Exercises on the stomach


and for neviya pryr dyal – 28 exercises

Duma “paneurhythmy” e is bred from three roots: “pan”, “ev” or “eu” and “rhythm”. “Pan” means all, all, all; “Eu” or “eu” e tova, from one way and the other; it means hanging, real, simple, real in the world. A “rhythm” means the rule of law in movement or in all of the situation on the nexat. The mix on dumat "paneurhythmy" Nai-cesto se predava through izraza: "wiss cosmic rhythm".

What is Paneurhythmy? This is great world harmony in movement.

Ima cosmic rhythm, coito lie in based on the abdomen. Tova e onzi creatively rhythm, coit e ezdal vsichko, coito organizing vsichko, coito vsechko transfiguring and grady. Under the influence of cosmic movement and rhythm on the side of a hiladi, form around us. Te sa eternal action principles in space. The patches of the sakakto in motion on the sky of the body, such and in a vlnnamennoto movement on svetlinata, in the silovite line on the electromagnetic effect, in the movement on the atom and the electron, etc.

World-wide harmonious movement on the basis of Bitee Paneurhythmy. The movements on Paneurhythmyat take it from nature, from celia to the world and to harmony with cosmic rhythm.

Ako dvizheta, koito govchochok sa harmony with cosmic rhythm, chok sa cv zvzva eats zerite live Nature and gi reception. This is exactly the comprehension of the comprehension through panevrythmic exercises. The movements on Paneurhythmya are not arbitrary, but take from the rhythm, which lies in the base of the cosmic belly. Kogato chovek gov’t tezi exercises, the one of the Harmonized with the Beat kyalo and zatoka getting really valuable from him.

Rhythm exercises work beneficially, and togava vlizame will enter the cosmic belly. Kolktodo is one of the musicians and the movement’s movement binds himself to the character of cosmic rhythm, the interpretation of which is no svrzvat from the cosmic abdomen and imap is a powerful action.

Prirodate obicha with nai-malki efforts yes dobie golem comprehension. In Paneurhythmyat sa vprnnati force on the mind, syrceto and volutes let them work in harmony. Through Paneurhythmy, again show the horat how it can be taken by nature. Niem rule these exercises Sutrin, a little togawa ima nai-favorable conditions. Those trybva and se rule from 22 March to 22 septemri.

Paneurhythmy subdivision find the movement, do not complicate, but aim the movement, from which you comprehend the search result.

Movement sa small talk. Tozi talk tryaba yes and study.

Harmonious movement on the Paneurhythmyat sa method for self-absorption at a reasonable level. Paneurhythmyat e is the science, method, co-regulation of physical, spiritual and spiritual functions on the choke. This is a tribute to choleshkite misley, feelings and actions.

Actually, on the panevrythmichnite movement e threefold:

1. Those in Akumulatori, through coitosity, together with creative and creative forces on Prirodata, take gi and they will act for their lack of development. Tezili force sa life-giving.

2. In the Panevritmiyat sa movement in harmony with cosmic rhythm, the coité becomes aware of the activity of the whole-abdomen, those activators who sleep on the platform of the soul, awaken the hype action.

Exercises on the stomach

3. Panevrythmite movements of self from such a character, through what can be done, force, mix, ideas into the world, and they will work and work there and realize.

Movement with Panevritmiyat sa extract from Samat Nature. Because of such a character, the cholek at the headquarters is capable and scooped abundantly from the inexhaustible reserve of the force in Prirodata and from the comrade and brought the life of the stream into organization and system, and the new forces in your message, feelings and postpoints .

Through non-gymnastic exercises, it is stored in the body from the earth by magnetism. Chovek periodically tryaba and se svzva zv zemne and sylvitovite force. In the course of everyday life, the boy has been moistened in the mountains, the choir has been forced to shake off, and when he has been moistened, he is forced to sit down. Togawa chovek receiving receive energy from the land, and nepopodnite, discharmonichnite energy betray on earth.

Kogato rule these exercises, and you will feel more comfortable with energy and contentment. All the shortcomings in the energy of the government are dissatisfied.

For this and that, they will comprehend the two processors – the wrestlers and the davans – koito se izvrshvat in a panevrhythmic movement, with tyrya trybva and participation, it is necessary. The commodity condition for the purpose is limp between the chokeka and the surrounding Nature. The character characterization on energit, koito of izvrashta and reception, depending on the condition of the clock, is dependent on the idea, which is occupied by the man with movement.

