How to get rid of visceral fat

Many owners of a big belly dream of getting rid of it, but do not know how. It prevents them from living, creates discomfort in various life situations, spoils the aesthetics of a person’s appearance.

But besides the obvious problems, there are also hidden ones. Namely, the fact that a large abdomen is a sign of visceral obesity, that is, obesity of internal organs. And at the same time, the function of these internal organs can suffer greatly. Because of this, such terrible diseases as diabetes mellitus type 2, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, gout, urolithiasis, gallstone disease and so on can occur. Therefore, visceral obesity must be tough to fight.

What makes the belly grow in size

The size of the abdomen depends on the size of the internal organs, the volume of visceral and subcutaneous fat and the tone of the muscles of the abdominal wall.

The size of the internal organs may increase when taking large portions of food. At the same time, the stomach and intestines are over-stretched, in which a lot of digestible food can remain. In some people, the stomach can hold 0.5 liters, while others have all 3-4 liters. Increased volume of fried and fatty foods requires an increased amount of digestive enzymes and bile. This increases the gallbladder, it can occur stagnation of bile and the formation of stones. Other organs may increase due to fatty degeneration (for example, liver steatosis).

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity and under the skin is also associated with a poor diet. This fat accumulates around the intestines, in the glands, around the kidneys, heart and other organs. It squeezes these organs, violating the microcirculation of blood in them, which leads to the loss of their functions. Excess fat in the blood damages the vascular wall from the inside, which leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and an even greater violation of both microcirculation and macrocirculation of blood.

Atonic abdominal muscles can not hold an increased volume of the abdominal cavity, because of what they begin to bulge out. Muscles also perform a massage function. With their reduction improves intestinal motility, removes excess bile from the gall bladder, improves microcirculation of internal organs. With an enlarged abdomen, such a massage is very difficult to perform.

How to cope with an enlarged belly

In order to reduce the volume of the abdomen, we need an integrated approach. Here every detail and every detail will be important. It is very difficult to cope with this problem, for example, diet alone. Need to change the way of life.

First you need to get rid of bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco interfere in the undertaking of any business, they take on too much money and time, knock out rut. Therefore, first you need to try to figure it out.

Then you need to normalize your daily routine. Sleep need to go to bed

Diet must be balanced. Preference should be given to the milk-vegetable diet with a large amount of fiber, as it “cleans” the intestines, while being a ballast material. You need to eat food 6 times a day in small portions, so that the size of the stomach and intestines begin to decrease in volume.

How to get rid of visceral fat

A proper level of physical activity is required in order for calorie expenditure to exceed the intake. Be sure to do exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall (abs). As a result, they will come to the desired tone and provide massage for internal organs.

But the most important thing, without which one cannot do in this matter, is without an adequate level of motivation and desire.

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