Exercises on the stairs


1-6 points. You have some problems with ingenuity and logical

7-14 points. Of course, you can think logically, but you make mistakes because you rely on feelings. Just delimit the situation for which it is necessary to include the mind, and for others – intuition and feelings.

15-21 points Congratulations! You have complete order with cleverness and logic, and no situations will make you stop thinking logically. But pay attention to the fact that sometimes in our life not all situations give in to logical explanations.


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Not true are the test results! In the table of correct answers there are errors in 6, 9 and 15 questions. Instead of answers “B” should be “C”

I do not agree with the answers 6,8,9,14,15,18. Here are the correct answers to them: 6-wait until the crow falls asleep (try to portray the crow, – from the category the author drank too much); 8-space (the sea is still on planet Earth); 9 soles (there are bridges over streamlets); 14-no (if the water freezes, then it is no longer water, but ice!); 15th myself (how else can it be!); February 18 (what does the number of letters mean here? Only inadequate will start counting them!).

6 – In the assignment, the main condition is “not to frighten the crow that is sitting on it?”. That is, without this condition, the task is impossible. As an example, “How to start a car that does not have an engine?” No, there is nothing to start, that is, the task has no solution without the presence of the engine.

8 – the difference between Earth and earth seems to be in one letter, and the meaning of the condition changes completely.

9 – In general, the river (any) flows into the gorge, that is, in the riverbed, which is the gorge. But even without a river from across the coast it will be a ravine. Let the small and not wide, but the gorge.

14 – Ice never ceases to be water like meat and dough does not cease to be pelmeni or pasta cutlet. It’s just a different aggregate state of the same

15 – And if the man is responsible? Can he be a daughter? Not. And the foster child is the daughter of another woman. Indeed, in the question specifically your gender is not asked.

Exercises on the stairs

18 – I agree with the number of days, even in a leap year, February is shorter than the other months, but the trick question is that it is.

Question 15. My mother’s daughter in this task is a foster daughter. Accordingly, she is my foster sister.

To question 15. Strictly speaking, the adopted child is not the daughter of my mother. Thus, the question is not entirely correct.

Question number 5, isn’t the distance measured in miles? And then the space?

Exercises on the stairs

13 correct answers from 21 questions. I admit that half of the mistakes are due to inattention.

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