For this reason, do not exercise the exercises of mechanics of gymnastics, but only as an action, in which they participate in every way: physical, spiritual, intellectual, and divine. Vesichki tezili force at Paneurhythmyat sa in the buddnost, creativity, activity and consensus on acceptance. It is forgiven, with these exercises, tryaba and se misli. Any movement without a misman nyama smes. When you need it, you need a single concentrate. When the movement of silat on choveka cedi in concentrated.

Every idea, every kind of spiritual quality of the response to the known movement. Ima move on goodness. Ima move on milosyrdeto. Ima movement on justice. Lyubovta Si Ima his lines on the movement. Nyam is virtue, koyato and nama line on movement. Chovek tryabva yes teach. That tryabby and rule opednedzh, two times, 10 ways, one hundred ways, and so on. The intentions of koi lines on movement will dissuade virtue from daden. On the basin, the base e is also rewarded with Paneurhythmyat.

Actually, on the movement of these movements, it strengthened even more, but this time it came to rest with the music. Particularly strong effect on Paneurhythmyat, after all, in her neyu imam music mission! Musicalnata mislle penetrated dlboko.

Paneurhythmy is undergoing harmony between the dicathetic system, the spiritual system and the storage system of the millennium, and between the mind, the stifled and the Spirit.

Kogato chovek pohne yes yes, right, that same ima and hubavi movement. All the ways are catho se move, ima is specific beauty in not movement, koito depend on a non-character.

In the Nature of Ima, the correspondence between all faces is unwound. And this is the foundation of unity, and lie wholly in the basement on the tsyaloto, the Beating. In Paneurhythmy Ima, the match between tone, shape, movement, color, number and idea.

This is not the case for the Musikat when Paneurhythmyat is arbitrary, but strictly conforming to the movement from one country and from one another the country to the idea is embedded in tyah. And the claw of the imam of the covenant itself, the thesis of the movement imat is powerful, magical action; Togawa dvizheniya pose veche carriers on these ideas. Precisely, thanksgiving for the comrade between movement and ideas, these theses are put into the idea! Those penetrate samia iplnitel. Get rid of the organ, put it in, update your belly!

With the right to panevritmic movements of the rag and the imam, the ideas are known, but do not arbitrarily, but as such, koito strictly correspond to the movement. When moving, it was a tryaba and it was concentrated in the arches and the arches of the definition of the idea. Togawa dvizheniya, koito rule set kato on tov, koeto mislim. According to the beginning of the mission, ide ce will simply be known for the beauty of the movement! Throughout, there is a single view of the expression of the extremity of the abdomen, of the abdomen. Kogato Ima is the correspondence between ideate and movement, then every movement is joy, vigor, and belly. Then create in us and enter from us into the light!

By all means, to tuk cause, lichi, through Panevritmiyat, the spiritual insight of the whole comprehended, the development of misses, feelings and ennobledness on character, sowing and stomach, health, power in all organizations organized for nothing! This is for Paneurhythmyat primladyava!

Paneurhythmyat is not at all gymnastics, nito is atrocious ballet, but in the course of the movement you should go and build koito and grace the novat culture.

Svremennata science nany danni for Paneurmymyat. Ty do not know when koyu songs, like the movement of the rag and direct it. The lowering of the laugh in the Epochas against the citizens of the Shestat race, the eclipse of the same, put a new basis on Paneurhythmyat – a Evolutionary basis.

Tezi exercises sa magnetics. Those snemat from choveka vsichki alarm. Freed of Olekva mu.

The Ability to Exercise the “Ultimate Arms”(Vtori dyal on Panevritmiyat)

For use of the “Sunny Day Lunch” exercise, the participants from the participant will be injured in the middle of the river, and others will be able to work around the terrace.

There are two currents in nature: the flow of energy from the Divinity and the disfigurement of the abdomen and the other flow is one, but the energy of the Center of Centre is different. Tozi is cosmic in his own way, analogies of having flown abdominal flight. For example, it is one of the best for the current from Slantoto kym to the planet, and the other to the current from from the planetite to Slyunzo. In chovesto, there are two currents: arterial and venous, in koito, the level of the cross moves from the periphery to the periphery and back. In the “Sunny Day” exercise, begin tezi process on the tide and ebb in nature of the tide through approaching and distantly in the center of the river.

Between Slonceto and Choveshka, the organization of Tuzawa Takawa vzka, just like between God and the Strangled – without a basin, the choke can not be developed. Svetlinata on the physical holy image on the Spirit. Svetlinata is not gray, but 12 colors, 12 izvora, 12 types of matter, which are necessary for svzdavane on choveshkite virtues.

Zemyat is entwined with 12 rounds, or spheres, Koito represents a particular kind of transformer for a synergistic energy.

Between choveshkat the soul and God imam 12 classes of viscera csuschestva.

