Exercise against cellulite

The sports industry today offers a wide range of all kinds of home fitness equipment. Among them, the trainers Torneo, proven variety and quite affordable prices. Products of this brand are represented by all kinds of cardiovascular equipment, as well as power equipment and home fitness equipment. In addition, under this brand comes a lot of simple fitness accessories, which can be found on the site.

At the moment, Torneo is considered one of the most popular manufacturers of simulators and sports accessories, which was confirmed by the award “Product of the Year 2012” in the nomination: “Simulators”. The products of this brand are made of the highest quality materials and have a stylish design, and naturally conforms to all international standards.

Cardiovascular machines Torneo

Torneo home cardiovascular equipment, strengthening the respiratory system, vessels, heart, as well as working on different muscle groups, have a built-in electronic console, and a variety of programs for active users and the ability to regulate loads in the widest possible range, allow you to do home sports on these simulators for the home effective. Torneo Correra treadmill

Tornio Treadmills

Torneo racetracks, presented on the official website, have a drum flywheel and an ExaMotion engine that allows you to achieve a smooth and silent movement of the running belt. Thanks to the ElasBoardShock and MultiFlexShock technologies, the cushioning of the running surface is higher, which protects the joints from stress, and thus makes classes on this home equipment more comfortable. In addition, these home simulators have rollers on their supports, which allows them to move in space with little effort.

Exercise Bikes Torneo

Torneo home exercise bikes have the CardioLink option, which allows you to keep your chosen load and intensity of sports training under control. These sports equipment for the home are very reliable and safe, and even covered with a special hypoallergenic coating. For ease of movement, the design of home exercise bikes Torneo equipped with rollers.

Orbitreki Torneo

Torneo orbitreki are created using EverProof and ExaMotion technologies, which allows you to make movements more silent and smooth. They have a built-in magnetic load system with a multi-level regulator, which allows controlling the intensity of occupations in a wide range of loads. The CardioLink option captures possible overloads, and provides an opportunity to track the state of the body during home sports activities.

Exercise against cellulite

Steppers torneo

Torneo steppers for home fitness are absolutely safe, it’s easy and comfortable to do at home. Small dimensions make them appropriate in any room. During homework, users can monitor their workout time, frequency and number of steps, number of calories spent on them.

Power trainers Tornio

Power Torneo simulators for men, like all power units contribute to the growth of muscle mass and strengthen the entire body. Engage in them comfortably in the gym and experienced athletes and beginners.

Compact power systems

Compact power complexes of several Torneo simulators, or a fitness station (fitness simulators), allow you to perform diverse exercises in the gym for different muscle groups. The seats and backrests on home Torno exercise machines are height adjustable. Power Center Torneo Power Pro G-425-K

Barbells for Torneo

Vultures for a bar of Torneo have various form and are made of various materials. A variety of forms allows you to perform such sports exercises, while changing the degree of load on certain muscles.

Torneo wheels

Torneo discs are metal and composite with a plastic coating. The most difficult of them for convenient capture have special grooves.

Dumbbell vultures torneo

Torneo dumbbells also come in metal and plastic, with the latter being most commonly used for fitness exercises. Grif dumbbell Torneo steel

Benches Tornio

Torneo benches, thanks to the convenient adjustment of the back and seat positions, allow you to do strength exercises in the gym in different positions. Their construction is made of sufficiently wear-resistant steel, and the benches and seats are upholstered in soft plating. This sports equipment includes a variety of multifunctional benches, horizontal bars, bars, expanders.

Racks and coasters Torneo

Torneo sports stands and stands are designed for convenient storage of discs, barbells for dumbbells and barbells. And the models even have the ability to do exercises with barbells. Torneo Neoprene Dumbbell Stand

Exercise against cellulite

Fitness Products

In addition to cardio and strength training equipment, Torneo also develops new products for fitness. For example trampolines – compact trainers for Torneo home for jumping. They are so compact that they can be used even at home. Home sports activities on them not only improve coordination in space, but also help accelerate the body’s metabolic processes, strengthen the heart and respiratory system, and increase overall endurance.

Exercise against cellulite

Torneo continues to develop new models of home simulators, many of which have unique features and capabilities. You can get acquainted with the assortment of the company on the official website.

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