How to support someone with depression

Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev, 1967) is a Russian-speaking graduated Master of Yoga, with 20 years of spiritual practice, having studied in his youth more than ten teachers.

He is the founder of the only higher school of yoga in Russia – the Monastery-Academy of Yoga “Collection of Secrets” (Advaita yoga ashram “Collection of Secrets”) with a unique system of training and practice, as well as the World Community Laya Yoga, which has followers in the CIS countries and abroad.

Enlightened Master Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev) spent a long time (about three years) in retreat.

He is the author of more than 90 books, numerous articles, essays on the philosophy of theory and practice of yoga and tantra in the tradition of “Sahajayana”.

Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev) is an initiator of the yogic tradition of the siddhas of the natural path of Sahajayana, a holder of several lines of continuity of the teachings of Laya Yoga and a spiritual mentor for many followers of Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev) conducts research in the field of particularly difficult theoretical questions of philosophy and yoga (prophecy, Parasattarka-logic, game theory, reality management, research on the common roots of the Vedic civilization of the Aryans and ancient Slavs and

In the outside world, Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev) is also the founder of the World transhumanist immortalist movement “Immortality” and a new direction in Russian transhumanism and immortalism – Transcendental transhumanism, based on the theory of yoga and other sacred texts; the author of the program “The attainment of immortality in the physical body” (the so-called program “Five Steps”) and the conceptual transhumanist project-forecast “Era of the Immortals”.

Since February 2010, Swami Vishnudevananda Giri has been the Mahamandaleshwar of the Monastic Order of Dattatreya – Juna Akhara.

His work in spreading the Dharma and supporting Advaita Vedanta in Russia received the approval and recognition of many distinguished teachers and saints.

In the doctrine of self-recognition in the Laya-Yoga tradition, the transmission of an enlightened consciousness occurs directly – from the Teacher to the student, bypassing philosophy and logic. In Laya Yoga, as in the Teachings of Anuttara Tantra, this transfer of “race” (explanation from heart to heart, silent presence, darshan) – “taste” of non-duality is done differently: through methods, instructions, symbols, gestures, riddles , through dreams, inadequate situations, through other extraordinary states.

This book is a direct transfer of an enlightened Master to his disciples, bypassing space and time.

Man is an evolving creature, a changing one.

In his life, he goes through the stages of birth, growth, flourishing, destruction and death. It passes, like all living things in this world, through various cycles. We are all changing, we are in a continuous stream of change. If we take this into account, we should take care of how to choose the right life tactics in this changing stream.

Each person by nature has a great infinite spirit, a global creative Mind, playing in infinite bodies. It is not limited and is like space. There is nothing that is beyond his control. Its properties are perfection, eternity, all-pervading, purity. But because of identification with the body and the work of the intellect, these sensations are lost.

“Since His Majesty the Absolute Mind always shines as the Supreme Being or” I “, therefore he knows everything and everyone. In essence, you are He. ”

Until we have discovered the worldview of nonduality or have not learned to be in a state of meditation beyond thoughts, concepts have power over us, mental constructions always fascinate us, and our mind falls under their influence. Therefore, even if we practice various tantric methods of transformation, worship, reciting mantras or doing yoga tantra practices, practicing mudras, pranayamas and concentrating on chakras, as long as thoughts have power over us, we continue to be in the cell of the individual “I” without ever leaving the cocoon of personal perception of Being.

The practice of self-liberation based on the mind allows us to devalue mental constructions and penetrate into what is beyond the mind.

How to support someone with depression

I would like you to have the right work of consciousness. Monasticism is a departure from worldly life, renunciation. Although we follow not only the path of Raja Yoga, but also the highest path – Sahajayana, Advaita-Laya Yoga, but when you practice Raja Yoga, concentration, care, you must have a total consciousness that is directed towards achievement. We practice the highest path: Sahaja Meditation, Natural State, Self-Liberation, Leela, Illusory Body. This is the ultimate practice. Perhaps they will give effect after 6-8 years of sadhana – they are so great. This is the practice of one life. Having a higher understanding of the Nature of Mind and self-liberation, practicing the experiments of samadhi, it is now necessary to lower the bar a little. Understanding our current level, our current karma, we need to understand how we can achieve liberation by practicing simpler practices.

