Healing stones for depression

All signs of the zodiac have their own talisman stones. They help those who carry them or keep them to themselves, to maintain health, to achieve success in their personal life, in their career growth, in their work.

Healing stones for depression

Also, natural stones serve as amulets, protecting and protecting their “master” from evil forces, unkind people and various misfortunes.

Important! Only natural stones have real power, but artificial stones serve only as decorations, and nothing more.

This zodiac sign is extremely important to carry with you stones that are called amethysts. This is one of a kind of quartz. The name of the stone can be translated as “not drunk.” It is believed that amethyst stones protect their owners from intoxication and poisoning. They are also suitable for Aries who wish to realize the true nature of their desires, to strengthen their immunity.

It is known that jewelry with amethysts is a talisman against the evil eye and other negative influences from the outside. According to connoisseurs, this beautiful purple stone tends to absorb emotional pain, sadness, relieve depression. And there is also an opinion that the sign of the zodiac Aries can be awakened in oneself the gift of a psychic – one only has to constantly carry amethysts with oneself.

These stones also help to make love and family relationships deeper and more harmonious, especially if the talismans with amethysts have a rich color, as close as possible to red, as well as the correct shape.

Heliotropic stones are opaque chalcedony. Considering the effect of gem stones on the signs of the zodiac, it should be noted that these natural minerals give people physical strength, endurance, confidence in victory, endow their owners with wealth and luck.

Heliotropes are stones that cure people of vascular diseases, cholecystitis, and help in making the right decision.

Natural stones, correctly selected by the signs of the zodiac, have a remarkable effect. For example, stones called “jade” are extremely suitable for Taurus zodiac signs – they reflect the attacks of evil spirits. Especially strongly felt their help during gambling or cash bets.

It is believed that these bluish-white or apple-green stones help the body of Taurus to fight the deposition of salt. Some even claim that jadeite is able to expel stones from the owner’s kidneys.

If Taurus constantly carries with him wards of jade, then he is provided with a long and happy life, strong reciprocal love.

Also, signs of the Zodiac Taurus is useful to carry with them talismans of agate. These stones have a different effect on their owner, depending on what color the mineral is.

For example, black stones help Taurus to win victories, and blue ones affect family relationships, making them more harmonious. Blood-red stones will inspire their wearer to do something. Pale pink agates promote reconciliation between people, and moss-colored stones give longevity, happiness, and well-being.

Beryl is extremely suitable for this zodiac sign. These stones reveal the intellectual capabilities of their owner, contribute to the advancement of the career ladder, have healing properties in a fairly wide range.

Various pains, neurosises, colds, gynecological and heart diseases will recede into the background if a person carries a natural agate stones, who is a twin on the sign of the zodiac.

The strongest stones in the zodiac are grenades. Connoisseurs claim that talisman jewelery, in which these stones are red or green, can get an opportunity to rule over people. It can increase the physical abilities of its owner, increase the potential of moral strength, protect it from negative influences from outside. But few people know that these stones can deprive their owner of peace and throw him into the abyss of passions. Therefore, it is best to wear pomegranate stones to balanced people – inconsistency can increase many times, having played an insidious joke with Gemini.

And what stones are suitable for people born under the sign of Cancer? Firstly, these are emeralds that have shades of green, and also from straw yellow to blackish green.

It is believed that emerald stones bear the Cancer love, luck, prosperity, wealth, protect them from trouble and reflect the negative actions of evil enemies.

Stones of this type strengthens bones and heals joints, helps to maintain a clear mind and a bright memory in old age, develops intelligence and logical thinking. In some cases, these stones contribute to the awakening of the gift of clairvoyance.

But the main positive effect of calcite on Cancers is that talismans with this mineral help their owners to become the master of their own destiny.

What stones are talismans suitable for people who are Lions by the signs of the zodiac? Of course, rubies are the brightest stones, personifying power, passionate love, great desire. No wonder jewelry with rubies are called “love charms” – these stones can wake up even long-cold feelings.

These beautiful gems help their zodiac sign to move up the career ladder, to reach unimaginable heights. But these strongest stones can erase all obstacles in the owner’s mind and make him go beyond the limits of the rational – this should be feared.

If a woman-Leo does not know which talismans will help her to take a leading role in the family, the answer will be: “Mineral serpentine”. The sign of the zodiac Leo this Ural gem gives wisdom, sanity, health and prosperity.

