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For the convenience of overhauling automatic transmissions by various manufacturers-pickers (Autoline, Borg Warner, Transtec, ATOK, Precision.) Developed Repair kits most sought after "consumables" Automatic transmission: gaskets, seals, clutches, rings, filters, washers, etc.

There are such common kits: Overol Kit (set of gaskets and seals), Master Kit, Kits of friction clutches, pistons, steel discs, bushings, washers, and others – below.

Composition Repair Kit different for different order pickers, but All of them usually sufficient for the first scheduled overhaul of those automatic transmissions and cars, which are listed in the name of the repair kit. Popular repair kits have photo content. If the box came to the bulkhead is not jaded to the burning oil and broken bushings and clutch drums, then usually for the bulkhead just one repair kit of gaskets and seals (Overol Kit) is enough.

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If the packages and friction clutches were burning or the machine gun was operated for a long time with vibrations and other sounds, then the rest of the kits described below may be required. Only the master will be able to tell about this precisely after disassembling and troubleshooting the box.

Repair kit gaskets and seals (Overol Kit \ Overhaul Kit) Has a part number ending in. 002.

Such repair kits are made by many companies around the world, but the most popular among the craftsmen are just a few of the market leaders: Transtec, Presision, ATOC and original overolas from the automakers themselves. The famous American ALTO was once among the leaders, but it could not compete in this market and now concentrated on the production of discs, ordering Overoly from ATOC. Some German manufacturers Overolov (Autoline) successfully compete on Mercedes repair kits, supplying original consumables in their repair kits for those buyers who are willing to overpay for quality insurance.

"Overol Keith" – optimally-minimum set of consumables for the automatic transmission bulkhead, necessary to extend the guaranteed operation of the machine:

– cuffs or oil seals (left), the first and most vulnerable consumer in all types of boxes, which is on the border between hot oil inside and cold air outside. And also on the border of the rotating shaft and the fixed box case.

The gland is responsible for the integrity and preservation of oil in the box. It fails due to the aging of the rubber seal or, more often, due to mechanical wear of the cuff caused by abnormal vibrations of the shaft. Occasionally, the compression spring coil is torn. Replacing the glands should be done along with the replacement of worn bushings or bearings to eliminate the cause of leakage.

teflon (or cast iron) compression rings, (on the left – rings 341002), which hold oil pressure between working and non-working packages and work on abrasion. Wear out dirty oil and skews "gland".

To change burned clutches and not to change worn out Teflon rings at the same time is to treat the symptoms without touching the cause of the disease. Change first. Allowable wear – approx. 50 microns across the ring.

On the market there are rings from the original manufacturer and "not original", with a different type of lock, plastic and cast iron, split and continuous, of different composition. (more info).

rubber o-rings, O-ring, which are responsible for the tightness of the clutch and braking packages and, as a result, for the long life of the clutches and bushings. Rubber rings on time and temperature collapses or "dubeet", which leads to a loss of pressure in the line. Mechanical damage to the ring is also encountered, caused either by installation errors or by large crumbs of metal (or plastic) from damaged bearings, gears, washers,.

Diagnosis of rubber rings is carried out by inspecting for damage and stretching the rings (on the right). If, when stretching the rings, transverse or longitudinal-spiral cracks are visible or the rubber has lost elasticity and does not sit tightly on the seat, then the material of the ring is critically aged and such a ring (and all the neighboring ones) have worked out their life and are required to be replaced.

According to the norms of the automatic transmission service – if the machine has worked for more than 7-10 years and the mileage exceeded 150 tkm, or the machine came into the bulkhead with burnt clutches, then everything rubber rings for overhaul supposed to replace. In some states of America for violating the standards of automatic transmission overhaul (without changing all consumables), the service may lose its license.

Compress temperature

paper pads valve plate, pallet, housing, pump, which are responsible for the work "brains"- hydraulic plates, oil leaks from the box, work "hearts automatic"- pump.