Very often, in the books of the Enlightened Masters, certain spiritual stages and states are described that a person who has entered the path of Liberation must attain.

On the pages of this book, the seeker of spiritual liberation will find a description of the processes that lead to the achievement of spiritual goals, as well as practical advice on achieving higher and intermediate stages and states along the way.

Master Swami Vishnudevananda Giri tells in detail, illustrating with vivid examples, the path of the spiritual ascetic, conveys his spiritual experience, as well as the experience of the Teacher, who can help both the beginner and the advanced student.

The Infinite is the Great Source of all. Everything existing in the Universe is the radiation of the Infinite. Everything in this universe is filled with the Infinite and consists of it. The Infinite, like the unthinkable Infinite Light, is Omnipresent and All-Pervading. Everything in the universe is filled with its radiation – from dust particles to stars.

The “Mystery of pure sound” is a special kind of collective practice of contemplation and “pure vision”, when we unite with sounds, images of deities and saints and immerse ourselves in the mystic of space (mandala).

Contemplation, combined with “pure vision” and divine pride, originated from this practice, is the fundamental principle of self-recognition of oneself as an awakened deity, indivisible in unity with the Supreme Source.

The book explains the principles and procedures for the implementation of the collective practice of contemplation “Bhajan Mandala.”

"Retreat I began on the advice of the Master. By the time I started the retreat, I had a rather “solid” experience of meditation practice (about eight years). I did a lot of Hatha-, Kundalini Yoga under the guidance of several Teachers, Raja Yoga, techniques of isolating the subtle body and yoga of dreams. However, all these small successes could not remove the thin veil of duality in my mind and could not even compare with those first stunning experiences experienced in childhood with which I identified myself. I wanted to deepen them and clarify them with spiritual practice. The retreat lasted two years and nine months. I kept silent all the time of the retreat and lived on a rather strict schedule, which included: yoga techniques (about six hours a day, morning and evening: asana complex, sahita-kumbhak, three mudras (with emphasis on mahabandha); three sessions on two hours of several types of sitting meditation of the Void (“Makhashanti”, “Atma-vichara”, “Broken pitcher” or “Infinite space”); practice of contemplative walking at least once a day; dream yoga; special visualization for sending prana to the central channel ( Kriya Yoga)."

This text is an invaluable collection of oral instructions of the great saints, Siddhas – beings who have reached the heights of spiritual realization. He gives spiritual awakening only to those who listen to him, because he is an expression of a lively transmission, an awakened mind — the Guha Mandala — a secret space of the mind, revealed from the dimension of “pure vision” of gods and goddesses.

By tradition, such texts are transmitted either in silence, or in special words, or in dreams, by means of “fine speech” from teacher to student. In itself, the publication of such a text indicates the presence of favorable karmas in the minds of people for the practice of the highest liberating teachings of Anuttara Tantra.

People often do not think and do not even suspect the presence of other types of people, because far from all countries there is a corresponding cultural tradition. Meanwhile, the evolution of living beings – an eternal process, enduring and dynamic, – occurs only through spiritual development, and nothing else. Economic, scientific, social, technical, cultural progress are only external signs pointing to deeper processes in the subtle bodies and structures of human consciousness.

How to support someone with depression

On Earth at the same time there are creatures standing on different stages of evolution. An understanding of this, an understanding of the differences and interrelations of these levels, the relations between them and the patterns of transition from one quality of life to another, higher, is necessary for a person to realize his place on the ladder of evolution and high goals.

Sooner or later we come to understand the meaning of faith.

Spiritual practice without faith and contemplation without faith are like kindling fire under water — it is useless. Often our spiritual difficulties arise because of weak faith, lack of faith. When we feel a lack of faith, we should not put up with it, we should think and call it.

Faith is not something that is given right away, it is something that we can call upon, acquire and deepen.

Man is born to be free. Free in all directions. Free from the need to struggle for survival, from earthly agony, from the conditions of nature, from the limitations of the body, from national, cultural conventions and conditionality, connectedness by logic, concepts and dogmas, from the laws of the universe, from pain, fear, binding rules, arbitrariness, suffering, old age, death, disease, from the limitations of time, space, causation. This list is endless.

