How to want to train

Tracy Anderson is a super successful celebrity coach, and in the past – a failed ballerina. She is known as Madonna’s personal trainer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Courtney Cox. The Tracy Anderson method is tested on stars and is really very effective.

Tracy Anderson has achieved amazing results in her fitness studio. Some women lost 25 kg in 6 months, while others canceled their plastic surgery. So arose “The method of Tracy Anderson”. In 2004, people began to invite her to Los Angeles, in 2006 she was called by Gwyneth Paltrow with a proposal to train her, and then Madonna was invited.

Tracy Anderson was for 3 years the personal trainer of the Madonna and said about her: “I want to keep her body looking for 20 years. Since you should not have saggy hands or unsympathetic hips in 50 years. It just should not happen. An attractive body should become a standard for you from a young age, and after it, why should you want less? It is very good for your body – to train all the time, it will help keep it young. Who wants to grow old? ”

How to want to train

“I want everybody to have an amazing body up to 100 years, despite their age and genetics.” This is the Tracy Anderson mantra: every woman can defeat genetics and have, as she says, a “miniature body of a dancer”.

Tracy Anderson invented the cunning trainer, called the “Hybrid Body Reformer,” her own version of the Pilates simulator, which Madonna installed in her London home. She also developed thousands of exercises to correct the “flaws of nature.” But despite this, the method of Tracy is draconian: 60 repetitions of exercises (with a slight burden) for most people and 100 for Madonna, with whom she practiced 2 hours every day 6 times a week. “I want every woman to look like Victoria’s Secret models (Victoria Secret is a brand of underwear).”

How to want to train

The most popular program of Tracy Anderson, perhaps, is the training session “The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout” with a total duration of 1 hour, thanks to which many women forgot about their “problem areas”.

The main essence of the Tracy Anderson method is to train the small muscles that are located near the main muscles, and the exercises need to be changed every 10 days. This will allow you not to build muscle, and make a miniature beautiful figure. Also need to adhere to a certain diet.

10 tips from Tracy Anderson:

  1. Do fitness 1 hour a day 6 times a week. “Do 30 minutes of cardio workouts (dance, jogging, aerobics), and then 30 minutes of strength training (with weights, stretching),” says Tracy Anderson. – Do them 6 times a week until the end of your days. Yes, you read it right – until the end of life. “
  2. Beware of gyms: there is too much burden. “After training in the gym, my muscles became too big and I looked like a gymnast, not a ballerina. My neck has become really short. ”
  3. Instead, learn to dance. “If you want a dancer’s body, dance. Dance aerobics is my favorite cardio workout. It is very sad when people think that you have to become dancers first and then dance. This is not at all the case. My DVD lessons are very simple and straightforward. You can choose 1-2 combinations and learn them. ”
  4. It is better to do more repetitions with less burdening. “I mean 60 repetitions of ten different exercises with a burden of 1–1.5 kg or less,” advises Tracy Anderson.
  5. Do not get distracted when you do the exercises. “I compared the results of people who“ think ”that they do the exercises, and people like Madonna or professional dancers who really“ do ”the exercises. The second results are much higher. “
  6. Look at yourself when you do. “Look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate yourself and your movements as if you are part of a work of art. Draw conclusions on how you move. ”
  7. Do not beat yourself for the fact that you are not Madonna. “Are you ready to train 2 hours a day? I think no. The reason why my famous clients train 2 hours a day is because their level of stamina is very high, says Tracy Anderson. “Madonna, to achieve the result and keep it, must train very hard, it looks like a professional athletic training.”
  8. If you do not want to lose weight, eat everything you want, but within reasonable limits. “I like people who do not particularly bother about food. Restricting food can be a real mental game, and I’m not a fan of it. ”
  9. If you need to lose weight, be strict with yourself. “I am not a fan of dairy and industrial food. Every day I drink parsley, cabbage, ginger and apple juice. I eat lean proteins, such as fish, chicken, as well as quinoa and brown rice, ”says Tracy Anderson.
  10. Drink as little alcohol as possible. “I drink wine very rarely. Alcohol slows down your metabolism (metabolism) 3 days after you drink it. ”

How to want to train

If you want to try to work out according to the method of Tracy Anderson, then you can familiarize yourself with some of her video workouts.

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