Fitball Yoga

Do you want your child to develop harmoniously? In a timely manner (in accordance with his age) received all the necessary skills and abilities? So that in him from early childhood a foundation was laid that would allow him to become a successful person in the future? To reveal hidden talents in a child and develop them? Then to you to us! Welcome to the Children’s Growing Club “I grow up”!


  • Cozy atmosphere.
  • Bright and thoughtful interior.
  • Comfortable expectation of parents during the occupation of the child.
  • A large number of educational benefits and toys that are constantly replenished.
  • Polite and competent employees and specialists in work with children, who are able to find an approach and reveal the inherent natural abilities of each child. Interested, involved in the gameplay and show on simple and accessible examples of information of any complexity.
  • We use the most successful and proven programs of early and pre-school development, which are optimally selected for each age.
  • All materials and work benefits needed in class, master classes and creative workshops are provided!
  • You do not need to worry about anything in advance and purchase something extra.
  • For the full development of your child, you can choose several different areas of study on the same subscription (for example, to combine the Music Kaleidoscope and Preschool Children or Drawing and Pochemu and

MINI-GARDEN (groups are formed by age 3 – 6 years)

Fitball Yoga

MOM AND BABY (groups are formed by age 1 – 2 and 2 – 3 years) Comprehensive developmental activities, consist of blocks from 3 to 10 minutes and are conducted on the principle of changing activities. The kid, together with his mother (father, grandmother, nanny) to get acquainted with the world around him, develops fine motor skills of hands, is engaged in creative work, hearing and coordination of movement is trained on musical and rhythmic pauses. The inner potential of each child develops! . Further

HONEYS (groups are formed by the age of 3–4, 4–5 and 5–6 years) Comprehensive developmental classes in which the child trains memory, attention, thinking, logic, acquires writing and reading skills. Creativity develops (draw, sculpt, design). Intellectual blocks alternate with motor exercises and. Further

KIDS (groups are formed by the age of 5 – 6 and 6 – 7 years) Lessons are focused on the acquisition by children of specific skills, without which it will not be easy to go to school in the future. All classes are held in a fun and entertaining way, in which the child acquires the skills of writing, reading, counting easily and imperceptibly for himself. Classes are held 2 times a week, one lesson by letter and. Further

MUSICAL KALEIDOSCOPE (groups are formed by the age of 3–5 and 5–7 years) Musical and creative abilities of children are developed in the classroom by means of music, rhythmoplasty, hearing and articulation are improved. Blocks of elementary music playing and instrument playing alternate with dance and plastic elements. . Further

DEVELOPMENT OF SPEECH (groups are formed by the age of 4 – 6 and 6 – 7 years)

PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS (individual lessons) Individual counseling for children, adolescents and parents. . Further

Fitball Yoga

DRAWING (groups are formed by the age of 3 – 5 and 5 – 7 years) In the drawing class, the child can freely express herself with a brush and paints. He develops the right (creative) hemisphere of the brain and fine motor skills. It is very important in the preschool years not to drive the child into the rigid framework “only and not otherwise” – this is ruining the creative spark. It is in childhood that you can inculcate the love of beauty, and drawing lessons develop and strengthen the natural gift of every child. . Further

LIVE SAND (groups are formed by the age of 3 – 5 and 5 – 7 years) Kinetic sand (another name for it is “Living sand”) is a unique material, it is dense and porous at the same time, it conserves well, holds any shape and also easily disintegrates. and spreads. In his hands, he feels like wet sea sand, but remains dry and does not stick to his hands. . Further

ACQUAINTANCE WITH ENGLISH LANGUAGE (groups are formed by the ages of 4–5 and 5–7 years). English classes are a complex of developmental elements with the gradual familiarity of children with the English alphabet and elementary words. They include not only the study of new words and letters, but also music lessons, games in English, which provide invaluable assistance in securing the material, as they are a means of more durable mastering and expanding vocabulary. . Further

SPECIAL CHILDREN (individual lessons) Individual lessons for children with special needs. . Further

Fitball Yoga

CHESS (groups are formed by the age of 5 – 6 and 6 – 7 years)

ADAPTATION TO SCHOOL (groups are formed by the age of 7 – 8 and 8 – 9 years)

THEATER EXPERIENCE (groups are formed by the age of 4-6 and 6-7 years)

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