For practitioners, the way of contemplation in the Laya-Yogi tradition is the concept of “sankalpa” associated with the intention to realize the world in a certain way, to see the universe through the eyes of an enlightened deity or Absolute.

The art of sankalpa is not meditation, but the art of managing perception, seeing the world. Perfected to perfection, it allows the yogi to transcend the level of meditation and go beyond the limits of meditation and the meditator – to the natural state of contemplation. Therefore, natural contemplation is also called yoga of non-mediation in the sense that reality is perceived directly without effort and mental constructions.

The sublime experience of unity with the Source is the basis of any practice methods on the path of Laya Yoga. Divine pride (Bhava) is a special aspect of the natural state that expresses the attitude of the world, the sublime experience of oneself as a great deity endowed with infinite grandeur, power and glory.

Through the practice of culturing divine pride, cultivating constant aspiration, the yogi saturates his contemplative presence with a sense of grandeur, infinity, all-encompassing power, infinite love, compassion, incomprehensible perfection and

The book gives instructions on the practice of culturing divine pride, which is a precious treasure transmitted in the tradition of the mahasiddhas, and allowing you to attain full Awakening in one lifetime.

The five elements are the five fundamental energies that manifest themselves in being. According to the teachings of tantra, the matter of the universe consists of combinations of five elements. The five elements are both outside, forming the external Universe, and inside, forming a body. The teachings of Laya Yoga is to dissolve the five elements that make up the physical body, to the level of sound and light.

The book includes excerpts from the lectures of Vishnu Deva, his interview and play.

This sutra describes many of the higher practices of yoga, but not all of them. After reading this sacred text, try to apply it directly to yourself, to your life. If you, through long reflections and searches, have concluded that Liberation, Nirvana, Dharma. – this is something that should be fully surrendered and devote your whole life – your good karma has matured and you plunge into Truth with your head, transforming your old ideas completely and turning into an incomprehensible magical being beyond all concepts, beyond life and death, the yogi -siddha, the Liberated, the one who can live without dying, who can transform his body into light, disappearing from this world of phenomena.

Presented Line Teachings five yantras Laya Yoga Avadhuta is based on the tradition of oral transmission “upadesa” coming from Avadhuta Dattatreya, mahasiddhas, following the path of “Sahaja” siddha acaryas Yoga Anam, mahasiddhas Saraha, Matsyendranath and Gorakshanatha, and is in full compliance with the tantric Upanishads, tantras and verbal instructions of the siddhas (“doha”).

This treatise (“The Shining of the Precious Secrets of Laya Yoga”) is a commentary by a modern master on the root text of Laya Yoga, “Liberating the Nectar of Precious Instructions” (“Laya Amrita Upadesha Chintamani”), which introduces us to the wonderful world of the little-known refined tradition of the Mahasiddhas. .

The first volume describes the vision and methods of three of the five sections (yantras): Yoga of Contemplation, Yoga of Light, and Yoga of Sound. The text is a practical presentation of the mystical tradition thanks to the transfer in a continuous chain of continuity.

In the practice of tantra, and in particular in Laya Yoga, great importance is attached to the inner workings with channels, winds and energy substances (nadi, prana, bindu). Mastery in energy management is the key to uncover the deep layers of consciousness that are inaccessible by conventional sutra methods, exposing the luminous nature of the mind beyond duality.

The principles of working with internal energy are outlined in a special section of Laya Yoga – Shakti-Yantre (Universe of Energy), in which Kundalini Yoga, Shat-Chakra Yoga is an integral part of it, describing the highest levels of practice related to the management and control of the elements inside the body .

This text is a precious instruction of the category “upadesha” (records of oral instructions) transmitted from the Teacher to the student through a continuous chain of continuity. It describes the process of spiritual transformation on the path of Laya-yoga teaching, which is based on the implementation of three essential principles: receiving a “direct transmission” from the teacher to non-conceptual awareness (shravana), strengthening this experience through eliminating doubts and ambiguities (manana) and staying in state of contemplation until full awakening (nididhyasana).

