Exercises to tighten the chest

About Tibetan gymnastics you can tell a lot of interesting things. This is a miraculous set of exercises that Peter Kelder described in his book The Eye of the Renaissance, which was edited in 1938. After that, this gymnastics received great popularity. Later, many different translations of this method appeared. For example, “Five Tibetan Pearls.” Exercises of this gymnastics received such a name due to the fact that their number is 5 ritual positions – “The Eye of Revival”. They are recommended for anyone who wants to rejuvenate and strengthen the body, as well as to stabilize composure and peace of mind. As mentioned above, the names of this complex are many. You will understand this by reading this text.

In general, Tibetan gymnastics for longevity also includes exercise six. However, it is performed only when the practitioner leads a certain and limited lifestyle. As a result, only 5 Tibetan exercises, which affect the state of the physiological and energy structure, have gained widespread popularity. Further on this in more detail.

5 Tibetan exercises “Eye of the rebirth”

Performing this morning charge does not require much time. To do 5 Tibetan exercises, it will take about 20 minutes. This is not much for the daily complex. Given that 5 exercises of Tibetan monks will help you achieve incomparable ease and stability in the state of the body. They will also make it possible to always be in shape.

Indeed, the ideal and fairly simple complex is Tibetan gymnastics. These exercises should be carried out immediately, in stages, moving from one to another. Consider each in more detail.

First exercise

You must stand up straight and begin to rotate around its own axis in a clockwise direction. This is done before the appearance of light vertigo. 3-5 turns will be quite enough for beginners. This exercise, as well as the whole complex, involves the implementation of a slow increase in load.

In this case, you should not allow the appearance of symptoms of severe dizziness and nausea. It is necessary to train properly and diligently. And after about 10 days it will be easier for you to hold this gymnastics. As the state of the vestibular apparatus improves. The ideal option would be to achieve 21 turns.

Second exercise

At this stage of the gym, lay your back on a hard surface. Then you need to stretch your arms along the body, putting your palms on the floor. After that, you must raise your head, pressing your chin to your chest. In this case, the legs need to lift up, not lifting from the floor buttocks. If you have a good stretch, in this case, the legs can be pulled to the head. This is done until the knees begin to bend. After that, slowly lower the legs.

Then you need to relax and make another 3-5 similar climbs. Exercising daily should bring the exercise up to 21 times.

Third exercise

Tibetan gymnastics “Revival” is also useful for the spine. This is a reliable fact. Be sure to try this exercise. After that, you will feel all its benefits.

Exercises to tighten the chest

First you need to kneel, placing them on the width of the pelvis. After that, place your hands under the buttocks. Then you need to tilt your head back, straighten your chest and bend the spine forward. In this case it is necessary to rest his hands on the hips. Next, return to the starting position. Chin pressed to his chest. Initially, it should start with 3-5 approaches, and within two weeks to bring up to 21 times.

Fourth exercise

To implement it, you need to sit on a hard surface and stretch your legs so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. In this case, the back should remain straight. Closed palms need to be put on the sides of the floor.

In this position, you need to lower your head down and press your chin to your chest. Then you should lift up and forward the torso, taking a horizontal position. In this state, you need to linger for a few minutes, and then slowly return to the starting position with your chin pressed to your chest. This action, as well as all of the 5 exercises of Tibetan monks, should be brought to 21 repetitions. This is considered the best option.

Fifth exercise

In this action, the starting position will be a specific position. It lies in the emphasis lying on a hard plane, with the need to bend your back. In this position it is necessary that the pads of the toes rest against the floor. The palms should be located on the surface and pointing forward. The arms and legs in this case are placed shoulder-width apart. After that, you should throw your head back and then take the angular position upwards with your body. The legs should be straightened. In two weeks it is necessary to bring this action up to 21 times.

Regularity – the key to a successful result

The specified complex “5 exercises of Tibetan monks” should be performed every day. This should be a kind of ritual for you. Initially, for some, doing the same classes may seem monotonous and boring. However, in reality, after the lapse of time, everything will turn out to be a rather simple process. It is only necessary to get used to perform the specified complex “Five Tibetan Pearls” in the morning of every day. These exercises will not take much time. All you need is about 20 minutes. After that, the Five Tibetans gymnastics will be easy and familiar. These exercises will be the same integral process as the procedure of washing and brushing your teeth.

The undoubted advantage of these actions is that they do not take much time. In this case, with their help, you can quickly wake up from your sleep, as well as recharge yourself with a positive mood and energy for the whole day. Although initially it may seem that the gymnastics “Five Tibetans” – physical exercises. However, in reality these are ritual actions that are able to endow the human body with the necessary vital energy. Therefore, you should carefully study these 5 Tibetan exercises and perform them in the indicated order.

Operating principle

In order to understand how these rituals affect longevity and human health, one should pay particular attention to the explanation given long ago, described by Peter Kelder in his book The Eye of the Renaissance. It lies in the fact that the human body has seven centers. They are also called eddies. In a healthy body, their rotation is carried out very quickly. But if their speed decreases and the movement of the vortex slows down, then the body is aging. As a result, the person becomes decrepit and painful. In short, when the rotation of all the vortices with a large and identical speed occurs, the organism remains healthy. This is the principle of the “Five Tibetan Exercises” complex. However, if one or several of them have a slowdown, then the person will immediately feel a breakdown. As a result, diseases will develop, and the aging of the body will accelerate.