Stones talismans that stimulate intelligence and have a beneficial effect on the aura – various varieties of jasper. These gems maintain physical and spiritual health in a person, eliminate negative influence from outside, and contribute to the preservation of beauty and strength.

Talismans made of jasper help their owners to succeed in life, to carry out their plans, to achieve their goals.

Kyanite is a stone-amulet suitable for people according to the signs of the Zodiac belonging to Virgo. It is believed that kyanite helps to unleash the creative potential of its owner, protects him from the evil eye and damage, supports health. People who have kyanite talismans with them have increased interpersonal skills, determination, self-confidence, which undoubtedly affects his career and well-being.

It is very important to know how the signs of the zodiac and the stones that make up the talismans are connected in order not to harm, but only to strengthen the positive aspects of their character. Here, for example, one of the most expensive and valuable stones a diamond can bring the greatest benefit to people born under the sign of the zodiac Libra.

A diamond is a special-cut diamond. This word is deciphered by the phrase: “durable, which can not be overcome, split.” And so, according to experts, a diamond is the strongest amulet on the battlefield, able to save a person’s life and help avoid injuries and wounds. But it is necessary to wear it on the left side.

This stone is very revered in the circles of magicians and “Vedas”. This is especially true of black opal, capable of increasing the magical powers of man. And the effect of opal is multiplied several times, if this mineral is set in gold.

Fire opal is more peaceful, it helps to establish mutual understanding between people, increases interpersonal skills. It also protects the owner from natural disasters.

Talismans from this mineral, according to Ayurveda doctors, can protect their wearer from various diseases, even from the plague. That’s just need to wear opal in the form of a ring or ring on the index finger of the right hand.

Cat’s eye

It should be remembered that the artificial “cat’s eye” has only an external resemblance to a natural stone, therefore it is absolutely useless as a talisman or amulet. But the real gem has tremendous power. He makes his owner extremely successful, allows him to easily achieve his goals, no matter how unrealizable they may seem.

However, this mineral has a much smaller influence on human physiology than on its spiritual essence. To increase the strength of the “cat’s eye”, you should wear it in the form of a bracelet on the right wrist.

The signs of the Zodiac Sagittarius to increase their well-being, this mineral is extremely necessary. Immediately after the new moon, a person born under the constellation Sagittarius must perform the following ceremony: they pinch the turquoise in their fist and mentally represent the necessary amount of money and the changes that will occur after they are received.

Then the person should look at the nascent moon, look at the turquoise – and the talisman begins its work! But before getting the “ordered” amount, you should not part with the stone – wear it either on the chest or in your pocket.

It is usually considered that love talismans should be made of stones that have a red color. But for people born under the sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius, amazing natural stone has the strongest magical properties. However, this stone operates gently, so you should not expect a return in the shortest possible time. And one more clarification: lapis lazuli will bring great and true love, spiritual, in the first place. To count with it only to get fleeting carnal pleasures is a waste of time.

Healing stones for depression

A variety of chalcedony – onyx – looks extremely attractive. In addition, this mineral is able to protect its owner from the vicissitudes of fate, to help avoid trouble and attract success and prosperity.

Onyx has great power: an unfeeling and despotic person can learn tenderness and get love, and a frivolous and unorganized person can become responsible and independent.

This mineral is very powerful, so it’s not in constant contact with it.

It is believed that sapphires help their owners to choose the right path, to make the right decisions. But all this is a component of success, improvement of well-being. Also, experts say, this mineral, saturated blue color teaches people mercy, kindness, patience, tolerance.

There is a legend that with the help of sapphires one can learn to read the thoughts of others, inspire oneself without words to others. But perhaps these are only legends.

Mineral enhances inner vision, clairvoyance. Aquarius, carrying with them amulets and talismans of obsidian, received from him inner strength, confidence, strength of spirit. It is believed that obsidian talismans show their owners the right paths to happiness, success and prosperity.

Those who wish to achieve their life goals need to more often hold chrysolite in their hands. He helps almost everyone, but he has a special power if he contacts a person born under the sign of Pisces. Chrysolite will help him achieve the desired in all spheres of life: career, creativity, love, glory.


This mineral has a greater impact on the body than on the human soul, so you should be extremely careful with it. A moonstone can be made softer and more gentle to a man, a woman – beloved and desired, old people begin to feel feelings that people of young and young age should feel. Such moments are definitely important for each person, but do not make them an end in themselves. Therefore, the “moonstone” should not be worn at all times.

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