One of the first consumables that fails from overheating and old age and the most important "enemy" hydroblock and solenoids, due to which occur "strokes" and "thrombosis" brains automatic transmission. They are made of special cardboard impregnated with synthetic resins, which allow at least 7-8 years to perform insulating functions regularly with significant temperature differences (from -30 ° to + 140 °).

Gaskets (as well as other consumables) can nominally serve up to 20 years. But only if the temperature is close to the ideal (70 ° -90 °). Long-term operation at elevated temperatures 10-100 times shortens the life of the gasket (for details, about overheating). Synthetic resin gaskets, from a temperature of 120-130º glaze, shrink and easily crumble and break, losing sealing properties.

Gaskets of the pallet and intercase gaskets are rubber, cork, duraprene, metal rubberized, depending on the characteristics of this particular box and of this particular compound. Gaskets of cork agglomerate glued together with synthetic elastomers / rubbers in the proportion of approximately 30% -60% of cork and 70% -40% of rubber proved to be the most competitive.

Many masters apply various adhesives and mastics to the gasket to prevent the gaskets from slipping against pressure drops. In the case of a battered pallet, a sealant is used instead of a gasket. The only drawback of the sealant is that it requires careful work in order not to apply too much (getting into the pan) or too little (tightness)

As the gaskets age, they first reduce the degree of tightness, and after they begin to poison the oil through pressure, they crumble – which leads to contamination of the hydraulic unit channels with gasket particles. There is a chain reaction. If scales of gaskets are found in the oil pan or on the filter or in the pan, this is an indication that the bulkhead can no longer be put off.

plastic washers / hangers (right), plastic becomes brittle with time and temperature increases, as do rubber parts. (more info)

hydraulic unit parts, microfilters, tubes, pistons. The material of these parts is aging, becoming fragile and can at any time after 8-10 years of work in hot oil crumble into pieces, which also increases the likelihood of unpredictable troubles, like a loose blood clot in the vessels of the heart or brain.

Other parts may be included in the repair kit, which in each specific box may require replacement when reassembling the box.

Some Repair Kits (Transtec, Precision) have an inside manual instruction telling which seals to install in which package. And for acquaintance with the box, it is recommended to order either the original Repair Kit or Overol from Transtec or Presision. Differences Transtec from Precision, from ATOC.

The record holder among all Overlers is a set of gaskets from Transtec BMW X5 – 5L40 – No. 209002.

Set of sealing (Teflon or cast iron) compression rings. (. 177. 179)

Separately from Overola, complete sets of rings are sold for some machines – (Teflon rings, on the right). They are ordered separately from OverKit due to design features. back cover transmissions or drums.

This is a typical feature of Aisinovskoy automatic transmission U140-240 – 340179 and

"Teflon" here, fluoroplast (PTFE) is called, to which various fillers can be added: graphite, bronze powder, cobalt oxide, and other components to ensure low friction with dimensional stability in all operating modes of operation. Some types of rings can be white, carbon free and uncut. Manufacturers use various fillers for this cocktail to provide the required ring characteristics for a particular box assembly.

Usually the oil pump on a young machine has a huge stock of performance, and fresh electro-valves open the cross section by an average of 20-30%. But with seal wear, there are numerous pressure losses through compression rings, rubber seals or bushings. And the computer, receiving information from the sensors about the lack of pressure on the clutches, opens the solenoid valve more and more, until the maximum pump performance and the full opening of the solenoids are used. How to maintain the water level in a leaky pool, when through the slots (rings and bushings) water pours out.

It can also be compared with the leakage of budget money through a chain of incorrectly working officials, when a very small percentage of funds reaches the end user from the Center. And the more worn the rings – the greater the flow of hot and dirty oil is driven through the gap of the rings. And the higher the wear rate of the rings. Chain reaction.

And when the pump is working at the limit of performance, there is an intense wear not only of the rings and bushings, but also of expensive solenoids, solenoid valves and hydraulic valve spools.