Where are the magnetic centers (vortices)

According to Tibetan theory, their location is as follows:

  • two of them occupy a place in the brain. One is deep in the forehead. The second is in the back of the brain. These vortices are designated “A” and “B”;
  • the location of one is at the neck of the base. Namely, in the throat. This is a C whirlwind;
  • 1 is located on the right side of the body. That is, opposite the liver approximately in the waist area. This is a “D” whirlwind;
  • one is located in the genital area. This vortex under the designation “E”;
  • two – in the field of knees. That is, each one. They are denoted by “F” and “G”.

In general, the location of these vortices should be outside the body. However, when they slow down, they cannot even reach its surface. The exceptions are the two vortices that are in the area of ​​the knees. From this it should be taken into account that in order to return health, youth and vitality to a person, it is necessary to carry out the promotion of these whirlwinds. To do this, you will need these 5 Tibetan exercises. Each of them separately may also be useful. However, to achieve a tangible result, it is necessary to perform all five Tibetan exercises.

Exercises to tighten the chest

Ritual advices

There are no contraindications to the specified actions. However, there are certain points that require special attention. They will help to avoid various injuries and problems, as well as to achieve the greatest efficiency. They are as follows:

  1. The most important criterion is the implementation of a uniform increase in the number of repetitions of each of the 5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics. That is, the first week should be done in three repetitions. Then weekly it is necessary to add another 2. This is an important condition. By the beginning of the tenth week, you will reach 21 repetitions of each exercise. This will be the amount to stay. However, for the first exercise there is an exception. It lies in the fact that it can be done until there is a slight dizziness, but no more. In this case, an individual approach is required.
  2. It is necessary to practice these exercises of Tibetan lamas daily. You can skip a week only once, but not more than that. In this case, you will achieve a good result.
  3. The best option would be to perform these rituals in the early morning. It would be ideal if these Tibetan exercises were performed before dawn. For beginners in this business will be more than enough. Later you can add another evening complex.
  4. All these exercises are very strong. If suddenly it is impossible to do any of them, you still need to do all the rest. Under this condition, there will also be positive results, but they will turn out to be slightly slower. In addition, the first exercise in itself has a very strong effect. Even if you only perform it, you will still notice an improvement in well-being.
  5. Overweight people need to be careful when conducting the fifth exercise until their own weight reaches the norm.
  6. People who have undergone surgery (for example, removed appendicitis) or have a hernia, should exercise with caution 2, 3 and 5.
  7. It is advisable to carry out a hot or warm bath after this gym. Also, having completed the specified ritual actions, you can make a quick rubbing with the help of alternate use of wet and dry towels. This is done in the event that the use of a cold shower or wiping has previously been practiced. It is important to know. If a person is unprepared, then he should not do that. Since it may be a quick cooling from the inside, as a result of which the positive effect from these 5 Tibetan exercises will be lost.
  8. During the exercise of the specified gymnastics it is necessary to follow the breath. After these exercises, you should try to lie down a bit and relax well. It is necessary for recuperation. Also, do not forget about the regularity of this complex. Therefore, to achieve better performance, you must try not to allow absences of training. In this case, they should be carried out in the manner described above.
  9. Ideally, if the specified Tibetan gymnastics for longevity will be held in the morning on an empty stomach. That is, it should be done immediately after you have awakened from sleep. However, this is not fundamental. You can also conduct these exercises a day several times. In this case, the load should be varied, based on your own well-being. The main thing is that you should not over-exert yourself.

Exercises to tighten the chest

For whom and for what is the sixth ritual necessary?

As already stated above, all 5 exercises of Tibetan monks are aimed at restoring the vital forces of the body. Also with their help, the person will look much younger. This is a reliable fact. However, to achieve a more significant result, it is necessary to perform the sixth ritual. At the same time, I would immediately like to note that this action will be absolutely useless if positive results in carrying out these five exercises have not been achieved. We should not forget that this may take about a couple of years of regular implementation of these actions. Sometimes it takes 3-4 years. And, perhaps, the most important condition in order to proceed to the sixth ritual action is that it is necessary to completely eliminate or severely restrict sexual life. This is due to a certain fact. Namely, the fact that the direction of the last ritual is focused on transforming the sexual energy of a person into vital forces. You can perform this exercise at any time. However, it can only be carried out if there is an excess of sexual energy and a strong desire to take advantage of it. In this case, you should conduct this exercise.

To do this, you need to stand up straight, breathe out all the air from the lungs. Further it is necessary, not inhaling, to bend forward. Then you need to rest your knees with your palms. After that, breathe the air left in the lungs. Then, without inhaling, you need to return to the vertical position. After that, it is necessary to lift the shoulders and press on the hips with the hands. Then you need to pull the stomach to the limit. An expansion of your chest should occur. It is necessary to hold this position as long as possible. Then you should inhale with your nose. And after that you need to exhale through the mouth. At the same time, it is necessary to simultaneously relax and release the arms so that they hang down along the body. Then several times you need to quickly and deeply inhale and exhale. This cycle should be repeated 3 times. It is necessary for the direction of the emerging sexual energy.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the regular conduct of these 5 Tibetan exercises will allow even older people to achieve a stunning result in rejuvenation and health promotion. It should only correctly perform the above actions. At the same time, we should not forget that our own bad habits also have a strong influence on the state of health and appearance. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of them.

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