. In the past it was extremely difficult to get Self Realization. In modern times, Shri Mataji has made this knowledge accessible to all, spontaneous mass Self-realization has become the real experience of hundreds of thousands of people.

Through Sahaja Yoga meditation, consciousness gains a new dimension, where absolute Truth can be directly sensed by our central nervous system. And, as a result, our spiritual ascent is accomplished absolutely effortlessly, as the process of the growth of a seed into a big tree. Physical, mental and emotional balance is achieved as a side effect of climbing.

Meditating in Sahaja Yoga, one realizes that he is neither body, mind, nor ego, nor prejudice, nor emotions or intellect, but something eternal that is in the heart in a pure, indestructible state — the Spirit. Spirit is the source of true knowledge, the source of peace and joy. Self-realization (rebirth, satori, enlightenment) is our connection with our Spirit, and to receive it, as Shri Mataji says, is the right of every person from birth.

Sahaja Yoga is practical knowledge: everyone who practices Sahaja Yoga receives knowledge and methods to help him develop his personality. Sahaja Yoga is different high efficiency: a person gets rid of bad habits, diseases, fears, problems and

Sahaja Yoga is not an esoteric offshoot: all its ideas and concepts do not go against scientifically verified laws. This is its peculiarity, as a way of displaying Reality through the prism of subtle empirical knowledge. Not all of its concepts and justifications were scientifically confirmed only because of the temporary lack of the ability of science to do this.

Sahaja Yoga considers itself the quintessence of all world religions, as it unites in itself everything pure and bright that is contained in the heritage of these traditions. When the purity of truth is lost and many follow false paths, great personalities (incarnations, saints) incarnate on Earth and bring lost people to people. Among such incarnations, Sahaja Yoga includes many of the founders of religions, philosophies, social reformers, spiritual poets and mystics. Sahaja Yogis confess that there can be no God of Islam, a God of Christianity, a God of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. There is only one single God.

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