Therefore, these rings change with each disassembly of the box no matter what "still almost whole". The tolerances on the size of the rings are 10 microns for the factory installation, and if wear of the mating surfaces of the drum and the caliper / shaft along which the ring slides is added to the wear of the rings, this can lead to the loss of "gland". When the gap is over 50 microns in width, it is considered mandatory to replace the compression ring. After 100 microns, avalanche-like wear processes start.

The rings in the box are different "Castle": from a regular incision with a bevelled angle to a complex 3D locks on the rings where their tightness is especially important for "soft" This particular clutch pack works. (left)

Some rings are supplied uncut and are made of more elastic (color) “non-hardened” Teflon without graphite filler, which expands when heated (to 250-260 °) and has its own specific installation.

Also separately from the repair kit gaskets and seals can be supplied: – Hydraulic Unit Gasket Kit (part number -. 320) , pump and filter gaskets.

Overol-whales are usually designed for several related automatic transmission sub-modifications (including front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars, cars of different brands, different generations, etc.) and can even include those parts whose condition looks satisfactory in appearance.

The difference between repair kits from different manufacturers usually lies in "wealth" a set of parts and sometimes some difference in the quality of components (more). On the page of the automatic transmission specified by the choice of the masters of the most popular repair kits. If nothing is written about it there, then all the popular Repair Kits, which are equally often ordered, are in the range.

Repair Kit Rubberized Pistons

(The number ends with. 008)

Pistons (movable) and supporting retainers ("persistent", fixed piston) perform the function of compression of the clutches of the package with steel discs and depends on the quality of their work how gently the gears are engaged. If the piston does not hold the pressure, then the clutches slip, box "does not pull", which leads to disastrous consequences – the combustion of friction and "gland". In the easiest case, an abnormal operation of the pistons (skewing or lagging) leads to shocks and jolts when switching speeds.

The Pistons Repair Kit includes rubberized pistons (and retainers) for those clutch packs that most often require replacement.

The next of the most sought after repair kits. Changes due to the fact that the rubber piston seals can tan from overheating and age, be damaged by metal chips, abnormal vibrations due to worn bushings (or bearings) or work "dry".

In the 20th century were used "the eternal" metal (aluminum) pistons with removable rubber rings. Rings were simply replaced when reassembling, but in the 21st century, that design was recognized as unprofitable, and automatic transmission manufacturers switched to rubber stamped steel pistons.

The service life of the original pistons during intensive operation is 7-10 years, after which the rubber ages and starts to either etch the oil or work with a blow. Resource rubber is significantly reduced from elevated temperatures. The operation of rubber at + 150 ° reduces the life of the pistons at times. As well as work in cold oil (below -15. -20 ° C – more). Masters assess the quality of the piston rubber by inspection, as well as by indirect signs – for example, by the condition of the rubber of the adjacent O-ring.

For pistons, artificial rubbers of different price and characteristics are used: – ACM, AEM, HBNR, FKM. more details. Depending on the functional characteristics of the piston. Some serve longer at low tº, others – at high. Some are more expensive, others are cheaper. But they are all chosen to live happily ever after and die in one day.

A set of some pistons may be included in the repair kit. "Overal" or Masterkit, which is indicated in the name, but usually comes separately. For the cars that came to overhaul the automatic transmission with superheated and burnt oil, all pistons and retainers from the burnt package are replaced (they change with all other rubber consumables).

To facilitate the rather complicated and responsible installation of capricious pistons, lubricants and lubricants are used. "frost" – 100301.

Leaders for replacing pistons with the kit: Aisinovskaya U660 (on the right 346008), German 01N (105008) and American-French 5L40 (209008).

The following frequently ordered kit:

Repair Kit Clutches The number ends on. 003

The kit of the friction discs usually includes all the necessary clutches of the clutch and braking packages for all types of automatic transmissions indicated in the name of the kit.

