Is it possible to increase chest exercise

From this article you will learn:

Why morning exercises are so useful for older people

To whom it is contraindicated

How to start a set of exercises for the elderly

Will charging help older people fight constipation?

What will be useful for charging the elderly to lose weight

Have you noticed that there are more elderly people on the streets who take daily walks, do Nordic walking, even run? Everyone chooses a lesson for himself. Someone is sitting on the benches and competing in complaints about their sores, and someone leads an active lifestyle. Of course, not a single person would like to live out of his life as a ruin, so charging for older people today is of great interest. Our article will help you master the basic exercises.

Why is morning exercise so useful for older people?

Since mankind exists, exercise exists. It is impossible to imagine a primitive man who cannot run fast, climb trees, throw stones. Otherwise, he would have died out, not escaping from a predator, not catching prey, not protecting himself and fellow tribesmen.

The frescoes of ancient Egypt are replete with images of gymnastic exercises. The words of Mikhail Lomonosov “to try in every way to be in the movement of the body” are relevant in our time. Many, especially the elderly, remembered the wonderful industrial gymnastics of the 60s of the last century.

Exercise is very natural in his youth, but by the age of 40-50, they completely disappear from our lives. Older people feel the lack of vigor, tone, their movements become slow, awkward. Old age has nothing to do with it. Lack of movement weakens our muscles, ligaments, joints. Without charging, our nervous system weakens, it becomes difficult to control our movements. Older people appear slouching, shuffling gait.

Even the simplest morning exercise for the elderly has an invaluable effect on the body, and no pill can replace it. Old age should not interfere with simple gymnastics. You need to move, strengthen your health, live actively and for a long time. Daily exercise for the elderly, if done according to special rules, strengthens the nervous system, blood vessels, trains the heart. Gymnastics will maintain posture, gait, reduce excess weight, improve metabolism and, of course, create a vigorous, workable mood.

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Using the simplest charging for the elderly from all ills can improve breathing, help the movement of blood and lymph and, most importantly in old age, strengthen the immune system. Daily exercise exercises help combat the weakening of inactive muscles in order to avoid their atrophy. It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is a direct path to disease. Elderly people who are already burdened with a mass of ailments are doomed to physical inaction. What kind of charge here? We know elderly people who are forced by fate and disease not to leave their apartments or hospitals for years. Bedridden due to the multitude of consequences and complications, they suffer without active physical exertion. It turns out a vicious circle: the immobility of the elderly provokes deterioration, and the disease stops movement. Even a lying elderly patient, naturally under the supervision of the attending physician and the help of caring relatives, is prescribed physical exercise. Immobility can lead to thrombosis and sepsis. Charging for these older people is often just their salvation. We sometimes do not notice that we move a lot every day, walk the stairs, sit down, raise our arms, bend down. Charging in the understanding of many – this is a vigorous dance moves with cheerful music. Why not, if your body requires just such a physical load. But in our article we are talking about charging for the elderly, calm, feasible, thoroughly working muscles, joints. And most importantly, bringing undoubted benefit. So, if you still doubt the need for daily morning exercises, then we remind you that it:

Tones the nervous system.

Is it possible to increase chest exercise

It improves metabolism, especially the body of the elderly after 60 years.

Trains the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system.

Improves the quality of motor skills, prevents osteoporosis.

Prevents constipation and venous thrombosis.

Is it possible to increase chest exercise

A body filled with energy from feasible physical exercises, the joy of vigorous exercise will drive away depression, anxiety, and maintain clarity of mind.

Who is contraindicated charging in old age

But the most important thing, in our opinion, is knowing who charging after 60 years will be harmful. Is it contraindicated for all older people? We can please you, there are none! However, if you have a high temperature or a serious condition with pain, inflammation in the acute period or internal bleeding, then no one will go in for gymnastics. At the age of 82, Leo Tolstoy made daily horseback riding for 20 miles, performed gymnastics, exercises. Have we become weaker? Indeed, new diseases have appeared since then, but medicine is not far behind. So she warns: check with your doctor, who accompanies you in the treatment of chronic diseases. An elderly person should refrain from morning exercises if he has just recovered from an infectious or viral disease. Give the body to recover, but do not delay this process. If you have problems with blood pressure, then perform charging movements smoothly, without sudden jumps and bends. Believe me, an intense step will bring you more benefits than running with dyspnea. No conditions to engage in charging? We do not think that step on the spot or dance moves with your favorite pleasant music will make it very difficult for you.