Dwanadesette lucha on „Lunchevi luchi” means, dvanadesesette vrati on the abdomen itself open. Those are the signs of the zodiacalign, and in Revelation, write with dvadedeset vratu.

For the unity partner in “Sunny Day” near the other is similar to the movement to Zemyata near Slyunceto and to Lunata near Zemyata. That symbol and movement on the gate in the shutter, from the coitol to that source is idle.

Kogato party ce hvanat by the pitch and zapochnat yes sing: “This is the mother who gave birth to the mother,” but tovar is unseen from the closure of the kryg in one, holy is opened, tovah is liberated. Too much moment, because of the curvature of the curtain on a personal stomach and the effect of light on Lyubov.

It is a trace of joy from the freedom of the belly, which is located in the middle of the earth.

The movement of the movement on the kato katyo game is boiled down and the barmen on the color, through some of the harmony’s actions, put and negate energy in the choke. When the movements are zavrsvvashchiki, like the summer, all participants sing: “Tui e paradise, tui e paradise. “.

Rayat e mesto, each one of them will live and live for each other. Children Sa Lubotta, Meddrost and Istinata, there are no children.

Kogato rule “Slash the Lich”, all of you remember the comrade, you learned some of the early, in the minaloto.

Through the exercise exercises, it penetrates from the primary energy. Take a look at the energy, koito slizat on earth, sezpolzvat through tezi exercises, katorvo gi vzpriemame, and after gi izprazhamame in the space and so much of society p povigat. Exercising the “Slashing of Love” from the rhythm on the slantseto. Kogato rule tezi slanchevi exercises, contradictions, ce, remove, before thezi exercises neutralizirat zloto.

Coito game tezi exercises – “Enjoy your lunches” – another side liberty. These exercises liberated chokek from the grizzi. With takawa grace and gi rule, cheat and shake you and into onzi, coito giad.

Muzikat on Paneurhythmyat and on the “Sunny Day” another will stimulate the choke.

Come and stay in nature, on the image of the music. In the empty, in the canary, in the bucheneto on the vyatra, having driven the nature and nature of the forest. Tsalyata nature and Tsyalata is infused with sa cato edna music hall. Aco measure the base tone on your errors and zasvirit, they will disappear and the conditions will be given and you will be kind. If you do, base the tone on goodness, then on the earth, and grow, and on the other hand, measure the base tone on the zloto, then on the ground and on the ground. Muzikat sdzdava clutch between particles on telati. Dokato khorata sing, they feel kato brethren, prepare yourself and reconcile. Musikata wear belly.

The light of the tryabva and her study of the organism. Ass every phenomenon, ass energy Sedi is one intelligent Power. Nature is controlled by Intelligence. Razumniyat Belly vene svetlinata on Slanceto and stars.

Ability to exercise "PENTAGRAM"(Third dyal on Panevritmiyat)

Pentagram is a symbol for intelligence in another way. Chowk, izpravlen, with a number of protggnati vstrani, representing alive Pentagram.

Tazi part on Panevritmiyat se play on groups of 5 deuces, koito se move and sy will exchange the position, the descriptions of the movement of the petitioner, inscribed in the cart. Tsyalat is a figure of izigrava, 5 ways, with all two of each of the two premina va prese vshechki vyrhove on Pentagram. All of the tezi vrhovvete e svrzan with defined virtue and conditionally se the head, krak or rka on the cosmic doctrine, coytocelia Pentagram symbolism.

Writing on Paneurhythmy for the first time, follow the pet’s great virtues, koito will discourage Pette Varkha and on Petu deuce in Pentagram: Lubov, Medrost, Truth, Truth and Virtue (the last meaning of the vsichki remained virtues: charity, harmony, nobility, Vyar, composure and

The mental effect on the Pentagram exercise is precisely Tova – it is not a serious use of the constitution for the sake of completeness, realized on virtue in the abdomen on the chowk and on the calyote. In its spiritual work, the chowek works consistently with Petta Virtues, make your abdomen coarse, and koito sdpyrzhat. Through the Pentagram, having given him a sub-ticker on tsyalkotov society and this one, he would set in motion a petta of Virtue.

Tryabva and now define the concept of choke. The same tale on Virtues. Itself can and yes, moreover, moreover, choke and wear a sshchinskoto si im, coyte e gave it to Lubovt, Meddstat and Istinat in himself si.

Pentagram shows and celia pa on the development of the chovek and the spiritualists of the decade precoit that term in development of its own way.

Tragedy That precursor to one is new, culture has been established, which is ide. That is alive center on silite on Razumnata Nature, koito act sega in choveshkata soul.

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