Usually in the description of the clutch there are their dimensions at mm for verification (more about friction clutches and their sizes)

The friction clutches are usually also chosen to serve at least 200 tkm and burn not due to the poor quality of the pad, but due to the lack of oil pressure.

Right on the catalog of automatic transmission 01M shows an example of all the disks that are included in the friction set of the box 01N \ 01M.

ATPShop provides friction clutches of proven companies with impeccable quality. And now the difference between the “original” and “non-original” affects the service life of the box less than the quality of the repair itself and the conditions for further use. It is considered unreasonable to replace the friction clutches with “Kevlar / graphite” and not to change the seals (rings, rubber) that hold the pressure in the bag. “Graphite” can usually be identified by the color of the lining – they are among many manufacturers of a greyish-green color. Read more about the difference Original-unoriginal.

A set of clutches is usually ordered for age machines with a balanced design of the machine, in which all friction clutches are worn out evenly.

Also, craftsmen often change semi-worn clutches when the gaps in the packs cannot be adjusted due to wear of the lining. And with increased clearances, the machine will shift gears with jolts or even – with blows, quickly eating the remainder of the friction lining.

Also, all the friction changes in the case when the car came to repair with burnt oil. Impregnated with such burnt oil (and most importantly, with a glue base eaten to iron), the friction clutches significantly change their characteristics of adhesion and heat transfer. Indeed, at the moment of contact of the friction clutch with a steel disk, the surface temperature can exceed 300-350 ° and then the ATF oil with which the friction clutch is saturated, performs the function "antifreeze". Slowly cooling means the cellulose base of the friction clutches are quickly charred.

In the AKP where used "slip mode" With the help of solenoids-electric regulators, the requirements for friction are especially high. And friction clutches impregnated with burnt oil cause clutch to be non-standard and unpredictable for a computer.

The clutches of extremely loaded packages may have a notch (or grooves) for the circulation of hot oil. Notch as a tire tread – serves as a marker of critical wear of the lining, more.

There are one-sided friction clutches that are assembled into the Set of clutches and steel discs -. 005. Such pairs of friction clutches have an external tooth or internal tooth, and, most importantly, a steel surface on one side and a friction lining on the other side of the clutch. On the right – a popular set of clutches for the French DP0 \ AL4 – 144005.

Brake tapes Always enter the order for a complete bulkhead box.

work together with drums, the side surface of which serves as a working surface for braking. Brake band performs the function of a clutch and fails in the same way as the clutches.

The most common causes of failure of brake bands are:

– servo piston misalignment or wear, which turns the belt on and off,

– wear of the friction lining, irregular or full, which can damage the drum surface or break the belt stop,

– the friction lining of the tape impregnated with burnt oil changes its properties, as a result of which the inclusions become late and require more pressure on the belt stop. As if to oil a brake shoe, then it is necessary to press much more strongly on a brake pedal.

Steel disc set (The number ends with. 004)

The set includes steel wheels – a pair for clutches. Included – all steel wheels for of all clutch packs on everything possible modifications of the boxes, which are indicated in the product name.

Occasionally, Thrust disks are included in the steel disc kit (as in the original ZF repair kits, on the right). This type of configuration is necessarily mentioned in the name.

Steel discs must be changed together in a complete set of clutches when the oil in the box burned and the clutches burned the metal of the old discs for a long time. up to the run. But often the masters, assessing the wear and surface quality of steel discs of 4-speed automatic transmissions, assume the responsibility to let the old disks work for a couple more years.

If you connect the Steel Set + Friction Set + Overol Kit, you get the most complete set – Master Keith.

Master Keith

(The numbers of all Master Whale end on. 007)

Usually Master Keith order for the overhaul of machines with high mileage (more than 250-300 tkm) and the first overhaul of the machine. Master Kit – the maximum set of consumables, which includes:

– Clutch Kit and

– Set of Steel Disks.

Can occasionally be included in this kit pistons or stop wheels (this is always described in the name).