Physical exercises for the elderly and its principles

Charging for an elderly person will only be a joy when two principles are in place. First, those exercises that will bring only benefit are selected, and this was confirmed by the attending physician. Secondly, it is impossible to force the elderly person to do physical exercises. Desire must come from himself, and movement bring joy.

So, we begin with a story and show all exercises to an elderly person, not forgetting to explain easily and easily what their use is. The number of repetitions of exercises of charging and their load to make uniform, the same, but consider that its growth should take into account the strength of the elderly patient.

If possible, in charging it is necessary to take into account all non-diseased parts of the body. If the exercise is uncomfortable for an elderly person and brings pain, then it should be replaced with a more benign one. When performing a complex of physical exercises for older people after 60 years, the presence of an instructor or a caring relative next to it will be reasonable. Carefully observe the condition of the elderly person, his reaction, positive attitude to the exercises. Let’s remember:

If you notice that while doing the exercises, he is tired, the exercises are done through force, or suddenly the mood has deteriorated, then the exercises should be stopped.

Exercises that the patient performs himself, we will call active, charging will be called passive, if you help an older person to perform it, raise his hands, turn over, do shaking, rubbing.

Do not overdo it, enough 10-20 minutes!

During physical charging of an elderly person, watch his breathing: inhale is arbitrary, calm, exhale deeper, without straining. The movements are smooth, at a calm pace. It is better to place a pillow under the head of a speeding elderly person so as not to provoke a rush of blood to the head.

If an elderly person likes morning exercises, then you can increase the number of light exercises and reduce the number of difficult exercises. Reasonably perform repetitions, start two times, bring gradually to eight. The exercises on the “left-right” should be the same.

It is not by chance that the exercises are called morning exercises, since the most effective exercises are in the morning, before breakfast, in a pleasant cool room. Start charging is better with a calm walk, and if they do not allow the size of the room, then on the spot. Between exercises, walk around the room well.

How to start a set of exercises of morning exercises for the elderly

In our case, the truth “do no harm” is more appropriate than ever, and in order not to harm our health, we always keep the work of the cardiovascular system under control, especially for older people. Let’s learn to determine the reserve of the heart.

What it is? This is the maximum heart rate (HR) minus the heart rate at rest. The pulse rate at rest is calculated easily, but do not forget that the rest should last at least 15 minutes. Suppose you got 55 beats per minute. Record: HR at rest – 55.

Find the maximum heart rate (HR max.). To do this, from the number 180 we will deduct your age. Suppose you are 65 years old, it turns out that 180 – 65 = 115 beats per minute. Record this number again: Maximum heart rate – 115 beats per minute. This means that your heart rate during charging should not exceed 115 beats. Remember, an elderly person whose pulse has exceeded the maximum frequency must reduce the intensity of the load!

So, all the data is ready, we calculate the heart reserve. From 115 (this is the HR max.) We subtract 55 (this is the HR at rest), we get the number 60. This will be the 100% reserve. Why know him? And then, that if up to the age of 60 a person can afford an increase in the heart rate by 100%, then in old age (it is considered to be 60–70 years old) we use only 90%.

If you or your family are between 70 and 80 years old, then we use only 50%. For long-livers, and this is more than 80 years old, you can use no more than 40% of the heart resource.

Immediately increase the heart rate can not be. You must start with a load of not more than 20% of your calculated reserve of the heart. Like this? We show on the previous example. The difference between the maximum frequency and the frequency at rest for a 65-year-old elderly person was 60 beats (100%). For the age of 65 years, it is recommended to use only 90%, which means that the pulse can increase only by 54 beats per minute. So, consider further: 20% of 60 will be 12. In the first classes, the pulse can increase only by 12 beats per minute. Do not be lazy on a piece of notepad to calculate your values ​​in order to refer to it during charging and monitor your condition.

