Deep depression

A question from a reader: “Tell me about the blowjob technique“ Deepthroating ”! I was always interested in this technique, and it was never possible for me. Perhaps another guide would be beneficial? ”

Deep depression

A warning: Girls! Be VERY careful. This technique can cause death from suffocation! And look, do not choke.

“Deep Throat” (hereinafter: swallowing) is a variant of a blowjob, when an erect member is inserted into the mouth and throat for the entire length, without causing vomiting.

Is it possible to control the gag reflex? Yes. As you can learn to insert contact lenses into your eye, without blinking, you can learn not to feel sick when a member enters your throat.

Can anyone learn to swallow? Once again I answer: yes. But, however, there are some limitations. For example, when the owner of the mouth of a small container (cavity) tries to insert a big dick into the throat. However, the average woman can easily swallow a member of medium size. In any case, an overly large member is a rarity.

Is it worth the effort – learning to control the gag reflex? I repeat: YES! When you see how your man moans with pleasure, when you do things with his penis that most men would dream of! This is especially exciting for someone who did not expect this. His eyes will be the size of a silver dollar when you first shove his dick at full length.

What does a man feel like? Most men say that when a woman completely inserts a penis in the throat, they experience a very pleasant tightness below the head, and the sensation is concentrated on the lower part of the penis (below the head is the most sensitive area). If you do it right, your man will experience a strong orgasm from sucking and licking this area.

Deep depression

Is there any advantage to swallowing over a regular blowjob? Yes. If you do not like the taste of sperm, but your partner wants to cum in your mouth, when swallowed, the head of the penis is deep beyond the taste buds on the tongue. It does not completely destroy the taste of sperm, but it is much weaker. Some women may vomit when a partner ends in their mouths. Training will help you overcome the gag reflex. You can start with a small amount of sperm in your mouth, until you get used to the taste and texture. What is more pleasant for a man – to finish in the mouth or throat? It’s not the same for everybody. With ejaculation in the mouth, you can increase its pleasure by rotating the tongue around the head of the penis. When he cuts you in the throat, you can lick his scrotum, which is also nice, although a different feeling.

Tell me more about licking the scrotum: This is considered an advanced technique and is not recommended to try until you feel confident in swallowing.

Are there any other advanced technologies? Yes. This includes making swallowing movements with the full length of your penis on your tongue and throat. This is really “advanced” and can not, until you are comfortable with licking the scrotum, when a member of the mouth.

Tell me more about swallowing movements: When using swallowing muscles, you create a completely different feeling, different from the feeling of swallowing. You can use your throat muscles to massage the entire length of your penis. Masterfully mastering this technique, you can quickly bring it to orgasm.

So, let’s begin. How to start to learn the technique of deep throat blowjob? First you need to relax as much as possible. Take a long hot bath. Drink a glass of wine. Put on some cool music. Or let your partner make you a good massage with oil. Do everything to completely relax, feel as comfortable as possible. Before you begin, tell your partner not to twitch (he will be very excited). For the first time, you probably won’t be able to take a member deep down your throat. Actually, you can completely swallow his dick without nausea only after a couple of weeks of training. The key to training your throat is small, gradual steps (those of you who wear contact lenses will understand me). Proper positioning is very important when ingested.

For starters, the best position “woman on top”. So you can control how deep a member enters your mouth and throat. (Later you can try the “man top” position. At the same time, you need to lie on your back across the bed so that your head hangs off the edge. This position allows your partner to shove a member into your throat as deep as he wants. This is also an advanced technique and not allowed until you masterfully do the usual ingestion.)

You must turn your head so that mouth and throat were on the same line. First, fully moisten the penis. Moisturizing is very important. Wet dick slides along your tongue easier.

When a member is wetted turn your head so that there is a straight path from mouth to throat. Stick your tongue by the lower lip, then make the tip flat (like a doctor’s ear-nose-throat). Then strengthen the opening of the throat, as if yawning. This will help remove the gag reflex. Insert the penis along the tongue as deeply as possible without nausea, hold it there for 10 seconds, then pull it out. Now, repeat this procedure until it becomes comfortable. For starters, I recommend at least 10 times.

Relax for a few minutes, then repeat. For the first time, do the Deep Throat technique for no more than 10 minutes in a row (do not forget to remind your partner not to twitch). Judge for yourself how will be enough. Having mastered the first step, bring the member to the point where you almost feel the urge to vomit. Hold there a member of 10 seconds. If you feel the urge, open your throat again, as if yawning. After some time, your throat muscles will easily expand. Exercising, you can thrust a member deeper and deeper. Do it smoothly so that you are comfortable. Train on average 4 times a week (or more, if you are normal). Gradually increase your workout time from 10 minutes to half an hour. It may take you a week or ten days, and even more. Just remember that you need to continue at such a pace that you feel comfortable and you can practice it more each time.

In the end, you yourself will not notice how you swallow a member of your man entirely! Let me tell you that the first time you can shove the entire length and hold on for as long as you want (remember to pause to breathe) will be an unforgettable moment for you! Only when you can hold a dick in your mouth as much as you want (taking it out for breathing), you can move on to advanced techniques. Do not forget, in advanced techniques you need to do everything, too, gradually and gradually.

Deep depression

Final thought: some people think that by swallowing your tongue will rise to the palate and the penis will fall into the throat. Wrong! With proper ingestion, your tongue will be so flat that your penis will slide your throat freely back and forth and be fully moisturized. In any other case, it is not real ingestion.

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