Depression level in America

Project " WHAT FOR " resulted from an attempt to understand, to know the real truth, and tell it to everyone who can. The truth about the world in which we live, about ourselves. It was created in order to teach you to think independently, without relying on the dogmas of traditions, religions or media authorities. This is an attempt to save you from the slavery of the true ideas and values ​​that are illusions inspired to you. What this is all about, and how it will be used in real life, is up to you to decide. I’ll tell you how it all began.

One friend once advised me to watch the film The Spirit of Time. The topic raised in the film turned out to be so amazingly interesting and extensive that even after years, I continue to collect information from the Network on my computer. These are mostly films that are easy to watch, but there are also books and sound recordings.

The Internet has already become a lot of sites on this subject, recommended by me will find here Most of the materials can be downloaded on the All-Russian file exchanger

I do not even know how to approach the coverage of the problem. It covers literally everything you know. This applies to yourself, your family and friends. And also absolutely all globally significant things:

  • Civilizations
  • Societies
  • Human
  • Stories
  • Of philosophy
  • Economy
  • Of education
  • Religions
  • Traditions
  • .
  • Future

As it was rightly said in the film: "all that (and even how) you know about our world is a lie!" The way you perceive yourself and the world in which you live, everything that you ask your parents as you grow up – all this is shaped by the media. This is the church of the new time, it just changed its face and adapted its methods without losing the former essence or the previous goal. This is a new matrix of knowledge – along with books, scholars, proverbs, authorities, sciences, broadcasts, films, advertising, traditions, religions and all that you can hear or read. All this paints a distorted picture of the world, limiting the ability of people for sober analysis and harmonious development to the maximum, because a herd of identical brainless individuals is easier to manage than a society of reasonable people.

Unfortunately, the level of education does not affect the ability to see these hidden causes of our troubles, but also to joy, for they can be interpreted even by a schoolboy. The purpose of this deception is not to allow people to learn how to think for themselves, since it is impossible for clear-thinking entities to be managed without structure,

Purely physiological means of suppressing brain activity, such as alcohol, tobacco, and heavier addictive drugs, as well as some dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, many of which people consume regularly, do the same job. Special mention deserves the problem of the creation and distribution of food GMOs – Gennno Modified Organisms.

About the movie. Watch popular Soviet films; you won’t find one without alcohol or cigarette ads. This is all hailed as hahaha-hihi. Few know that through the same "hihi" (thanks to Chaplin) Hitler came to power in his time, this is a simple method of suggestion, to show the terrible, ridiculous, deception. Understand that most crimes and accidents are committed while intoxicated, and this is not at all funny.

And beer is a terrible thing, because it tames alcohol from a young age, drink, buddy, it’s cool, everyone does it. The notions that the new year without champagne is nowhere are carefully thrown into the consciousness of the population, I went for a walk with my friends, get yourself a beer. Not so long ago, scientists discovered that beer contains female hormones and reduces the production of male hormones, which leads to a change in the shape, character and potency of drinking men, and in the case of a teenager to an inferior (non-male) formation of the psyche and physiology.

Here you can also recall our satirists, they all advertise alcohol by the same methods as the USSR-TV. If it is still possible with a stretch to say about the murdered M. Evdokimov that the person did not know what he was doing, telling about how men go to the bathhouse with red faces, then about who is now alive, mowing under Russian M. Zadornov, this is hard to believe. For reference: M. Zadornov, Father – Zadornov Nikolai Pavlovich. Mother – Zadornova Elena Melkhiorovna, nee Matusevich.

By the way, Zadornov himself began another campaign to change the philological foundations of the Russian language among the people, and a good deed. I think you should once again remember the main principle of management to see the true motives of his "enlightenment", the same motives created a rather famous film "Games of the gods".

Depression level in America

In general, everything is simple – usually a person is exposed a lot in what matters, if he is known. According to his life in the USSR, it is usually possible to draw a conclusion on what means the man lived, who fed him, who his parents were. And if earlier for this it was necessary to search for books, biographies. now there is "Yandex: there is everything" and wikipedia. Learn to use search and make clear conclusions.

Further about drinking. I used to think it was the norm – to have a drink when meeting friends with beer, I sincerely believed that it always was. It turned out to be a trick too, my mother told me that she remembered the times (late 1950s), when they didn’t drink anything even on the new year, and in general it was a very rare phenomenon – to drink, not to mention something to get drunk. And now? What it is? This is a substitution of historical concepts with a specific goal: control. And this is only part of the truth, about what methods we control. Have you ever wondered why everything is becoming more expensive in the country except alcohol? It is necessary to understand that they tried to remove us from our richest land by the Second World War, but it did not work out. Then the methods were used that effectively showed themselves in the fight against the Indians. I hope, you know, that now they live in their own country, on the reservation.