Charging for the elderly: 27 exercises

At the most prominent place in the apartment, hang up the motto: “Pep, laziness – retire, start the day with charging!” There are many options for morning exercises. There are options for older people to solve problems with joint mobility, with constipation, gerontological exercises for recuperation after diseases. Older people love video-charging, where the instructor not only shows the exercise, but also comments on it. We suggest first to understand and try to perform a set of exercises according to the description:

“Letter T”

Sit on a stable chair, it is important for an elderly person, put your legs comfortably, put your hands on your knees. At the expense of “one, two” – hands to the shoulders and to the side, inhale. At the expense of “three, four” – the opposite effect: hands to shoulders, knees. Keep your back straight. Repeat four times.


Grasp the seat of the chair with your hands, it will give stability. Once, straighten the right leg, two, put it in place, three, straighten the left, four, put in place. We repeat four times again.

“Circles shoulders”

Stand up steady. Put your hands on your shoulders. We carry out a big circle with elbows on four accounts. Back – also on four accounts.

“Leg to Leg”

Grasp the seat of the chair. Once, throw your right leg on your left, strain all your muscles, inhale, two, return your leg to the initial position, relax your muscles, exhale. If it is difficult for an elderly patient, then the knees may not be bent. Three, four, the same, but with the left foot. Again four times.


Lie on your back, legs comfortably bend at the knees, place your hands on your stomach. We carry out the breathing of the diaphragm: once – inhale with the nose, to inflate the stomach; two – exhale slowly, lips – a tube, a stomach to draw in. Watch for well-being, as an elderly person may experience dizziness.

“Passing the Ball”

Put your legs together, arms outstretched to the sides, hold the ball in your right hand (or another object convenient for shifting). Inhale Once, pass the ball to your left hand under the bent knee, exhale. Two, lie down on the starting position, inhale. Three, – pass the ball from the left hand to the right below the left knee, exhale. Four, go back to the place, inhale. Repeat three times.


We lay on the floor. Feet together, arms to the side, in the right hand a ball (or any convenient object), inhale. Once, we transfer the straight right hand to the left with the roll of the body, shift the ball to the left, exhale. Two, back without a ball, inhale. Three, – roll with a straight left hand with a ball that we leave in the right hand, exhale. Four, come back, inhale. This exercise of charging must be performed carefully by older people, as it kills breath.

“Ball overhead”

Lying down. Put your hands along the body, take the ball to the right. Once, hands moving along the floor through the sides, rise behind the head, the ball is passed from right to left, if possible, we fix only with a look, inhale. Two, hands returning to the body on the floor, the ball is already in the left hand, exhalation, we transfer the object as described above. Repeat six times.


Rotate cams and stops inside four circles, then back four circles. We hold legs wider, and we bend arms in elbows.


Legs are straight, arms calmly lie along the body. Once, raise your right hand, put it behind the head, left foot, foot sliding on the floor, raise in the knee, inhale. Two, back to the beginning, exhale. Three, – the left hand behind the head, the right leg bend, inhale. Four, lay down at attention, exhale.

“Stone and cotton”

We lay quietly on the floor, legs together, arms along the body. Once, strain the whole body (hands in fists, buttocks, feet, pull on ourselves), inhale. Two, relax all the muscles of the body, exhale. And so six times. This charging exercise is unique to an older person, and, despite its simplicity, has a powerful effect on muscles.


We lay quietly on the floor, legs together, arms along the body. Once, – on the floor, take your right arm and left foot to the side, inhale. Two, return back, exhale. Three, on the floor we set aside already the left hand and the right leg, inhale. Four, come back, exhale. If the exercise is difficult for older people, then you can withdraw your right leg and arm, respectively.

Again it’s time to count the pulse in one minute. Remember, what frequency is your maximum and do not exceed it.

The next set of exercises for our elderly people is lying on the stomach.


Bend your arms in front of you with a “shelf”, raising your head, look up. Once, turn your head to the right, lower it into your hands with your left side, relax, exhale. Two, go back, look up, inhale. Three, turn your head to the left, lower it in your arms, relax, exhale. Four, go back, look up, inhale. Can be repeated four times.


Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs together. Once, put your right hand on the buttocks. Two – left. Three, – head, chest lift as high as possible, look forward. Four, we return our hands to the starting position, pulling them forward, relax. If possible, repeat three times. Warning: this exercise of charging is difficult for an elderly person because of the load on the spine !.


Bend your arms in front of you so that your head rests on your hands. Easily and naturally, alternately bend and unbend the legs at the knees.


We stand, resting on our knees and palms. Once, – right arm forward, left leg back, inhale. Two, keeping balance, we return to all fours, exhale. Three, – the left arm forward, and the right leg to pull back, inhale. Four, return to the starting position, exhale.


Exercise is performed on all fours. Once, take your right hand to the right side, turning your head, follow her gaze, inhale. Two, return the hand to the floor, exhale. Three, take your left hand to the left, turning your head, follow her gaze, inhale. Four, put your hand on the floor, exhale. Attention: due to the difficulty of this exercise in retaining balance, the safety net of an elderly person is necessary!

“Long Arm”

Lying on your stomach, we stretch forward, alternately changing our right and left arms. Once, – right as far as possible, the body helps, exhale. Two, the hand returns to its original position, the body relaxes, inhale. Three, the left hand stretches forward, exhale. Four, – hand in place, relaxation, inhale. Repeat the exercise three times.

Again, it’s time to count the pulse in one minute. Remember, what frequency is your maximum and do not exceed it. For older people, this part of the charge is mandatory.


Get on all fours. Thoroughly rest your palms and knees on the floor. Once, the back of the maximum bend up, inhale. Two, bend your back down, exhale. Avoid sudden movements. Repeat four times.

“Affectionate dog”

Stand on all fours again. Thoroughly rest your palms and knees on the floor. Once, the back of the maximum lead to the right, inhale. Two, bend the spine to the left, exhale. Avoid sudden movements, especially for older people who are over 70. Repeat four times.


Sit on a chair, hold the seat with your hands to gain stability. Legs bent at the knees at right angles. Roll your feet from heel to toe and back. Repeat six times.


Sit on a chair, calmly put your hands on your knees. Once, raise your hands up through the sides, inhale. Two, drop your hands again on your knees, slightly leaning forward, exhale. Can be repeated five times.

Charging for the elderly with a stick

Exercise 1. “Lever”

Put a stick (gymnastic) on the floor, fix its end with your feet. Place your hands on top of the stick, spread your knees. Take a breath. While holding your balance, slowly straighten your arms. Leaning your body forward on a stick so that your head is between your elbows. Slowly return to the starting position. Try, slowly, repeat six times. With a hardy vestibular apparatus, you can additionally rotate the upper end of the stick clockwise when tilted and counterclockwise when lifting.

Exercise 2. “Mill”

Sit on the chair. Take a stick, horizontally holding it between your palms. Once, turn the stick vertically, placing its lower end on your right thigh so that the right hand is at the top, inhale. Two, return the stick horizontal position, exhale. Three, the left hand goes up, and the lower end of the stick goes down again on the left thigh, inhale. Four, – stick in a horizontal position, exhale. Repeat the entire combination four times.

Exercise 3. “Rolling pin”

Try to stick the stick with two elbows to the back, with legs apart for stability. In a straight back roll the stick with your elbows up, inhale, trying not to bend down, then exhale.

It’s time to count the pulse in one minute. Remember, what frequency you have is the maximum, and do not exceed it, this part of the charge is mandatory for all older people.

Classic exercise for the elderly: video

Due to the weakness of vision and memory, some older people prefer to perform charging movements in a special video. It is important not to chase the display of charging, but to quickly perform all the exercises, delving into their essence in order to do everything correctly. An elderly person needs to not only select the appropriate video charging, but also provide convenient access to it. Older people usually do not trust the equipment, do not remember how to turn off or add sound. Therefore, for a comfortable exercise, you need to train an elderly person or help turn on and off the necessary video charging.

