Exercises for weight loss calves

Good day, friends. You are on the blog without lies and falsehood, bodybuilding in its purest form. In today’s topic, we will talk about pamping in bodybuilding, what it is, how to use it correctly, what is it for and is it needed at all? in general, let’s go through all sorts of questions related to this term.

Traditionally pamping is called when exercises performed in a large number of repetitions, when we fill muscles with blood (as if “inflating” it, pumping it) provided that the rest between sets is very short, it is due to this that more blood enters the muscle than it manages to pump out, so the muscles swell and become huge. This feeling can not be confused with something else.

Hmm, do you know why professional bodybuilders before going on stage, in general, before posing, perform (warm up) muscles with light exercises in a large number of repetitions? Yes, it’s not only bodybuilders, any FITNESS MODELS before various shots, photos and

Exercises for weight loss calves

There are three types of pumping:

  1. Cosmetic pumping
  2. Productive pumping
  3. Pharmacological pumping

The first,

Exercises for weight loss calves




Muscle fibers. In the muscles there are different muscle fibers, which in turn are responsible for different work. There are so-called BMW (fast muscle fibers) and MMB (slow muscle fibers). Some of them are power (BMW), which are most effective in a small repetition range, while others (MMB) are very hardy in a large repetition range.

That is why pamping in a high repetition range is very important for hardy fibers, but if you train only power fibers (BMW), then you limit your potential gains for muscle growth in general.

CONCLUSION: Power Complex + Pamping – this is the most effective for the growth of muscle mass. The power complex without pamping is not as effective (because BMWs are mainly involved and Iím sleeping)

Accelerated transport of nutrients into the body. When we pump a large volume of blood into the muscle (

Pamping can be used during rest or as recovery training after an injury or as training in the periodization days. For a change, you need to change the style of training from time to time.

During pumping, there is a powerful release of anabolic hormones. Due to the various decay products and lactic acid, the muscles are poured with blood and swell, becoming huge. In turn, all this can increase the secretion of HORMONE GROWTH (somatotropin) and the main male hormone (testosterone).

There is also evidence that there is no sense of pumping. Say, sports medicine is firmly convinced that multi-repetitive sets are ineffective if the goal is to increase muscle mass, arguing that this approach involves the use of small weights that are much weaker stimulate muscles to grow. In fact, it is not so! Read the material below and you will understand why they are wrong.

Which training is better: pamping or in a power manner?

First, remember: Pamping CAN NOT replace strength training. Pamping can be used as an addition to strength training because it is effective, but pamping cannot be a substitute … no matter who told you. The basis – the basics – is strength training.

Secondly, many people mistakenly believe that PUMPING should be with light weight in a large number of repetitions. I hasten to please you, THIS IS NOT SO. If you throw off working weights, up to very light and will work in a large repetition range, that is, using one pamping, you fill your muscles with no more than blood. After a while they will be blown away to the inverse size and that’s it. Sense 0. This is a blunder of many people.

CONCLUSION: Firstly, the pump should not be the main one for your training, in any case! Pamping should be used as a supplement to BASIC (POWER TRAINING). Secondly, the pamping should not be perceived as “light work”, ADVERSIS Pamping should be almost power (

Now you understand why sports medicine is wrong? Perhaps this is not sports medicine, I’m not exactly sure about that, for I found info on other resources. But that’s not the point, a lot of people believe that pumping is 0. But the trick is that they do not understand what a pumping really is. This is not an easy work in a large number of repetitions – no …, this is practically a strength work with little rest between sets in a large repetition range, and this is not the basis of training – this is only an addition to strength training (+ connecting different types of BMW and IIM fibers) In general, the sense of pumping is definitely there, who would not say anything. Just most people do not know how to properly apply it in practice.

PAMPING: practice

Pamping can be useful to BEGINNERS ATHLETES who just came to the gym. Now I will explain everything.

The trick is that the newcomer needs to go through the Facility No. 1. which is called PREPARATION OF THE ORGANISM (BODY) TO PHASE # 2. (which is called MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY,

In one approach, usually 12-15-20 repetitions are performed, I repeat: the main task now is NOT GROWTH OF MUSCLE, but PREPARING THE BODY FOR FUTURE GROWTH. Therefore, you are learning to do the exercises correctly, technically, in general, “ALL HOW SHOULD BE IN YOUR MIND.

  1. Drop Set
  2. Superset
  3. Pre-fatigue
  4. Partial repetitions
  5. Peak reduction
  6. Cheating

Let’s go through the techniques in order, having discussed each of them in detail.

Drop-set – I very often use this technique in my workouts. In my opinion, this is the most effective method (I like it very much). The point here is that we make approaches (sets) with dropping weights and executing each approach we get to complete failure.

Let’s look at an example, lifts for the calf muscles standing in the simulator simulator (standing leg). Suppose my kilogram is 100 kilograms, it means that I perform the usual 100 kilograms in four approaches, and after the last one (4), I immediately lose a little weight (usually 10 kilograms).

A superset (SUPER SERIES) is when an athlete connects TWO EXERCISES, which are either designed to work on the same muscle group or exercises that are designed for different muscle groups but they are close together, these are antagonistic muscles.

Antagoniststhese are opposite muscles, they are located next to each other and perform opposite functions.


Pre-exhaustion – the trick of this technique is that you load the muscle with some ISOLATING EXERCISE, then finish it off with BASIC EXERCISE. Well, for example: PERFORM LEGS BENDING SITTING (isolating) and then going to do PITCHES WITH A SIMULATOR (basic).

Partial repetitions – This technique implies the work of muscles NOT A FULL MOTION AMPLITUDE.

Peak reduction – this technique implies linger in the TOP POINT of the MOTION AMPLITUDE.

Cheating – the trick of this technique is that first you do the exercises as USUALLY (in standard mode), BUT, MUSCLE (muscle failure), YOU BEGIN more Faster repetition with tossing (in general, start using CHITING). In this style you continue as long as you can.

Let’s look at specific examples of how to achieve pumping (which I recommend):

Example number 1. (LEGS and CAVIARS)

For training the muscles of the legs (quadriceps), 3 variants of the technique will be perfect (this is a drop-set or superset or pre-exhaustion).

  1. If this is a SUPERSET, then it can look like this: leg extensions sitting + leg press = wild pump, try not to regret.
  2. If this is a drop-set then any basic exercise will do (press the legs perfectly).
  3. If this is a preliminary fatigue then stretching the legs while sitting, then we finish with benches with the legs or with the squat.

As for the calves (tibia), here I recommend trying the drop set.

Example number 2. (MUSCLE HANDS: biceps and triceps)

Biceps and triceps are antagonistic muscles, beating the arm at the elbow, the triceps unbending it. I like, again, the same drop-set at the end of the approach in the main exercise on BICEPS,

The main thing is to understand the basic principle, I personally like drop-sets very much, I use them very often in my training, try something like that.

Well, friends. These are the basic techniques of how to use PAMPING. Today I shared with you a very useful and reliable info, I hope that you WAS INTERESTING AND CONSCIOUS. Until new meetings.

Sincerely, administrator.

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