How to remove muscle pain after exercise

Massage after a busy day or sports, or outdoor activities … is a real pleasure. However, a massage is not only a pleasant sensation and lightness in the body, it is a truly beneficial effect on the human body. And this is a comprehensive benefit, because massage affects the skin, subcutaneous layer, nervous and respiratory systems, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, as well as the circulatory, lymphatic, system. Why you should not deny yourself a massage, read in this article.

Massage can be different – backs, legs, hands, face, head … There are many types, but one thing unites them:

A good massage for therapeutic purposes should be carried out only by a specialist who knows the points of the body thoroughly and skillfully influences them.

Thus, the possibility of harm is excluded.

Muscle benefits

Massage has a beneficial effect on the muscles. Due to blood flow, they oxygenated.

Muscle elasticity also increases – without excretion of lactic acid, thereby improving redox reactions.

Many people are familiar with this feeling, when using massage you can remove the pain in the muscles after physical exertion.

Massage also miraculously improves the performance of the muscles with fatigue, allowing them relax and recover.

Its benefits are indisputable and purely medical purposes: with the help of skillful exposure, you can remove muscular atrophy for some diseases or alleviate the existing ones.

Massage affects joints

A high-quality massage has a positive effect on the joints and improves blood supply, ligamentous apparatus, accelerating the resorption of pathological deposits.

How to remove muscle pain after exercise

The benefits of massage for the nervous system

As known, leatherfirst conductor human nervous system. It is connected by nerve endings with all systems of the body.

And in this regard, the effects of massage can not be overestimated. They can both relax and excite the nervous system.

Massage also has an effect on the peripheral nervous system, improving the conductivity of nerve endings, thereby enhancing the reflex connections between the cerebral cortex and muscles, the circulatory system, and internal organs.

How to remove muscle pain after exercise

Plus the massage makes the nerve regeneration process, if they are damaged, much faster.

Effect on the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

Massage expands the lumen of blood vessels and activates the work of the reserve capillaries. As a result, the blood supply to the surface not only improves the area being massaged, but also the adjacent organs.

How to remove muscle pain after exercise

The blood drains from the internal organs, thereby facilitating the work of the left atrium and the ventricle, and increases the pressure capacity of the heart muscle. Thus, stagnation in both circles of blood circulation is also eliminated.

Also, the effect of massage on the circulatory system is expressed in the increase in the number of leukocytes, hemoglobin and red blood cells, which is of great importance for patients with anemia.

Massage normalizes all functions and systems of the body. He is having tonic, calming effect on the body.

All these facts prove once again that massage is not just a pleasant feeling, it is impressive in its effectiveness. therapy method.

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