Studying these teachings helps the spiritual seeker to realize the depth of the incomprehensibility of the teachings of Laya Yoga, and also to clarify the “map” of the path, the knowledge of which leads the zealous seeker to a state of genuine realization in an unmistakable and shortest way.

The collection is based on lectures by Swami Vishnudevananda Giri. Divya Loka. 2014

We sit in the correct position – padmasana, for those who find it difficult – the pose of rsi. Closing our eyes, we generate unlimited love in us. Love in non-dualism means that it is not conditioned by anything, extends to all living beings, to those whom we love and, on the contrary, to those we do not like, to the pure and the unclean, to the pleasant and unpleasant. We do not so much generate it, as if artificially fabricating something, we tune in or open up to it. When we, therefore, tune in to it, we try to detect its boundaries in front, behind, to the right and left, then we see that it has no boundaries, and it can extend to infinity. It’s such a feeling: “I would give everything for everyone, I’m ready to give everything myself for the smallest living thing.”

Reader Comments

Sonya /

1. Without your head on your shoulders, it is better not to do any work.

2. Whether the spiritual intuition of its own, the invisible (or, more rarely, the sent visible) spiritual guidance inevitably awakens. Usually, the existing spiritual menu rarely contains poisoned foods. Nevertheless, everyone is guided by his own taste, feeling inwardly that he is closer to his heart. And yet, with an unreasonable use, you can poison yourself with everything.

3. Errors and falls – our invaluable capital. You can only fall into your own, all your life you prepared pit. Many are enlightened, masters (elders) are few. The best master is only the one who has moved all slower and longer, falling along the road into every ditch, stumbling over each root, literally plowing its spiritual path with its nose. Such can be a mentor, an assistant and a wise adviser. He experienced, on his own skin and karma, experienced all our problems and had all our sores.

So Pinocchio was not a trace so easy to succumb to temptation and instead of school, to sell his primer on spiritual instructions for a ticket to a cheap farce. If he had the gift of discerning of spirits, he would keep his long nose in the wind, if he knew what adventures he was seeking for his karma, he would not turn from the right path. And the whole tale of his life would fit into one exemplary page.

So you should not indulge in insurance before the spiritual arena, wandering and swimming. Our pilot, "inner guru", does not sleep; the beacon of the external invisible guide is always visible. And even when we lose sight of him, we are never left unattended.

How to support someone with depression

And how often then, with surprise and gratitude, we will find out what it means "like an angel with your command of you, keep you in all your ways. In your arms, you will take you out, and if you did not stumble your foot against the asp and basilisk, touch and cross the lion and the serpent."

Returning to my sheep-extracts. If someone seemed inedible – well, do not eat. And there is no need to worry about others: no one will indulge in that which is not tasty for him. Why bite something that you still do not eat? On the other hand, we all know how inconceivable, from our point of view, that other peoples and people feed on themselves for the sake of filth.

Take here at least the same Christianity: for some it is for the benefit, and for others. you yourself know. And his reputation in other circles is by no means the most magnificent.

If a piglet lives in someone, then he will find dirt everywhere. But the squeamish and spiritually sensitive – any dirt, with God’s help, will escape. In a large department store of literature on self-realization, everyone can find food to his taste, without burning down everything, in his opinion, nightmarish non-kosher.

So usually excessive caution is shown by those who just do not have enough boldness. Those who really do not care to be wary of caution and do not think.

Irina /

She immediately told her husband: “Just see how badly she washed the laundry! It left her dirty. “

The husband read the magazine and did not pay any attention to his wife’s words.

A few days later my wife again saw a neighbor in the window, who again hung out the washed laundry, and it was dirty again.

My wife indignantly clings to her husband: “Our neighbor again hangs out a dirty wash. She probably has a bad washing powder or she does not know how to wash at all. You will need to teach her how to wash well! ”

And so every time when the wife saw her neighbor in the window hanging linen, she was indignant and indignant at how dirty it was.

One fine morning, looking out the window, the wife exclaimed: “Oh! Finally, our neighbor learned how to wash! Her underwear is very clean! ”

What her husband said to her: “No, no, honey, I got up early this morning and just washed the window …

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