This is the maximum of consumables, recommended by the manufacturers of automata, if the age automatic transmission came in for a major overhaul of the bulkhead.

In Masterkit not included: brake bands (if they are in the design of the automatic transmission), a set of bushings and filter. Which are usually ordered for a complete bulkhead.

Bushing Kit (The number ends on. 030)

The set of sleeves consists of bronze or babbitt and / or bimetallic (bronze + steel or babbitt + steel.) Sleeves of those nodes that wear first.

Sleeves of the most rational design and material are selected for different knots of the box.

Number one in popularity in the replacement – pump sleeve, which almost all automatic transmissions sold first and separately from the entire set. Sales Leader – Pump Sleeve 5HP19 177034. Usually the description shows the dimensions of the sleeves in mm, outer \ inner diameter, height: [57,2×54,8×13,7].

Sleeve (she "sliding bearing) wears out earlier more complex "rolling bearings".

The bushings also perform the function "compression rings" – keep the hydraulic pressure in the packages. The wear tolerance of the sleeves is different and depends on the diameter, but when most of the automatic transmission sleeves are worn out over

The wear of the sleeves is terrible for the box, not only due to increased vibrations, but also due to the fact that due to oil leaks through the sleeves, the oil pressure in the corresponding packages drops critically. Because of what the computer opens the valve-solenoid to the full cross section, which quickly kills both the solenoid and friction clutches and oil. The bushings are made to the nearest millimeter and wear is already in

Record holder set sleeves – bestseller zf 6HP26 (182030).

The problem of early wear of sleeves is usually associated with a design feature and critical working conditions (TCM settings allow too "sport style" driving, resulting in overheating, wear and vibration). And also – with dirty oil and oil starvation, when the remaining oil is centrifugal force is expelled from the sleeves to the clutches of the package). Bushes do not like: dirty oil, thick (cold) oil, lack of oil, worn bagel and “rally” driving modes.

There are also such sets:

Solenoids set. (Solenoid Kit) The number ends on. 420

Usually Set (left) make up the solenoids, connected together by electrical wiring or – connected in block. Such sets of solenoids do not disassemble and do not buy separately, even if there is a hope that some solenoids can still not be changed.

№1 On Solenoid kit No. 182420 ZF 6HP26, These solenoids are ordered in sets because they work " by team "which the computer loads in a balanced way and develop its resource almost simultaneously. Recommended to replace the entire set due to the very fine settings TCM and high demands on the degree of wear valves. Already with a relatively small valve wear, the characteristics of the oil pressure curve produced by the solenoid significantly change.

Leader orders also include: – Solenoid kits for the GM6T40 and Jatco 09A (JF506E).

Bearing Set (ends on. 201)

Often sets change needle bearings in American boxes. The most popular kit for the automatic transmission Ford’s CD4E – 246201.

In the top three for the replacement of bearings are boxes GM 4T65E – 206201 and 4L60-204201. And not so much because the bearings themselves are bad, but because of the design features of the boxes and because even old cars are very much loved by their owners.

A set of plastic washers (washers) (ends on. 200)

The most frequently ordered set of washers is for the Chrysler A404 / A413 / A470 / A670 – 270200 automatic transmission.

The next most popular replacement wasps for Volvo GM 4T65E – 206200A, GM 4L30E – 203200A.

Keep in mind that some of the masters in the automatic transmission service may become obstinate and refuse to change some consumables or friction discs, explaining that "the old ones still look ok". In fact, the work of replacing clutches and setting gaps requires experience and a lot of patience. Replacing all friction and steel discs at once (assuming a properly selected thickness) usually does without checking and adjusting the gaps in the packages.

Especially punctual professionals return all old parts, gaskets and gaskets to the customer to ensure that new parts remain. inside your car, but not inside the service to compensate for the low cost of overhaul. Such masters are usually passed on to their good friends.

The cost and availability of positions you can check in the online store. Clicking a number on a yellow background.

We have been working on the automatic transmission parts market since 2006.

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