Although the main management method in the hands of those who rule the crowds of people, is the principle "divide and rule", their main invention should be recognized religion.

I talked once with one Dutchman. He told me about his university friends, Muslims, guys in general, sociable, kind and adequate. with one exception, if you are with them something bad bryaknesh about Allah, they can just kill you. What it is? This is the idiocy of educated people, and the fact that they study at the university does not change anything, because education does not affect the actions of people, it makes a world view. The worldview is determined by their religion, and it contains traps so that people can always be set against each other on religious grounds.

Another very important point. In practice, people who can think clearly and bravely cannot make a career in science, it would seem, how can this be? It turns out that upstairs no one needs smart people, we need only trained dogs who know their place, and for this they give dogs to gnaw a bone.

And how convenient it is to hide important scientific discoveries under the stamp of a secret, it is generally a whole song.

– A new way to get energy? So compact. Yes, you are crazy! What if the terrorists? Quickly secret from the enemies away, and those who know – bury, away from sin! Peace and tranquility we keep holy.

You can tell a lot about science, even more about education, but this is a topic for a separate conversation. Science, once organized with good intentions, today deliberately perverted into a means of maintaining the stability of the system, rather than its development. Because development is an invincible enemy of the existing system, it is a technological opportunity that gives a person free time to think for himself and suddenly come to understand what very few know.

Many people are actually down to the level of talking animals. And as animals that are ready to kill each other, for food or for territory, many are ready to decide for God or for an idea, for a thing or for money, for fear or for desire.

We are told that this is all they say in human nature. But a sane person is able to analyze the origins of the problem, realize the true causes of their irrational motivations, figure out where they come from, and how long ago they came from.

On the example of alcohol, it is clear that concepts are perverted quite often, for people develop and they need to be adjusted approximately every two generations. But global things, like religions, may have periods "contributions" up to several hundred or even thousands of years.

What we are taught by modern films, music, magazines, and even just news – one violence and deception! They believe that human nature can be deceived, inculcate violence and lies as the norm of everyday life. You will say that any reasonable person understands what modern media are. But the whole emphasis is not on us at all, but on our younger generation, attracted to the screen with the coolest special effects, because it reacts to the images without subjecting them to discussion with critical thinking. If you are a little familiar with psychology, you know how the mechanism for memorizing information works, and what role these most special effects play here.

You did not pay attention that almost all the films about the future, in addition to the usual violence, are so dark? And I will tell you – they are trying to convince us that the world of the future is even more terrible and cruel than even the world from the news, so that they get used to it slowly. The goal is simple – so that if such a thing turns out to be practiced, it does not cause obvious rejection and does not lead to the rebellion of the cows, and the committed unpunished evil does not seem so evil. Well, here is such a world, there are many people, there is nothing to eat, you have to kill each other for a piece of bread, and how many times have you talked about this. say no? :)

But nothing will come of them, for there are people who understand the mechanisms and goals of these processes.

We, free-thinking, will help all people realize that despite all the differences of cultures, skin colors, images of God, nationalities, languages ​​and values. All people have the same goal – to live in peace and prosperity. Understand that people are manipulated, they instill fake values, outright lies, but simply disperse like a flock across the field, so they don’t agree among themselves, don’t dig up such a simple truth – that all their notions, regardless of the source, are very carefully misinterpreted to implement one of management: "divide, conquer, and conquer". Failure to understand the goals of one’s existence is the only obstacle to universal prosperity, the liberation from the shackles of power, the ruling minds of crowds.

An important trick in distorting the truth is that a lie is mixed in very small doses in key places, preserving the truth of the narration of something, but distorting the essence. Never noticed, as it happens in a book, type obscurity "What did the author want to tell us?" – It turns out that a special person, the editor-in-chief, has worked on the thoughts of this person.

In order to understand all this, first we will have to find the courage to reject a lot of what we knew, what we were taught, all these meaningless dogmas and destructive traditions. And then to replace the kaleidoscopic idiocy of imposed chaos, with a mosaic picture of the world around it, based on exact scientific facts, and not on speculation of the instilled authority from science or religion.

You will be surprised how often facts contradict the opinions of academic authorities, and yet full of examples where "authoritative" the opinion is elevated to the rank of a fact, which is further simplified to an axiom. A good example of this is SRT, which for more than 100 years rests solely on the authority of Einstein, without any experimental evidence.

An important point is also a dogma about a person’s descent from a monkey, printed in biology textbooks, as an undoubted fact that makes a developing person build his worldview based on the imposed inferiority complex of the world, instead of developing a harmonious perception of the world and himself as part of it.

