How to train voice

Every person is periodically faced with the need to learn material of different content and volume. To some, this is easy, but the overwhelming number of people face difficulties, not knowing how quickly to memorize a given amount of text.

The work of the human brain has not yet been studied 100%, we only know that we use a small part of the brain’s abilities. Psychological processes occurring in the mind of a person are amenable to daily training. Memory and other mechanisms of consciousness can be developed to unprecedented heights. A strong memory will make it possible to achieve success in any area of ​​human activity, it will be needed in “everyday” life, study, and it will easily increase intellectual abilities.

To learn the text, artistic or scientific content will need constant memory training specially designed for this exercise. Human memory is divided into visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile. It represents the ability to memorize and store any amount of information.

Each type of memory develops in people differently. Someone easier to memorize the text, pronouncing it out loud, and who on the contrary is better absorbed after visualization of the read. Therefore, it is important to understand what kind of memory is developed better in order to be used for memorization in the future.

Ways to memorize

Similar information can be learned well in several ways. There are three ways to remember the necessary material in a short time.

  • The method of rational memorization;

It is based on the use of logical memory. In the process of rational memorization, the semantic and logical connection of the material with life experience takes place in the mind. With rational memorization, an awareness of the read text occurs and information is more easily perceived. This method helps to memorize material, trains intellectual abilities and increases knowledge.

  • The method of memory memory;

This is the most interesting way of the three. It helps to remember non-semantic information, due to the processing into images and associative connection. Mnemotechnical memorization is based on life experience gained, translating text into images familiar to consciousness. This method helps to remember a large amount of material that does not carry the semantic load. These can be dates, phone numbers, names, addresses. It helps to deal with everyday forgetfulness, increasing the possibility of mechanical memorization of what is happening.

  • Method of mechanical memorization.

How to train voice

This method involves the memorization of the material. It is considered ineffective and difficult to train, as it can at any time fail, “dropping out” from memory. With age, the ability to memorize deteriorates.

Memorization techniques

For quick assimilation of text using different methods of memorization. One of the most effective method of thoughtful reading. It is well suited for learning large and small volumes. In this way, the actors use who, like no one else, it is important to know how to memorize the text quickly.

  • First, slowly and carefully read the text that you need to remember. It is better to read it out loud. When reading it is necessary to understand the main idea of ​​the text, its main plot, so that you can quickly remember.
  • If the volume of the material is large, we divide it into semantic parts. Each part must be learned separately, finding in them the main meaning of the word or phrase. This will help in the future, to restore all the text in order.
  • After that, you need to rewrite the entire text manually. This must be done slowly, delving into the essence of what is written.
  • After everything is rewritten we retell what we remember. We need to recall the smallest details, relying on keywords. If you can’t remember a certain moment, it’s better not to look at the records, but try to do it yourself. You can peep only as a last resort.
  • Further, we rewrite the second time only what was remembered without prompts.
  • At the last stage, once again carefully reread the text and retell. It is better to do this before bedtime.

This method of memorization is suitable for learning the text verbatim. It will help students, students of the school and all who need to know in a short time how to learn a large amount of information. In such a way actors of theater and cinema use to remember their roles.

Tricks for quick memorization

There are some more simple, but very effective tricks for memorizing the entire text, based on the nuances of our brain. For this you need:

  • Highlight the main points in the text with a bright marker;

How to train voice

This will allow not to be distracted by the extra part of the text. The actors thus distinguish their phrases in the script.

This is a non-standard method of memorization. Singing the material, he will hit the memory better and you can quickly recall it.

  • It is necessary to read until the meaning becomes clear;

How to train voice

It is very important to feel feelings and emotions on yourself, if it is fiction that heroes experience.

  • After reading, you need to ask yourself questions about the content;
  • Read loud with expression;
  • Write the text with your other hand;

If you are left-handed, write right, if right-handed, left. This clever way will force the brain to spend more effort analyzing all the written material.

  • Find a partner for training;

Actors rehearse in pairs, it helps in the work. You can also ask a person you know to check your knowledge of all the material. In the company to learn by heart more interesting and much easier.

  • Record the text on the recorder;

Record the text on the recorder and listen to it during the day, doing the usual things or during the trip. This will help to remember the voluminous text, without being distracted from other cases and without wasting too much time.

Memory must be constantly trained. Memorization of information consists of its coding and sending it to a special section of the brain for further storage. If the information is needed, it will be easily remembered. When it is not used for a long time, the brain will remove it as unnecessary. Forgetting is inherent in man, it happens after a certain time. This is a natural mechanism of the brain and it helps not to overload the brain with unnecessary information, and if it is not used, it will eventually disappear from memory. ‘alt ="">

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