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The rapidly growing popularity of the new sports movement called Zumba is fully justified. Dance aerobics, which has conquered almost the whole world – these are fiery workouts that help you lose weight quickly and stay on top of that. Zumba-fitness, the video of which is presented below, is effective as a program for losing weight or maintaining an external appearance. That is why this type of fitness has so many fans. And for those who are tired of monotonous workouts, heavy projectiles and simulators, we present a successful selection with video lessons on zumba: from warm-up and exercises for beginners to exercises of a more complex level.

House Fat Burning Exercises

Occupations zumba (zumba), many are associated with something extravagant and original, which, in principle, is true. Zumba style training is an energetic dance fitness that improves your mood, helps you quickly get rid of excess weight and charges you with positive energy.

Main about direction

Among the many diverse fitness areas, it is Zumba that is considered to be the most diverse program, in which you never get bored. Dancing for weight loss is characterized by its versatility, because each workout is always something new, possibly connected with the “old.” By combining movements and learning them with a group, you can have fun and ease, and most importantly with benefit, spend an hour of classes.

And such a program appeared quite by chance, when the famous trainer Alberto Perez forgot the tape with the recordings selected for the training, and he had to hold a lesson with a different music. Fortunately, at that time, recordings with incendiary Latin American motifs, which pleased the group that came to the class that day, were at hand at the Colombian choreographer. So there was this fitness training program, which very quickly spread throughout the world.

Zumba music is not limited to melodies characteristic of the Latin American continent. Modern zumba workouts are performed under a mix of salsa, hip-hop, flamenco, mamba, merengue and other dance movements in combination with aerobics and even ballet elements.

All the zumba video lessons and workouts at the fitness centers are built according to the following scheme: warming up the zumba, repeating the movements studied in the previous lesson, learning new pas and, finally, performing the whole dance. Dancing is about 15 minutes, while Zumba training in a group or video takes about 1 hour. It is recommended to devote to dance fitness 2-3 days a week to get the desired result, if there are no contraindications to training. You should definitely know about them. Especially those who decided to try these exercises for the first time.

List of contraindications

So, contraindications for zumby are:

  • Heart disease and pathologies of the respiratory system, occurring in severe forms.
  • Complications of infectious or chronic diseases.
  • Pregnancy and early postpartum period.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • After injuries.

It is also not recommended to immediately master the zumba for intense weight loss for very obese people. The fact is that the main load during the lessons falls on the legs. And given the weight, for the body, each such zumba dance will be a lot of stress.

House Fat Burning Exercises

Tips for those wishing to master the direction

For beginners and those wishing to learn how to learn to dance zumba, you should first get acquainted with the main points of the class. This will allow you to quickly “join” the movement and get the maximum benefit.

House Fat Burning Exercises

Mastering the zumba dance aerobics at home or as a group in a fitness center, first of all, you should pay attention to the fact that:

  • the emphasis during the execution of movements is first done on the legs, then “connect” and hands;
  • during homework with video instructions, it is better to place a large mirror near the monitor (TV) in order to monitor the movements of the trainer at the same time and see their own performance;
  • Not many people can master the zumba’s basic movements in the first classes, so do not be discouraged if something does not work out, because at the next training session you will be able to repeat them faster and more qualitatively;
  • on group lessons it is not recommended to stand in the last rows, but rather to take a position closer to the instructor in order to catch his every movement;
  • practicing on the zumba system at home or in the fitness center regularly, you will feel like a “seasoned” user who confidently performs all movements. At the same time, after just a few weeks of practicing zumba, you will be able to notice significant positive changes in your figure — drawn press lines, slender legs, embossed hands, and pumped butt.

In order to learn the zumba lessons, a special dress code will not be needed. The only condition is that clothes for a zumba should be comfortable and bright, and sneakers – soft, springy. Other attributes other than those that provide the direction itself (step platform, dumbbells, etc.) are not required. Therefore, such training cause delight for many who want to lose weight with a zumba at home or in a fitness center.

A selection of instructions with different levels of difficulty

Zumba dance training is the optimal combination of aerobics and incendiary dances, as well as a sea of ​​positive. If you also want to try such dances to lose weight or keep fit, we offer a selection of zumba fitness video lessons of different difficulty levels.

In order to master such a sports field as zumba, you must first learn the basic steps that will help you to fully master the technique. And the first video tutorial will devote beginners to what basic “pa” in zumba can be. In this rhythm, following the video instructions, you can practice for half an hour. For the first time it may seem difficult, but by the next workout you will change your mind, not noticing how the hour class will fly.

This instruction on the video under the guidance of Shani will devote beginners to what may be the simple movements of the classic zumba. As many assume, the training on this video is very easy, but very few people will be able to master 30 minutes of such classes.

A more difficult lesson, which is a full-fledged lesson, is zumba charging. Dance training at the next video – incendiary 6-minute execution of movements, which will help prepare the body for subsequent loads. As a rule, warm-up and exercise are the essential components of any zumba-style workout. And, as the name implies, they help to carefully work out the muscles of the legs, arms, upper shoulder girdle, abdominals, so that you can workout with ease and without the risk of sprains and injuries.

Having learned the basic steps and movements of the zumba, having prepared the body for the load, you can try your hand at more intensive exercises. The next video is exactly that. This lesson is a 50-minute workout for athletes with an average level of training.

Below we offer a video with supercomplex zumba exercises for intensive weight loss.

And this small video demonstrates an independent zumba dance, which can be performed at least every day by those who wish to hone their skills in the zumba technique and at the same time get rid of extra pounds.

In conclusion, I would like to give the last advice to beginners: do not try to master full trainings at once, until you learn a few basic (basic) steps and zumba exercises. The fact is that even despite the ease with which the coach performs the movements on the video, few people will be able to quickly repeat them. Therefore, in order not to get upset prematurely, you should definitely come to the zumba lessons with responsibility and first learn the basics of direction.

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