How to get yourself out of depression

More than anything, Nikolai Kurdyumov loves to talk about what he found and understood, and to show what he saw.

He is the author of already 7 books, but does not stop at this and plans to write further. In addition to writing, he is also interested in photography, takes mostly gardens, travel and nature.

The world annually gives to insects, mushrooms and weeds more than a third of the crops.

Plant protection is something that mankind cannot do yet. Despite the striking advances in biochemistry and enormous advances in technology, this figure has not changed for a hundred years. And while we keep the usual methods of farming, the victory in this struggle is a myth. What do we do? In this book – my first attempt to find answers to this question.

The book “The world instead of protection” on how to live on earth almost without chemicals and fertilizers. Simply, we have not yet realized and have not mastered the methods with which she has so successfully and successfully improved herself. I think this is extreme.

How to get yourself out of depression

Here everything is affected: the basics of fertility, the stability of agrocenoses, defensive agronomy and landscape. We can improve nature! Now many agronomists-naturalists say: man cannot improve nature. They write: any deviation from nature is obviously losing. But the main thing – examples of successful practice of natural farming are shown.

There is not a single person who would not like this book, because it helps a lot to understand personal relationships. Those who have read this book once, re-read it several more times and each time find something new.

How we ourselves create the spoiled, stubborn and helplessness of our children.

Children are the same people as we are. You find it funny? Then divide in half a piece of paper. On the left, write down what you cannot afford in relation to familiar people – in a normal situation. Command. Even just make it difficult to request! To be rude, to insult. Beat? Prohibit anything. Dispose of their things. Require submission. Nervous, if they do as they see fit. Indicate publicly their shortcomings. Do not keep promises. To decide for them: with whom to be friends, who to be, what to do. Reproach the lack of conscience. Reproach the dislike. Prohibit work and earn. Deny answer for yourself.

Then you guessed it. On the right is that we can allow ourselves towards our children. You can simply rewrite all of the above – I think it will be fair. If at least half doesn’t fit – your children are lucky! It is clear: people should not be treated this way – we are constantly saying this to children!

In theory, we still need to be trained in human-aided work at a very high quality, because this profession will not be enough for anyone, and God forbid! However, practically no one anywhere teaches this business, the art of creating a person. Without claiming more, I gathered here all the effective recipes that are known to me today. Of course, I do not know everything!

How to get yourself out of depression

However, I am writing here only about those methods of action (technologies), about which I know for sure that they are effective. I just put it together. I experienced a lot myself. Perhaps the only result of reading this essay will be your thought that having a child is really a worthy occupation, and you shouldn’t do it at random, but you should at least ask how it is better to do it. Well, it will be a good result.

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