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Maggi diet is one of the varieties of the egg diet.

She received such a “bouillon” name by the name of her creator, and not because it is based on the use of famous bouillon cubes.

Maggi Diet I have already fallen in love with many Russian full women: its observance guarantees very good results.

Most of those who sat on such a diet enthusiastically state that those extra pounds are melting very quickly, and the figure in front of them changes its contours.

Features diet Maggi

The duration of the protein diet Maggi is four weeks, during this time you can lose weight on 10-20 kg. This is one of the few diets, sitting on which, do not have to starve and dream about an extra piece of meat. Her diet includes a sufficient amount of meat, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Maggy’s diet menu is designed in such a way as to force the body to burn accumulated fats by means of active chemical processes. Products are selected in such a way that after they are eaten, they induce chemical reactions in them that promote the removal of toxins and the breakdown of adipose tissue.

Benefits of the Maggi Diet

• This diet not tough and is suitable for any age.

• This diet has very durable result: Kilos dropped over 4 weeks are usually not returned. Provided that after the end of the diet the amount of calories consumed per day will increase gradually. An effective Maggi diet, the results of which are visible already after a few days, contributes not only to dropping excess weight, but also to fixing the magic number, which the scales show after observing the four-week menu.

• During the Maggi diet no need to count calories, their number does not matter at all. The main thing, as mentioned above, is the chemical reactions that continuously occur in the body.

• Maggi’s diet is popular with many simplicity in cooking from the menu. No need to be a cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Diet maggi recipes for cooking offers pretty simple.

• If the rate of the product for a particular meal is not specified, this product can be consumed in any quantity.

• While losing weight with the Maggi diet no additional intake of vitamin complexes is required and minerals: they enter the body with food.

Disadvantages of the Maggi diet

The main disadvantage of this diet – absolutely full and accurate observance of the menu mode. This can create certain inconveniences for those who are forced to go to work during a diet and do not have the opportunity to eat at a certain time every day. And to comply with the regime of the Maggi diet is always very important – without it, it will not bring the desired result.

Another disadvantage of the Maggi diet – eating a lot of eggs on a diet. Of course, it has long been proven that without eating fat and butter, eggs can be eaten as much as you want and you can be safe for your health. That is why the rules of this diet prohibit the use of any oils and fats. But you should still carefully monitor their health, especially when they are prone to allergic reactions to eggs.

Contraindications Maggi diet

Maggi diet – one of the few diets, which has virtually no contraindications.

The only reason you should not stick to this diet is allergies on a particular product or individual intolerance.

Maggi Diet Rules

• The basic rule is strict adherence to prescribed diet. This is exactly the diet during which “a step to the right, a step to the left is execution”, in this case it is useless time lost and the extra pounds left.

• In no case can not change the daily menu, replace some products with others or change their places (

• You should eat at least 2, and even better – 3 liters of water per day.

• It is allowed to drink coffee and tea without sugar and milk at any time, regardless of the meal. Sugar substitute is allowed.

• Vegetables are cooked (

Diet sport

• You can eat salt, various seasonings, onions, garlic.

• If the diet was interrupted for some reason (even by half a day) or an error was made (products were mixed up), you should start following it from the very beginning.

• Recommended at least slight physical exertion.

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