Exercises for deep breathing

Could you guess what recommendations for effective weight loss for people are the most difficult to implement? This is regular exercise.

And, despite their incredible efficiency, for most people, regular physical exercise takes a back seat, “due to” excessive employment and tension in modern life.

But there is a way that will help you to largely compensate for the lack of physical fitness and will easily suit every woman, because she absolutely does not require the creation of certain conditions for fulfillment.

Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss, according to researchers, burns 140% more fat than jogging, and maintains a high level of metabolism throughout the day.

The first study, which showed that women can lose excess weight, using proper breathing, was met with disbelief by the medical community. Although before that it was already well known how breathing contributes to physiological changes that cause weight loss, but the results of laboratory tests seemed too fantastic.

Therefore, when research at the University of Los Angeles revealed that deep breathing helped burn 140% more calories than cycling, many were shocked.

These two conclusions reached by the researchers are one of the reasons for the emergence of excess weight and, by limiting their influence, millions of women can count on a rapid weight loss.

1. The level of atmospheric oxygen is steadily decreasing due to pollution and climate change. And although a decrease of 0.002% per year may not seem so significant, even such dynamics have a significant impact on us.

2. The chronic stress of modern life changes our breathing, about 90% of people begin to take short, shallow breaths. Such shallow breathing restricts oxygen to the body, which is so necessary for weight loss.

What is the power of breathing exercises for weight loss?

1. Oxygen optimizes absorption in the gastrointestinal tract of nutrients. The digestive tract consists of tiny villi, whose task is to absorb calcium, iodine, essential fats, amino acids and dozens of other nutrients that increase metabolism.

And to do this with maximum efficiency, the villi require more oxygen than most tissues in the body.

And when there is not enough oxygen, “thanks to” shallow breathing, the ability of villi to absorb nutrients is reduced by as much as 72%. And when the oxygen supply to the body is restored, the absorption of nutrients increases within a few minutes, and the metabolic rate increases by 30%.

2. Sustained weight loss and high energy depends on the rapid transformation of food and fat into small “parcels” of useful energy, these molecules are called adenosine triphosphates or ATP. But for this to happen, the cells must be in a slightly alkaline medium (pH above 7).

Oxygen favors an alkaline environment, so deep breathing allows you to maintain an ideal pH. And this is the key to optimizing the process of the appearance of ATP.

Exercises for deep breathing

Scientists have discovered that toxins have a negative effect on the body’s production of growth hormones, thyroid, adrenal glands and other glands. In addition, in an attempt to protect these vital organs, the body forms extra fat as storage for harmful toxins.

The good news is that up to 70% of toxins are easily converted into gases emitted through deep expirations, so proper breathing can dramatically reduce the toxic load on the body. Just breathe slowly and deeply to increase the amount of “exhaled” toxins as much as fifteen times.

4. Oxygen oxidizes your body fat. The first step towards the destruction of fat deposits is the interaction of fat cells with oxygen molecules, thereby oxidizing them.

Incredibly, research shows that most people use less than 25% of their lung volume.

Therefore, if people improve the depth of breathing and the amount of oxygen entering the body, they will more than double the amount of oxidized fat in the body.

5. Also breathing exercises help reduce stress hormones in the blood. Good oxygen consumption soothes the central nervous system, reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol by as much as 50% within 10 minutes.

Do you need breathing exercises?

To check whether you are consuming enough oxygen and if you need to use breathing exercises for weight loss, pass the following test. Place one hand on the belly and the other on the chest. Slowly inhale and exhale through the nose four times (regular inhale-exhale, as you do in everyday life).

Exercises for deep breathing

What hand was moving? Ideally, the arm on your chest remained in one place, and on your stomach it moved up and down. This is a sign of deep abdominal breathing, a type that maximizes the flow of oxygen into the body. If the arm on the chest has moved significantly, it means that you breathe shallowly – a sign of oxygen starvation.

Basic principles

Proven strategy: 15 minute workout daily. At will it can be divided into three 5-minute classes.

You can perform anywhere, the main thing all the time to be focused on your own breathing.

Take the fullest and quickest breath through your nose, relax your abdominal muscles in order to get as much air into your lungs as possible.

While holding your breath, tighten your abdominal muscles, pull in and then lift your stomach up as far as you can. Place your hand on your stomach to better track and control movement. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Tilt and Compression

Bend forward and then straighten. (Your shoulders should be slightly rounded.) Tighten the gluteus muscles. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Breathe out with resistance (as if you are blowing through a straw). Keep your head and shoulders relaxed, but do not relax your abdominal and gluteal muscles until you finish breathing out.

Instructor exercise video

(more videos of lessons in the Useful video for losing weight category, article “Breathing exercises. Exercise videos”)

Only 15 minutes of regular breathing exercises for weight loss and control of your breathing will allow you to radically change the speed of weight loss and will enable you to slowly but surely move to a healthy and happy life. Good luck to you!

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