Do not be afraid to exclude from consideration "unclear" and "controversial" moments, knowing the methods of distorting information, realizing that the one who wrote a book was not at all intended to confuse the reader (or print a thicker book in order to sell more expensively), he only sought to convey the measure of his understanding.

Depression level in America

The truth is always simple, but the truth is always the same! Even guided by this one rule, you can see the new, true meaning in old and even ancient books, including all the holy writings. All of them were intentionally thickened initially, because the one who wrote understood that there would be an attempt to distort the truth in favor of the authorities and did everything possible so that even with numerous corrections it was impossible to distort the essence of what is uniquely unique.

Not everyone is capable of such an analysis, even a sane person, to say nothing of those who are at the mercy of imposed fears of the church god or the church devil and are not inclined to independent analysis.

Baby son came to his father, and asked the crumb, What is good and what is bad. I have no secrets, listen, kids. Dad this answer is placed in the book. . The boy went joyful, and decided crumb: "I will do well and will not – bad". (

It’s funny that some people understood these things 200 years ago, and most likely even earlier. Do not be lazy, find the first part of the poem by Pushkin, given in the beginning.

After reading all the materials on this site, you will no longer be able to remain an unintelligent animal. If you are able to make independent conclusions, you will understand that the theme of the project is only part of the big lie that we all have to open.

Previously, the state cared about the life of people. Now this concern has become a farce and corrupt manipulation of public opinion. The concepts of honor and morality are almost erased from the current generation, and this is the framework for the development of a healthy society. What will happen next – it is not hard to guess.

Thus, we will either have to start thinking about ourselves, or those who think for us will lower us to the level of primitive animals in a couple of generations. Do you want that?

The current structure of life has become obsolete, I think everyone understands this. People should go to self-government in all areas of life, this is a fundamentally new level of development, when everyone has all the information about others, has a single world view and therefore acts in the common interests of the people.

It is necessary to change the system gradually, it is necessary to begin with leaving the supra-state information control – the media. This site was created for this: all the methods of manipulating the masses are explained by the available words, realizing that you learn to distinguish them everywhere, you stop obeying them and start thinking with your head.

I understood it, told you, you understood it. we tell others. Information is distributed further. Ideally, of course, the Internet should become a medium of exchange of opinions, for which it was once created.

This is my goal – to move you, who have mastered this text, from the point of imaginary peace, to give you a more objective view of the world, so that you realize what kind of world we actually live in. That the system needs to be changed, that this is a dead-end branch of the development of society, which takes humanity away from the right path of development and ultimately leads to death.

What will be the new system of the world order, this is to be decided by all of us, free-thinking people. I have broken the materials in sections, as it seems to me, completely covering what every sensible Person should know and understand today.

For downloads of materials: Advanced users and people with slow Internet will be more suited to multi-threaded download manager Reget In the case of smart Internet, use Firefox browser, it can work with Cyrillic via FTP. Be sure to download codecs that allow you to watch all the available movies: [1] and [2] or download the latest version

And finally: remember that every person inside has a particle of a higher order, which allows to distinguish between truth and lies, good and evil, it is called conscience.

The first section contains feature films or documentaries. They are quite fascinating to introduce you to some hidden topics that directly or indirectly threaten the stability of the system of world perception in its current form.

  • The will of the universe is an accessible statement of the deeply conscious causes of the planetary crisis and methods of overcoming it (from the cob authors)
  • Prosperity. How to do this on earth – on the global problems of modern humanity, offers concrete ways out
  • The truth about the war in Libya – why America actually attacked Libya, the reason is simple, only the media "for some reason" silent
  • The spirit of the time – the film raises many global issues that any sensible person should know
  • The spirit of the times 2 – social problems, I recommend reading also a book "Confession economic killer"
  • Priceless dollar – how much is a dollar really worth, who doesn’t know
  • The ring of power – a film about those who really control the world and how, using the power of money
  • American show – 18-minute analytical film about the reverse side of America
  • A corporation – what it is these days, how far their power extends, a documentary
  • Endgame – a documentary film about the Bildenberg Group – a global secret government
  • About the crisis – an analysis of Putin’s speech, there is also an article by an independent analyst about the origins of the crisis.
  • Mikhail Khazin’s blog is a rather interesting analyst of the global economic crisis from a man who predicted him back in 2000.
  • Awakening of the Mind – Original Analytical Material about People Relations
  • Obama’s Cheating – a documentary about who Obama actually works for, in many respects, the collapse methods are similar to the Gorbachevskys
  • Unipolar World – a documentary about how America redraws the world in its own interests, including the former USSR
  • The tail wags the dog – thin. a film about how news is manipulated, how popularity issues are resolved in the US, Robert De Niro starring
  • North Korea: A Day in the Life [subtitles] – an interesting film about one day in the life of an exemplary family in the country
  • Who killed an electric car – how to get rid of environmentally friendly transport in America, a telling story about how greed conquers mind
  • About the crisis (Big American hole) – it was shown already on the first channel
  • Clan – unclear film about the secret society of America, shot the first channel, contains contextual advertising for cocaine
  • Kung Pow is the dumbest comedy, demonstrates the level of technology for image stitching for 2002, a hint about the pyramid of knowledge
  • Apocalypse today (director’s version) – how America fought in Vietnam.
  • The theory of the control of nations is a material about a historically conditioned (inevitable) process, known today to everyone by the term globalization.

