Exercises for coxarthrosis

In these videos is presented a set of exercises for the treatment of hip joints.

Indications for therapeutic gymnastics

Exercises from our video are useful for diseases of the hip joints: – with coxarthrosis – arthrosis of the hip joints; – in case of a hip joint infarction – aseptic necrosis of the femoral head (also avascular necrosis); – with ankylosing spondylitis, which occurs with inflammation of the hip joints; – for faster recovery of the hip joint after injuries – dislocation of the joint and hip fractures.

VIDEO: Therapeutic gymnastics for the hip joints, part 1 Basic set of exercises

I want to clarify that part 1 is a basic set of exercises from which to start the treatment of hip joints. And gradually, it is desirable to increase the load. This is especially true of the first 2 exercises: over time, when performing them, it will be necessary to do 12-15 lifts with each leg (and not 5-6, as in the video).

When you master this set of exercises (part 1), then after about a week from the beginning of the classes, proceed to mastering the enhanced set of exercises (part 2) –

In the future, it is best to do, alternating both complexes. Let’s say Monday, Wednesday and Friday you do gymnastics for the hip joints, part 1. And on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (or Sunday) – gymnastics for the treatment of hip joints, part 2. And one day a week, Saturday or Sunday is a day off.

VIDEO: Gymnastics for the treatment of hip joints, part 2 Strengthened set of exercises

Exercises from the second complex of therapeutic gymnastics are very effective – in many patients the reduction of pain in the hip joints occurs immediately after the first session. This complex of therapeutic gymnastics was improved by us quite recently – in 2016. And he quickly proved its effectiveness – almost immediately, positive feedback from our patients and our viewers went to YouTube.


Gymnastics for knee and hip joints, part 3 "Office option"

Gymnastics for knee and hip joints, part 3 – These are exercises that can be done in any conditions – at home, at work, in the office or at the cottage. All you need to practice is a chair and quite a bit of free space! You can do exercises from the third complex every day or every other day – as an addition to gymnastics for the hip joints, part 1 or part 2.

Read more about this complex here:

Contraindications to therapeutic gymnastics

Therapeutic gymnastics for hip joints is a rather serious treatment method, having its own contraindications.

Exercises for coxarthrosis

For all their usefulness, these exercises cannot be performed: • on women’s critical days; • with significantly elevated arterial and intracranial pressure; • at elevated body temperature (above 37.5 ºС); with flu, acute respiratory viral infections and sore throat – you have to wait for recovery and wait another 3-4 days; • in the first month after operations on the abdominal organs and chest; • for inguinal and abdominal hernias; • in case of acute diseases of internal organs, for example, appendicitis, exacerbation of gallstone disease or exacerbation of cholecystitis, and

Attention! If a particular exercise causes a sharp pain, then it is contraindicated to you or you do it incorrectly. In this case, it is better not to do it, or at least postpone it until the consultation with your doctor.

Exercises for coxarthrosis

Rules for performing therapeutic exercises

The main rule – doing gymnastics, do not rush. If you want to recover, you somehow have to train yourself to do the exercises slowly and smoothly, without jerks. The pull force can only “tear down” the muscles and damage the joints, and will bring you absolutely no benefit.

And remember that even with proper gymnastics, improvement does not come immediately. In the first 2 weeks of training, the pain in the joints may even increase slightly, but after 3-4 weeks you will feel the first signs of improving your well-being.

I wish you the will and perseverance necessary for the return of the former ease of movement! Be healthy!

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