What exercises are exercises for the joints of the elderly

Problems with the joints can be both young and old. In any case, the restriction of movement, pain, stiffness of the joint makes life very difficult. Every morning it is necessary to revive. At first, feeling immobilized, it is embarrassing to get out of bed, move on bending legs, and you can immediately forget about bending and squatting. Do you know this state? Then charging, so necessary for older people with problem joints, in front of you. We want to emphasize that this is exactly morning exercises and exercises with which you need to start your day.

We woke up, stretched out and right in bed, removing a very high pillow, we start charging for the joints, starting from the top down.

Neck Exercises:

Head tilt with neck flexing back and forth: they looked at their breasts, slowly tilted their heads, looked at the wall behind the head of the bed.

Continuing to lie, turn your head to the right, look at your shoulder, then to the left, look at your left shoulder.

Without raising the shoulders, tilt your head to the right, try to reach the shoulder with your ear. Bend your head to the left, trying to get your left shoulder.

Be careful, especially for older people, do everything smoothly, sudden head movements can lead to dizziness.

Next is a warm-up on your hands. Do exercises for the joints of the hands and elbows. Continuing to lie on your back, we perform

Exercises for hands:

We work out each joint of the phalanx of the fingers with light massaging movements. Bend and bend each finger, not forgetting the big one. We work in the “fist – palm” mode, straightening the fingers as much as possible, which is difficult for older people.

Movement brushes in a circle, in one and the other side. Older people often complain of pain in this exercise, so do not rush, or reduce the number of rotations.

For the next movement, you can sit down, legs down from the bed. We straighten the arms, trying to completely unbend the elbow joint. It did not work the first time, try again.

If you are still lying, then the following body exercises just right. Sit in bed, helping yourself with your hands. Lie down again. Older people do this exercise better charging with an assistant.

Once in bed, do not rush to get up, your leg joints, especially in older people, are not yet ready.

Leg exercises:

Lower your legs to the floor, play with your toes, squeezing and unclenching.

It’s time to knead a very capricious ankle, carefully making circles foot to the right and left.

Now as in gymnastics: we pull socks.

Reverse movement of the feet, pull them towards you.

We work out the knee joints, which are most often disturbed in bad weather, especially the elderly. Bend the leg at the knee, slowly unbend.

Now we can stand up, move our knees left and right, slightly sitting down.

Completing such a thorough lifting exercise for the hip joints: walking in place. Our morning exercises for the elderly with joint problems are over.

Does charging help with constipation in the elderly?

Constipation in the elderly – a phenomenon, unfortunately, common. However, it is important to know how to deal with them. Drugs can easily harm the body. Charging is exactly what will help you feel light again, quickly get rid of the problem and make the body work without “falling asleep”. If you want your constipation not to torment you, try doing this therapeutic exercise for the elderly every day. It will be difficult – slightly reduce the time, but do not give up the exercises completely. Gradually, everything will return to normal, and charging every two days will keep you awake.

Medical exercises for constipation in the elderly advises:

Lying on your stomach, while inhaling, pull, straining your right arm and left leg. When exhaling, lower the leg, place your arm in front of you. Repeat with your left hand and right foot. You will feel your abdominal muscles tighten. Repeat 10 times.

Lying comfortably on your stomach, relax, slightly turning your hips. Feel your back muscles relax.

Standing on all fours (resting on your knees and palms), take your foot back, make a “swallow”, with a breath when you exhale. Each foot can be swung 15 times. Do not forget about the balance that is difficult to maintain in old age.

The following exercise is very effective for constipation, but it should be done carefully, 10 times. Kneeling, palms are on the back of your head. Inhale – in the turn the right hand pulls out the left heel. Exhale, – palm on the head. The left hand also tries to reach the right heel.

Lying on the floor, bend your knees and place your hands under your head for convenience. Bend your knees to the right, exhale. Return, inhale.

Read the material on the topic: Constipation in the elderly

Charging for the elderly to lose weight

Have you noticed how often women and men are over 50? And after 60, they don’t even want to change anything, dumping everything on the aging of the body and at the same time on a slower metabolism. “Yeah, not a girl, stop flashing!” – we often hear from women who feel elderly. Thus, older people, instead of supporting an aging body, add weight to their weight. Why it happens? The pace of life decreases, hormonal changes take place, the muscle mass is replaced by fat. And then – according to the list:

Weight adds work to the heart and vessels;

The endocrine system fails;

Joints and bones wear under the weight of kilograms.

