Educational activities for children 2-3 years

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The organizers of the choreographic competition “Children of the Sun” are the education department of the mayor’s office of the Togliatti city district, the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity. This year’s competition is held with social partnership and support from SlaSti Confectionery Factory LLC, Togliattimoloko JSC, Orchid Flower Shop Network, local branch of the political party "United Russia" Togliatti city district. Information partners of the competition – the city newspaper “Freedom Square”, the information portal Tolyatti

More than 40 creative teams from cities of Russia and neighboring countries: St. Petersburg have been invited to the competition. Read more ”

If your child is 3-4 years old and for some reason does not attend kindergarten, then in the morning you can bring him to the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity for educational activities: language development, educational game, drawing, music. Your child will be accompanied by experienced teachers, a psychologist, a speech therapist. There is a well-equipped game room for games and children’s entertainment.

Telephone for information: 34-51-55

On October 3, the military-sports game “In the Colors of the Russian Flag” was held at the ski base of the Central District. The founder of the competition is the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Togliatti City Hall and the House of Youth Organizations "Chance".

The game was attended by young people aged from 14 to 30 years old: students of MBOU, students of vocational schools and higher professional education, student pedagogical groups, members of the Councils of working youth of industrial enterprises and organizations of the Togliatti city district. The program of the military-sports game included the following types of competition: • tourist hubs; • drill; • putting on a general protective suit. Read more ”

Having missed the children’s voices and creative bustle over the summer, the Children’s Children’s Children’s Day joyfully received more than four thousand young Togliatti people under its codes. Started a new school year. But, as it happens, the joy of meeting with teachers, friends, pupils and parents rather quickly gives way to ordinary everyday life. September – the month is not simple: it is necessary to look around, get into the usual rhythm, grasp the essence of the ongoing changes relating both to the educational process and the individual mechanisms to ensure it.

We talked about the prospects of the new school year with the director of MBOUDOD DDT Valentina Mikhailovna Bukhtoyarova.

Valentina Kuzminichna Marchenkova, teacher of the Togliatti Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity, was awarded the title “Honored Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation”. Today, her name is well known not only in professional circles, it is known to many generations of Togliatti people whose school years were associated with the Petrushka Puppet Theater, a good fairy tale and a sense of magic: when you first made the doll, taught her to walk, talk and perform acts. They had a lot of these boys and girls looking for communication and understanding, a lot of different performances and invented stories, a lot of trips, excursions and hikes. And Read more ”

Tomorrow, teachers of the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity will take part in the first competitive stage of the city Games of Togliatti educational institutions, which will be held from October to April 2016.

The Games program includes 7 competitive types: orienteering, darts, air rifle shooting, sport relay races, swimming, volleyball, mini-golf.

Our Palace at the first stage of the orienteering competition will be presented by Mikhail Sergeyevich Bukhtoyarov, Alexey Anatolyevich Ryzhonkov, Anna Y. Shkadina, Svetlana Karpeeva, Vitaly Aleksevich Pletnev. The team captain is Koldurkaev Egor Nikolaevich.

Educational activities for children 2-3 years

We wish our team years. Read more ”

Yesterday, teachers of the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity took part in the second day of the marathon for the game "What? Where? When?" entitled "Pedagogical heights Togliatti".

Educational activities for children 2-3 years

This time the Tolyatti Brain Club "Stool" held the game among teachers of secondary schools and institutions of additional education. Our Palace was represented by Mikhail Sergeevich Bukhtoyarov, Anna Vyacheslavovna Kryukova, Elena Vasilyevna Gubina, Svetlana Valer’evna Chuikina, Daria Andreyevna Danilina. According to the results of the game, the team of our teachers became 32, only 43 teams aspired to the pedagogical heights on this day. We assume that the first autumn game was just a little warm-up. Ahead of ours. Read more ”

The team of the autoclub as part of Petrov Dmitriy, Kireev Evgeny, Altukhov Alexei, Smirnov Anton took the 3rd place at the intermediate stage of the competition in traffic rules. Dmitry Petrov was second in the overall standings in the two stages of the championship (rules of the road and driving). He prepared and accompanied the guys to the competitions of the new teacher of the auto club Alexey Anatolyevich Ryzhonkov.

Note, this was the debut performance of our guys. This year, the renewed line-up of the team took part in regional competitions, mostly from guys who have been involved in the car club for one year. Among the “oldies” – Dmitry Petrov. Last year, speaking at the first stage of the championship of Russia in the youth car race in Perm, he showed 11 results out of 62 competitors at the driving stage. Dmitry successfully performed at the winter regional championship, which allowed the car club team to become the best in the field.

Congratulate the team autoclub. Read more ”

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