Exercise after pregnancy

It seems incredible, but with just one simple exercise you can get rid of wrinkles and gray hair! Facial rejuvenation will be a reflection of the processes occurring in the body as a whole. This exercise leads to the rejuvenation of the whole body! So what is this wonderful exercise for rejuvenation?

Exercise after pregnancy

This exercise has been familiar to us since childhood. And, at the same time, is one of 3 poses used by yogis for rejuvenation. We know it by the name "birch".

What is the basis for the rejuvenating effect of this exercise?

Rejuvenation – in terms of yoga:

In the literature on yoga you can learn about the Soma chakra, which is located in the upper part of the forehead. So, this chakra exudes so-called lunar nectar, which slowly flows through the body in the form of an energy flow to the solar plexus area.

Nectar is considered a source of youth and health, it flows to the solar plexus in the region of the Manakura chakra, which is the fire chakra. This fiery chakra of Manipur burns nectar, which automatically leads to aging.

To prevent the manipura chakra from burning the nectar of immortality, you just need to take an inverted position,

In order to achieve rejuvenation in this way, yoga recommends the following asanas (positions):

  • blade support with raised legs (or "birch"),
  • racks on heads,
  • handstand.

The greatest effect is the performance of all these asanas, but the headstand can lead to undesirable side effects if performed incorrectly. In principle, it is enough to perform the simplest of these asanas, the birch. There are 2 ways to do it:


Viparita Karani

When performing Sarvangasana, it is necessary to ensure that there is not a large load on the cervical spine. Otherwise, serious injury may result. Traumas of this kind are most susceptible to well-trained beginners, who are deceived by the seeming ease of this asana.

Viparita-Karani in this sense is much safer.

After performing one of these asanas, one should move the legs behind the head, and then gently lower back, vertebra behind the vertebra. Then you should definitely rest lying on your back (on the floor or another hard and flat surface).

Here is what they write about Viparita-Karani in classical treatises:

The practice of Viparit Karani Mudra preserves the youth of the body. The skin does not fade and the hair does not become gray over time. Wrinkles and gray hair disappear in six months. And the hair gradually darkens even for those with whom they have almost completely turned gray.

Regarding the duration of being upside down to achieve the desired effect (rejuvenation of the whole body, getting rid of wrinkles and gray hair), various sources diverge. Some treatises state that it is necessary to remain in that position for at least 30 minutes, while others say that 8 minutes per day is enough.

But in one all the sources agree: you should start with 1-2 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise (you can mine for 30 seconds a day).

Rejuvenation – from a scientific point of view:

Inverted body position removes part of the load from the circulatory system, due to the need to overcome the force of gravity during the passage of blood in the lower part of the body. Blood rushes to the organs of the abdominal cavity and upper body, in particular – to the neck and head. The blood vessels of the legs are resting, the brain receives additional blood supply, the thyroid gland is abundantly washed with fresh blood.

In addition, this exercise eliminates constipation, indigestion, anemia, increases appetite and overall vitality of the body. Viparita-Karani helps to neutralize and destroy toxins in the body.

Well, it would not be superfluous to notice an improvement in the state of the muscles of the upper body and flexibility of the spine, on the state of which depends the normal functioning of almost all organs of the body.

Exercise for rejuvenation – contraindications and restrictions:

  • You can do the exercise daily in the morning. Breakfast before this is not worth it, but you can drink a glass of juice.
  • This exercise is incompatible with the use of alcohol – the effect of this practice can only be negative.
  • For the same reason as alcohol, it is desirable to exclude all harmful and heavy food: the most harmful products and meat.
  • At the same time, you should eat properly and possibly increase the amount of food consumed (if you are not trying to lose weight).
  • Women should not perform this exercise during pregnancy or menstruation.
  • While exercising, relax and close your eyes. If you are not able to relax in this position, then either you are doing something wrong (look again at the picture, which shows the correct body position in Viparita-Karani), or increase the duration too quickly. Do the exercise only until discomfort appears and after a while you will notice that you can stay in this position longer without unpleasant sensations.
  • Patients can remain Sarvangasana not more than 1 minute, and Viparta-Karani – up to 5 minutes.

Exercise after pregnancy

Other exercises for the rejuvenation of the face and the whole body:

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