The female body reacts differently to menopause, so many take hormonal complexes, which also slows down the metabolic process. Maintaining a normal weight in old age is not only possible but necessary!

How much exercise can help cope with excess weight? A cheerful jumping up, washing, even a shower will undoubtedly wake our organism in the morning. But it is necessary to shake it also with muscular and articular work.

The algorithm of action looks like this: physical exercise increases blood flow, which means the heart works better. The blood carries oxygen to the cells, and it helps to normalize the metabolism, which in turn, promotes weight loss.

The neglected metabolism removes toxins, the skin rejuvenates, the eyes become more radiant, the elderly person feels better and healthier.

A short-term charge with cheerful music with an open window gives a charge of vigor and efficiency, which is explained by the production of endorphins – the hormones of joy.

Exercise increases the flow of oxygen into the cells, and therefore there is an improvement in human mental activity and his memory.

No one who is already 50 or 60 years old will not refuse such remuneration for the work done while doing simple exercises for the elderly.

Let’s get started faster! I do not want to talk about women and men “elderly people”, let’s call them “ladies and gentlemen of elegant age.” So, for them classes at least three hours a week are recommended. Let it be cardio and muscle stretching exercises (stretching). Yoga, Pilates qigong, swimming and cycling are also useful. If under force, then you can take to charge in the hands of dumbbells (no more than 2 kilograms). A great addition to the daily walk in the fresh air is a quick step. In many clubs there are “groups of health” for the elderly. This communication, common cause, positive motivation. If you are uncomfortable in a team, you need to attend at least a few classes in order to understand the technique of the exercises with the help of an instructor.

Recommendations before class

Morning exercises for older people who want to become slim start from 10 minutes a day, with a gradual increase to half an hour.

Give access to fresh air and start your workout with a walk, moving on to an easy run.

You will definitely lose weight, as you will have to adjust food intake: charging only after one hour after eating, after exercise you should go to the kitchen no earlier than in half an hour.

Smoothly go from charging to household chores, do not immediately fall into a chair.

It’s time for our morning exercises! Increase the tone, get a charge of energy for the whole day.

“Above”. We rise toes, hands through the sides up, touch the back of his hands. Repeat this five times.

“Lunges.” Legs are shoulder-width apart. Lunge to the side on the left, then on the right foot.

“Turbine”. Legs shoulder-width apart, arms at the waist, body rotation, slightly bent forward. Repeat all five times.

“Heron”. Legs together, arms apart, pull a bent leg to chest. Return to the starting position. The same with the left foot. 10 times

“Mill”. Exercise charging from childhood: legs together, arms to the side, body in the slope. Turns the body with straight arms. 10 times.

“Bridge”. Stand with your back to the wall, take a step from it. Raise your hands up, bending back, touch the wall with your palms. Warning: for older people need a safety net assistant! Repeat eight times.

“Rolls”. Lying on the floor, raise the right leg, lower to the left, return to the starting position. Raise the left, lower to the right, return to the starting position. For stability, you can keep your hands in the “sideways” position. Repeat six times.

“Mahi.” Legs are shoulder-width apart. Having made a swing with the right foot, reach the left palm, with the left foot – reach the right palm. Warning: elderly people need a caring safety net !. 10 times.

But the video with another complex for people aged 50+ (the trainer shows the movements and explains the possible nuances).

In our guest houses we are ready to offer only the best:

24-hour care for elderly people by professional carers (all personnel are citizens of the Russian Federation).

5 single nutritious and dietary food.

1-2-3-bed occupancy (for reclining specialized comfortable beds).

Daily leisure (games, books, crosswords, walks).

Individual work of psychologists: art therapy, music lessons, modeling.

Weekly inspection of specialized doctors.

Comfortable and safe conditions (comfortable country houses, beautiful nature, clean air).

At any time of the day or night, older people will always come to the rescue, no matter how much the problem worries them. In this house, all relatives and friends. The atmosphere of love and friendship reigns here.

Consultation regarding admission to the boarding house, you can get by phone:

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