The second section is devoted to materials about simple effective methods that the vast majority of people in the world, and especially in the countries of the former USSR, are actually keeping at the level of unintelligent animals, about how we are killed (limited in number) and how to resist it. I ask you to share materials with others, especially methods of restoring health.

  • An easy way to stop drinking is the most relevant for Russia, and indeed for the whole world, Allen Carr audiobook
  • The bitter truth about beer – Ph.D. will tell you exactly how beer affects the body’s physiology.
  • The truth about alcohol and tobacco – and about the thin structures of the brain that cannot develop because of these drugs
  • About the dangers of beer – about a small beer experiment on rats in the laboratory
  • Transgenization, about GMOs – about what lies behind the hype about the dangers of genetically modified organisms
  • How to lose weight – Allen Carr used his method to solve this problem, someone will be useful
  • Easy way to quit smoking – Allen Carr’s method will allow you to quit smoking easily: 6 hours of listening and you have a craving for smoking
  • A movie about the easy way is less effective than an audiobook, but one of my friends left forever even after the movie
  • An easy way to stop smoking for women is an audiobook optimized specifically for women.
  • How to quit smoking – an easy way to quit smoking (I already quit) [here is a better theory of the method]
  • How to restore vision [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] – a simple, accessible to everyone methods of restoring vision at any age!
  • The Buteyko method – advertising a technique that allows you to get rid of many chronic diseases yourself [complete theory of the method rus + english]
  • Drugs in Russia – who does this and how, this is a very dirty business.
  • The insider is the revelation of a member of an elite family who has ruled the world for many millennia, there is also a discussion of it
  • The death of an anthill is a small work that tells how a colony of ants degenerates, becoming addicted to the drug of dragdilers.
  • Sects in Russia – general concepts about this factor, or rather about the mass character of this phenomenon, I have a neighbor from the sect "Jehovah witnesses", and you ?
  • Information management is my brief explanation of the term of unstructured management by which the media manipulates us.
  • About Teflon – so loved by many pans, can cause cancer! References: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
  • Pandemic Lies – Doc. film about the accidental discovery in the flu vaccine of substances that kill the immunity of a healthy person
  • Live food – a summary of the facts about the indispensability of raw vegetables and fruits in the diet of a healthy person (source)
  • There is no AIDS! – The truth about HIV, the greatest mystification in the history of medicine, that immunodeficiency is not a virus, but a common disorder of immunity caused by diseases. AIDS Drugs – AZT poisons that are depressed from "expected death" often kill people.

The third section is dedicated to materials of conceptual significance,

Material of 2013 Conceptual analysis of trends, goals and methods of managing modern society and its unit – man. You can look at YouTube or download from my server. The lecturer Alexey Vasilievich Kholopov reads.

Still, the most complete vision can be obtained from lectures on the Concept of Public Security (BER) or Dead Water (now got in the form of documents) from the team of authors calling themselves the USSR Internal Predictor, consisting of military and scientists of various specializations.

So that you clearly understand the seriousness and the greatest importance of this knowledge for any person, I note that: The COB is taught in the UFSB, some universities, and was approved: FSB, personally

The truth about how and why people are controlled, reveals a sea of ​​facts and little-known things, clarifies the understanding of the world and the whole life of humanity in a global analysis of historical development, proposes a specific way out of the control of the crowd-elite system, through the development of individual thinking of each person.

You can familiarize yourself with the material in the first approximation, after listening to Efimov’s lecture at the UFSB or Petrov’s lecture in Izhevsk or after reading this economic alphabet, but I still recommend taking the time to complete the COB lecture course, many of the issues are unique and apply to everyone regardless his kind of activity, they need to know to have a clearer and clearer understanding of the processes occurring before our eyes.

In my humble opinion, the most important knowledge in the world is the ability to think clearly and logically, not being afraid to express one’s opinion, not being afraid of other dogmas, authorities, and the stupidity of the crowd. This courage of thinking gives a full course of BER, look for the general development of the logic of your conscious thinking.

Depression level in America

The fourth section is devoted to films and articles telling the world with a clear look, without the usual framework, which is called on the verge of a foul. (Warning: some materials contain religious doctrines, which nevertheless do not change the essence of the facts stated)

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