Grill Press Recipes

In vain the sandwich maker would call this technique, I would call the grill press, because even thick pieces of bread can be pressed so that they turn into thin slices of hot sandwiches. But first things first.

Sandwich maker REDMOND RSM-M1404

has three removable plates

With such a wide range of services provided, the power of this baby is also small – 700 watts. And because a thin piece of meat can be fried indefinitely, but it is better not to start at all. For meat juice pours everything under the plate, gets on the PETN, and so on.

Baking waffles at REDMOND RSM-M1404 Toaster (3 in 1)

The same can be said about baking waffles in a redmond sandwich for recipes in the book. Infinitely long, and the appetite is already played out! In the attached recipe book there are recipes for Viennese waffles, I made them. Tasty, but long. One portion of 10 minutes is prepared.

Grill Press Recipes

Then I began to experiment with other recipes for waffles. The site has a recipe for chocolate muffins, so it took it as a basis.

How to cook the dough on chocolate waffles

Melted butter in the amount of 100 g is placed in a deep container, add 75 g of sugar and 4 tablespoons of cocoa.

Then pour 1/4 cup of milk, beat 2 eggs.

Pour 1 cup of flour with a teaspoon of baking powder.

The dough is obtained in such a way that stretches from the spoon.

How to bake chocolate waffles in a Redmond 3 to 1 sandwich maker

In Redmond sandwich maker, insert waffle plates, lightly oil them, I do it with a silicone brush.

Turn on the sandwich maker in the network, the red signal lights up. Wait for the green signal, open the lid and pour 1.5-2 spoons of table dough, aiming at the middle:

Close the lid and snap the lock.

Chocolate waffles are baked for about five minutes, but here we have to regulate the process itself, there will be no timer signal, it is not provided. It looks like a fully baked waffle:

Waffles are removed with a bang, do not stick at all. And quite tasty are obtained:

I also liked to cook diet waffles in an electric waffle machine, there is a separate article on the site with step-by-step photo-recipes of oatmeal wafers

Sandwiches at REDMOND Sandwich Maker

RSM-M1404 (3 in 1)

The best feature of this kitchen appliance is making sandwiches. Moreover, it is more convenient for me to cook them on plates for the grill, rather than on sandwich ones, so that the pieces of bread do not millimeter. I also like to cook sausages on these plates, they are striped and nuggets.

I like the fastener very much. Here, it would seem, put such thick pieces of bread, does not fit well! But podnazhala-poddovila, closed the lock and get ready, miracle sandwich, calmly.

As for the recipes for sandwiches, they are, in principle, and no, taxis rule. The principle of making sandwiches in Redmond is very simple: two slices of bread, between them a filling such as sausage or cheese or all together.

Grill Press Recipes

Oil the working plates of the sandwich maker, put bread slices, close the lid, snap the lock and wait 10 minutes.

I like these sandwiches more than in a toaster, because they are more rosy due to the oiling of the plates.

Put the grilled sausages on the grill plates, close the lid, snap the lock and fry them for about 5 minutes or more.

It is better to defrost nuggets in the microwave, lubricate the working plates with oil, put the nuggets, close the lid, lock the lock and fry for 5 minutes or more.

It is inconvenient that it is not the sandwich maker itself that signals the end of cooking, but you yourself have to track time.

In this regard, the grilled Redmond cover is steeper, of course, you can also make sandwiches in it.

Grill Press Recipes

And the meat is better to cook in the lid-grilled Redmond.

As a result, the Redmond sandwich maker is only needed for making sandwiches, in fact.

Redmond sandwich maker is the easiest. After each use, wash the plates by cleaning them with oil. It is possible and in the dishwasher, but the coating is not very strong. It’s not even the fact that the dishwasher can damage it, how much a sharp drop to the floor from a height or a knife to pry it off. Take care of the plate!

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