How to do kegel exercises

How to increase the thickness of the penis at home? This is a question that concerns men – owners of not very fat members and women for whom these members are intended.

At heart, every man dreams of impressive dignity, despite the prevailing opinion that “the main thing is not size, but the ability to use.”

Although it is more like a consolation for owners of small penis size. Therefore, we discuss how to make a member of the fat at home.

Is it possible to thicken?

There is an opinion, if there was an effective and safe method, which allows to increase the penis in the volume at home, all men would boast of “strong bumps”. However, to promote the growth of the penis and to achieve certain results is quite possible, you just need to use proven methods.

How to do kegel exercises

In addition to blood flow and nutrients – the “bricks” that build our body need a catalyst.

This is a “trigger”, which gives a signal to the growth of a tissue of the body.

Such a catalyst in the male body is sexual hormone testosterone, responsible, including the growth of the secondary sexual characteristics of men.

How effective are the methods?

The following methods and recommendations will allow to approach the natural genetic limit of the thickness of the penis and its size as a whole. They are safe, in contrast to the recommendations of all kinds of “gurus” who give harmful advice.

For example, sew metal balls under the skin, and at the same time get suppuration and infection, and sellers of various useless and even dangerous goods, stretching the body of the penis, which sometimes results in rupture of capillaries and ligaments.

Nikita K .: "I am often asked this question, because many people use jelkling (exercises for penis enlargement) and wait not only for the penis to thicken, but also for quick results. Friends, they will not be! We need to do this for a year or two, so that new centimeters appear not only in length, but in volume! But you can speed up the process and add an extra couple of centimeters in the width of your penis, if you use cream with exercises. "

5 ways to make dick fat

So, two key factors, how to make a member thicker at home is good blood circulation and increased production of testosterone by the body.

What do you need to do for this?

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle and observe the daily regimen. To give up bad habits, to walk in the fresh air, to sleep at least 8 hours a day – this will be the basis for the health of the whole body.

It is important to eat foods and supplements containing zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, as well as fish oil.

These nutrients contribute to the development of the main male hormone – testosterone.

  • Maintain regular sex life and masturbate. Scientists around the world have proven that abstinence is far from useful and fraught with dangerous diseases. For example, prostatitis. In normal sexual life, the glands do not stagnate and produce the required amount of hormones.
  • Do sport. It is better to run or carry weights in the gym. Running not only trains the heart muscle, nourishes the tissues with oxygen, but also normalizes blood circulation, promotes vascular tone, and short-term work with heavy weights is a powerful stimulus for testosterone production.
  • Massage the penis. Massage in general has a number of beneficial effects. This and improvement of local metabolism, and improvement of smoothness, elasticity of the skin, cleansing the skin from the horny scales of the epidermis. Improves lymph and blood circulation, eliminates the effect of venous stasis.
  • If these natural methods, how to increase the thickness of the penis in the home, are not enough, there are two more “mechanical” ones: an increase in the penis with an extender and with a vacuum pump.

      Medical Extender.

    This is a special device that, under the influence of a mass of 300-1000 grams, stretches the penis.

    In response to external force, the body starts a reaction to the formation of new cells. Since the cells have a strictly defined volume, not only the length but also the thickness of the penis increases.

    The course of such treatment may take several months.


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    2. You can use different exercises to increase the penis.
    3. And, of course, the surgical path is the most dangerous.

    Large sizes to you friends!

    Vacuum pump increases blood flow, thereby increasing the thickness of the penis. But, the effect is temporary. When blood circulation returns to normal, the penis returns to its former size.

    Now you know how to increase the thickness of the penis at home. The thicker it is, the stronger the erection, the more intense the orgasm. The proper size of the penis, of course, guarantees the best stimulation of the vagina.

    Unfortunately, most men simply do not take into account that the penis is not a separate organ, it is part of our body. And if you are experiencing chronic stress, do not get enough sleep, often consume unhealthy foods and alcohol, any thickening of the penis at home unlikely to give results.

    Although you can use a non-standard method – use tips to increase the term, both in volume and in length.

    Thickening of the male member!

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    How to do kegel exercises

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